Outdoor Activities in the UAE [Get These Fantastic Choices]

Whereas it can be too hot to engage in outdoor activities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there comes a time when the weather is cool to accommodate such adventures. All you have to do is wait for the summer to lapse and the autumn season to come.

It is the ideal time for such activities since the temperature will drop. However, when that time comes, you need to know the most appropriate outdoor activities in the UAE.

Let’s look at some of these adventures you shouldn’t miss as long as you are in UAE, and it is cool.

Outdoor Activities in Dubai

If you are in Dubai city, consider indulging in these activities;


It is a surprise to many that one can surf while vacationing in Dubai. However, that’s true if you visit Sunset Beach.

If you are wondering, you don’t need to buy a standup paddleboard or surfboard. On the contrary, rent one to enjoy surfing without spending much.


When one mentions hiking and Dubai in the same sentence, the Hajar Mountains often cross one’s mind. That’s because of its hiking trails with rocky and wadis outcrops.

The trails are quite long, extending up to 32.6 km worth every step. They also fall under different categories, such as extreme, difficult, and moderate.

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Amongst its mountain ranges lies the Hatta Dam. It is an excellent spot for kayaking in some places during the day or at night.

All you have to do is hire one and kayak for as long as you wish. Besides kayaks, you can also use other water sports equipment such as water bikes, donuts, and pedal boats.

Mountain Biking

If you find hiking tiresome, you can try out biking trails instead. It is a great alternative to exploring the mountain without putting much effort.

The biking trails across Hatta Mountain extend up to 50 km. Professional riders and their novice counterparts can ride along with them.

Besides, it is easy to hire a mountain bike if you don’t own one.

Visiting the Hatta Wadi Hub

This place is indeed a hub of various outdoor activities. Interestingly, most of them cause an adrenaline rush, and if that’s your thing, visit this great destination.

It accommodates children and adults interested in the ropes course. Other outdoor activities include off-roading on an electric scooter, horse riding, paragliding, axe-throwing, zip lines, and archery.


Thanks to the stunning wildlife sanctuary, it would be best to consider camping at Al Qudra Lakes. In addition to that, you can try out sightseeing, cycling, and barbecuing.

Outdoor Activities in Abu Dhabi

If you visit Abu Dhabi, consider the following outdoor activities;


The best spot is Jebel Hafeet, up to 1240 meters tall. The terrain, routes, and trails aren’t ideal for beginners.

For an amazing experience, ensure that you hike early in the morning or evening. That’s because the heat can suck up all the fun of hiking.

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Visit Hudayriyat Mar Vista

It is a beehive of intriguing outdoor activities. You will find basketball and tennis playgrounds among other fields and pitches.

There is also a cycling track, a bike park, and Circuit X. The latter has several parks, including High Ropes Park, Splash Park, Skate Park, and BMX Park.

For an even more challenging experience, visit OCR Park. It will undeniably test your strength, endurance, and stamina.


With over 200 islands to explore, boating is a perfect way to go about it. Fortunately, there are various waterways to facilitate your exploration.

View Dolphins

A great place to view them is the Jumeirah at Saaditay Island Resort. You will enjoy the view of over 700 dolphins living along the Abu Dhabi coast.

You only need a pair of binoculars to spot these majestic humpback creatures. Remember to choose an excellent spot for a great viewing experience.


One would recommend the Jubail Mangrove Park for kayaking in Abu Dhabi. Why not when you get to breathe in fresh air despite being in the city?

Wandering along its Qurum boardwalk is one of the UAE’s greatest outdoor activities. Remember to view local animals and birds too.

Alternatively, consider kayaking to explore the capital’s waterways. It is fun and hence important to be on your to-do list if you visit the city.

Go to the Moreeb Dune

Since it is the tallest dune in the world, with a height of up to 300 meters, this destination won’t disappoint. Did you also know that Abu Dhabi’s desert is featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ planet Jakku?

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Besides the view, you can also engage in other activities, including horseback riding, desert safari, sandboarding, camping, quad biking, and dune bashing.

Outdoor Activities in Fujairah

If this is your destination of choice, ensure that you try out the following;


Fujairah has an amazing island, Snoopy Island, suitable for paddling. As the name suggests, the island has a striking resemblance to the cartoon dog known as Snoopy.

You most likely came with your swimming costumes. So, the next thing is to hire a kayak or a snorkel and get padding.

Scuba Diving

If you want breathtaking natural scenery, consider diving at Dibba Rock. You will most likely fall in love with the amazing coral reefs.

There is also wildlife to see, including turtles. Alternatively, try out snorkeling.

Outdoor Activities in Ras Al Khaimah

As for Ras Al Khaimah, check this out!

Go to Jebel Jais

It is probably not the best for the faint-hearted due to its thrilling experience. Its activities are adrenaline-pumping; you shouldn’t hesitate to visit if that’s your thing.

Some notable activities are the Jais Sky Tour, Jais Flight, Jais Rope Tour, and Jebel Jais sledder. Trembles characterize its various rides, but there is fun in all of them.


Consider Wadi Shawka for this outdoor activity if you visit UAE. As you hike, you experience beautiful landscapes and natural pools.

Besides hiking, it is also a great destination for trekking and canyoning. The bottom line is that it gives you a memorable experience.


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