How Much to Rent a Jet Ski in Dubai?

Jetskiing is one of the most popular watersports, in which Dubai offers you arenas to do so. Its popularity is a result of several things.

First, it is a high-speed sport, thus giving you an exciting adrenaline rush. It also improves several things, including leg muscles, balance and agility.

However, the fun also comes at a cost. You must buy or rent a jet ski to enjoy this sport.

So, how much do you pay to rent a jet ski in Dubai? How does it compare to buying one?

Here’s a detailed discussion about riding and renting a jet ski in Dubai. Check it out!

How Much Will You Pay to Rent a Jet Ski in Dubai?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this million-dollar question. That’s because various renters charge differently.

Besides, the period you use the jet ski also determines how much you will pay. The next segment is about various places to rent and the prices.

Places to Rent a Jet Ski in Dubai

Consider the following places when renting a jet ski in Dubai.

Jet Ski Dubai Rental

It is a T&T-certified company that offers jet skis and trainers. Its location is Popeye Jetski Station, Fishing Harbour, Jumeirah 2, Dubai.

You will pay at least AED 325 depending on the skiing period, which could be 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes. A package contains a locker for your valuables, safety equipment, escort, water bottle and a Yamaha Wave Runner Supercharged jet ski.

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Jetski Dubai

This jet ski rental is also a good option. You get a jet ski and an instructor; its location is Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

For Dubai Marina, renting the jet ski is AED 600 per hour. On the other hand, Dubai JBR costs AED 720 per hour.

Ride in Dubai

If you want an incredible jet skiing experience, consider this company that’s to its 1500cc jet skis. Its location is Jumeirah 4, Umm Suquem 1, Al Fintaas Street, Fishing Harbor, Last Entrance.

It has various options, and its prices are also reasonable. They are as follows;

  • 20 minutes – AED 200
  • 30 minutes (Burj Al Arab) – AED 350
  • 60 minutes (Burj Al Arab & Royal Atlantis) – AED 600
  • 90 minutes (Palm Jumeirah) – AED  770
  • 120 minutes – AED  300

Searide Dubai

Enjoy jet skiing with the rental Yamaha Supercharged jet skis. One also gets an instructor throughout the tour.

Its location is Fishing Harbour, Jumeirah 1, Dubai. As for the prices, they are as follows;

  • 30 minutes (Burj Al Arab) – AED 350
  • 60 minutes (Burj Al Arab) – AED 600
  • 120 minutes (Atlantis) – AED 900

Blue Waves Jet Ski Rental

Besides jet skis, the company also provides instructors. Its location is Umm Suqeim – 2, Dubai.

It also has several packages, and they are as follows;

  • 30 minutes (Burj Al Arab) – AED 350
  • 60 minutes (Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Hotel Atlantis) – AED 600
  • 120 minutes (Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Hotel Atlantis, Dubai Marina and Ain Dubai) – AED 900
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Jetset Dubai

Its jet skis include Yamaha X 1800cc and GP. You will also get an instructor.

Its location is Fishing Harbor Last Entrance, Jumeirah 4, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai. The prices are as follows;

  • 20 Minutes (Burj Khalifa) – AED 250 and above
  • 30 Minutes (Burj Al Arab & Burj Khalifa – AED 350 and above
  • 60 minutes (Marina Skyline View, Burj Al Arab & Burj Khalifa) – AED 600 and above
  • 90 Minutes (Palm Atlantis, Marina Skyline View, Burj Al Arab & Burj Khalifa – AED 770 and above
  • 120 Minutes (Ain Dubai Wheel JBR, Palm Atlantis, Marina Skyline View, Burj Al Arab & Burj Khalifa) – AED 895 and above

Luxury Jet Ski Rentals

The company offers Yamaha VX Deluxe jet skis and customizable packages. They comprise free pictures, videos, water bottles, safety equipment, and a certified instructor.

The renting fee is as follows;

  • 30 Minutes (Bulgari & Burj Khalifa – AED 350 and above
  • 60 minutes (Burj Al Arab) – AED 650 and above
  • 90 Minutes (Atlantis, Burj Al Arab & Bulgari) – AED 850 and above
  • 120 Minutes (Atlantis, Burj Al Arab & Dubai Marina) – AED 1100 and above

Rules When Renting a Jet Ski in Dubai

As much as renting rules aren’t that strict, you must follow them. They include the following;

  • You can only rent a jet ski in Dubai if you are 16 years and above
  • If you are below 18, you will need the company of a guardian when renting
  • A renter shouldn’t rent a jet ski to someone without a valid passport or Emirates ID at hand
  • You don’t need a license
  • However, you should ensure that the rental company is licensed
  • If a company rents an unregistered jet ski, it will incur a fine of AED 1000
  • On the other hand, renting an unregistered jet ski attracts a penalty of up to AED 500
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Rules When Buying a Jet Ski in Dubai

If you own a jet ski, here are things to always remember;

  • You can’t ride your jet ski if you don’t have a license
  • People acquire these licenses at the Mini Area courtesy of the Department of Transport
  • The authority will inspect your jet ski thoroughly before issuing that license
  • During the assessment, you must provide a comprehensive insurance policy certificate since insuring the jet ski is mandatory
  • Submit technical assessment pass certificate too
  • Another requirement is a valid Emirates ID
  • The license is valid for a year and requires renewal as soon as it expires

Rules When Riding a Jet Ski in Dubai

Whether you buy or rent a jet ski, observe these rules when riding it in Dubai.

  • You should only ride a jet ski with all the necessary safety gear and first-aid tools. They include the kill switch key, goggles, whistle, protective helmet and life jacket.
  • Always slow down as you approach the “no wake zones.”
  • Ensure that you are at least 60 meters from designated swimming areas and beach shoreline floating structures at all times
  • Never drive recklessly
  • Do not splash water on other riders or any other water user
  • You shouldn’t refuel at sea hence the need to confirm you have enough fuel before any departure


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