How to Check Dubai Visa Rejection Reason?

Dubai is one of the most well-known locations in the world, and a large number of tourists from all over the world visit the country. So, huge visa applications are processed by UAE authorities every year.

The application process is simple and requires you to fill out application forms and provide documents like scanned copies of your passport, copies of your return reservations for tourist visas, etc. but some applications are ultimately rejected.

Some people struggle with getting past the application stage, so you might consider it lucky for them if they receive their Dubai visa without any problems.

Have you ever wondered why Dubai visa applications are consistently denied? Read on if you want to know the reason for Dubai visa is turned down.

Common Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejections

Millions of people travel to Dubai for work or business. The vast majority are tourists or visitors who enter this country on a visa for tourism that may be rejected sometimes.

You might be one of those people who consistently makes a simple error that goes unnoticed

To help you identify your errors and improve your readiness for the visa application process, we have compiled a list of typical reasons for Dubai visa rejection. Go through the causes carefully!

Handwritten Passport Copies

Applications with handwritten passport copies are automatically rejected by UAE Immigration. When trying to get a Dubai visa approval, you should watch out for the validity of your passport.

The most frequent issue with Dubai visas is that when an applicant applies, they frequently forget to mention the state of their passport.

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The UAE getting frequently rejects handwritten travel documents from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other Asian nations.

Applied for an Active Visa Previously

If you already applied for a visa to visit Dubai but were unable to travel due to any reason, your application will probably be rejected until your prior, active visa is cancelled. An active visa is valid for 60 days.

Always repeal your current visa before applying for a new one. If the candidate has previously applied for a job visa but is unable to travel, he should cancel the prior visa by contacting a travel agent.

Visa Application Contains Typo Errors

Your visa may be delayed or possibly rejected if you made any typos in your name, date of birth, occupation code, or passport number.

Don’t create a passport with an unskilled occupation. Your profession must be listed on the Dubai visa request form sincerely.

A visa containing inaccurate or incomplete information has a shorter passport validity. Inconsistent travel dates between the form and the Dubai flight ticket are fake or tampered with, so avoid such errors.

There are many other reasons responsible for visa rejection in Dubai such as candidates with a history of fraud or crime, applicants for visas with identical names, and dates of birth, blurred copies of scanned photos and UAE residents who left the country without cancelling their visa.

If you lack confidence, hire the right agent to handle your visa application process. You can appeal at the UAE High Commission if you want to know the reason your application for a visa to Dubai is rejected.

Checking the Reason for Dubai Visa Rejection

In case of Dubai visa application is denied, applicants are typically notified by the consulate or embassy of their nation. The letter explaining why the visa was denied is typically provided by the consulate.

You can ask the PRO of the business that sponsored your visa for more information. Maybe they’ll explain the situation though the UAE immigration officials never publicly state the reason for rejection.

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The sponsor’s PRO may inquire as to the grounds for denial at the UAE immigration department.

Applicants may also be able to check the reason for visa rejection & UAE visa application or the outcome of their visa through the website of the relevant embassy. You can also use the Estafser e-service to see if any charges have been brought against Dubai residents in public prosecution.

To check the status of applied visas in the UAE, residents of the emirates can follow our guidelines.

The official reason for a rejected visa application is not disclosed, but immigration authorities only provide existing visa rejections and bans for security reasons.

Common Ways to Check the Status of a Travel Ban in Dubai

Although the variety of the ex-pat population benefits the UAE’s different industries greatly, it also raises the possibility of non-citizens leaving the nation to avoid any legal issues.

As a result, the UAE government enforces travel restrictions on some residents in a variety of situations as a form of safety.

Here is how to check the status of the UAE travel ban in Dubai if you’re worried about running into problems when travelling from or within the country.

To check for an immigration restriction on travelling to the UAE, residents can select any of the following options.

Through Dubai Police (Operation hour: 7:30 AM-10:00 PM)

To find out whether a charge of theft has been made against them regarding financial matters, residents can go in person to a police station. They can visit the website of Dubai Police, select “Services” from the menu and then click the criminal status of financial cases.

In the top-left corner, visitors should select the “Access Service’’ button and finally type their name with the Emirates ID number to check the reason for visa disapproval.

Via Telephone Call

Calling Amer centres is the most practical way to learn the status of the UAE visa ban. The call centre representative will need your passport number in addition to other specific information.

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It is a very simple way to know the cause of rejecting your travel visa. Residents can call the Dubai Amer Center at 800-5111. Callers from abroad can do so at +971-4-313-9999.

Through a Lawyer

The best course of action if an arrest warrant is likely to be issued for you is to hire a lawyer to carry out a thorough investigation on your behalf if you are concerned about a potential travel ban.

It is a potential way to resolve your tourist visa again.

Can You Reapply if Your Dubai Visa is Denied?

You can submit a new application for a visa to visit Dubai if your previous one was denied. Before submitting another application, investigate the cause of the previous one’s denial and work to find a solution to the problem.

You have the option of asking your sponsor for the Dubai and UAE visa to visit immigration officials to inquire regarding the reason for the rejection and take the appropriate actions.

To safeguard the applicant’s privacy, they won’t reveal the precise reason for a rejected visa.

They only share the information with the blood relatives of the applicant. However, it is essential to check that the latest application you submit is free of errors and satisfies all of the requirements to prevent being rejected a second time.


A UAE visa rejection indicates that the appropriate authorities have denied a person’s request for a visa for entry into the UAE or Dubai.

The embassy of the applicant’s country usually notifies them and provides a letter explaining why the visa was denied.

Your Dubai visas could be denied for a variety of reasons. Just bear that in mind, the procedure for authorization may also be rejected for females under the age of 25 who are travelling alone or without their parents or other close family members.


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