Ultimate List of the Best Savings Accounts In UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a global trade and finance hub, drawing individuals and businesses alike.

One of the best ways to save money in the UAE is through a savings account, which provides secure and convenient storage of your funds while earning interest on your balance.

In the UAE, various savings accounts have various features and advantages.

Some accounts offer high-interest rates, while others provide easy access to your funds or other benefits like discounts on banking services or rewards programs.

When searching for the ideal savings account in UAE, you must consider your financial objectives and needs and any fees or restrictions attached.

Best Savings Accounts In UAE

HSBC Term Deposit Account

The HSBC Term Deposit Account is widely regarded as one of the premier savings accounts available in the UAE.

It provides account holders with an unparalleled opportunity to grow their savings by investing their principal amount and any earned interest.

In addition, this bank account offers convenient access to account information through electronic channels like internet banking and mobile banking.

Notably, the account stands out due to its flexibility in term ranges and competitive interest rates.

Emirates NBD Standard Savings Account

The Emirates NBD Standard Savings account is an account that yields high interest and is exclusively available in UAE currency.

It provides numerous benefits to account holders and is regarded as one of the best savings accounts in the UAE.

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Additionally, customers can access online banking and phone banking services, receive a free international debit card, and easily make bill payments.

The account offers an interest rate of 0.20% p.a. and allows for free local and international remittances.

A minimum balance of AED 3000 is required to maintain the account, while no annual fees or account opening charges exist.

ADIB Smart Banking Account

ADIB offers a range of accounts, one of which is the ADIB Smart banking account.

This zero-balance account in the UAE offers numerous benefits to account holders, such as earnings on balance transfers, rewards on salary transfers, discounts for dining and lifestyle activities and cash withdrawal without needing a card.

It is accessible to all UAE residents over 18 – students or housewives.

There are no annual or minimum balance requirements, and account holders can enjoy free domestic or international remittances plus receive an ADIB debit card.

United Arab Bank Savings Account

The UAB savings account provides appealing interest rates tied to the account balance, promoting savings and enabling customers to earn higher interest rates.

In addition, this account offers various other attractive features, such as interest earnings on the account balance, a free debit card, and no maintenance charge.

Customers must maintain a minimum balance of AED 3000; the same amount is required as an initial deposit to open the account.

There are no monthly fees associated with this account.

Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account

The Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account offers a competitive interest rate and convenient accessibility options.

The account is available in AED and USD currencies, and you can also receive a free Debit Card.

Eligibility is open to both UAE residents and non-residents, with no minimum average balance requirement.

You can earn a profit rate of up to 0.6% per annum and manage your account easily through online and mobile banking. However, an initial deposit of AED 3000 is necessary to open the account.

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Emirates Islamic E-Savings Account

There is no minimum balance requirement, and the account can be opened in either AED or USD.

With this account, customers can earn up to 1% profit on their balance every quarter without any restrictions on the number of monthly transactions.

Emirates Islamic Bank offers an e-Savings Account, which is easily accessible through an online platform, providing customers with a range of benefits and high-profit rates.

The minimum average balance required to maintain the account is AED 0. If the Total Customer Relationship balance falls below the required amount, a non-maintenance fee of AED 25 will be charged.

FAB Personal Savings Account

FAB offers a Personal Savings Account that can be conveniently opened online, offering numerous advantages such as competitive profit rates.

By maintaining a balance in the account, customers will earn profits. Furthermore, this account offers complimentary access to airport lounges and an exclusive FAB Mastercard Debit Card.

It supports multiple currencies, including AED and is open to UAE residents and non-residents alike.

Remember that an average balance of AED 3000 is necessary to qualify for this account.

Can We Transfer Funds From A Savings Account in The UAE To One in India?

Visa Money Transfer is an online payment service that enables individuals to transfer funds from the UAE to individuals in India using a Federal Bank Visa Debit Card.

This service is fast, secure and hassle-free thanks to Visa’s global network.

It’s especially beneficial for individuals who need to send money quickly to family or friends in India, as it guarantees smooth transactions.

To initiate a transaction, the sender must have the beneficiary’s Federal Bank Visa Debit Card number, which should be completed within minutes.

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Visa Money Transfer offers an efficient and convenient way to securely move funds across borders.

What Is The Best Debit Card Available In UAE?

Visa debit cards are widely recognized brands of debit cards issued by trusted banks like Mashreq Bank, Citibank, Emirates NBD and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

This brand is widely accepted for online and electronic transactions, making it a top choice among consumers.

A Visa debit card gives users easy access to their funds, the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs, and purchase items at millions of merchants worldwide – making them an irresistible option.

Visa debit cards offer a secure and convenient way to pay bills, transfer funds, and manage personal finances.

Their popularity stems from their widespread acceptance, ease of use, and the trust it has earned among consumers and merchants alike.


Selecting the ideal savings account in UAE is essential for individuals to reach their financial objectives.

When making this decision, one should carefully assess each bank’s interest rates, fees and features offered.

On the other hand, those seeking flexibility may prefer savings accounts with no minimum balance requirement.

It is essential to regularly assess and compare savings account options as banks may alter their interest rates and features over time.

Individuals can build their savings and reach their financial objectives by selecting an appropriate savings account and consistently contributing money.


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