Can Females Drive in Dubai?

Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has transformed from a small fishing village to a bustling global hub for business, tourism, and culture.

Despite its rapid growth and development in recent years, Dubai remains rooted in cultural values derived from traditional Arabic practices and religious beliefs – which have affected women’s driving rights within the city.

To better understand these laws, visitors, and residents should know their history, current regulations, and how they impact those living or traveling to Dubai.

This article will provide an overview of all three elements concerning women’s driving rights in this UAE metropolis.

Historical Context of Women Driving in Dubai

Dubai has come a long way in terms of women’s driving rights, rooted in the culture and social norms of the region as well as its development into a modern metropolis. Here is an overview of some key events that have helped shape this progress:

1. Traditional Cultural Norms

In traditional Arabian culture, women were generally prohibited from driving or participating in public life. This was mainly due to the prevailing attitude towards women’s roles and their place in society and logistical difficulties such as limited transport options and inadequate infrastructure.

2. Emergence of Dubai as a Modern City

In the mid-20th century, as Dubai developed into a modern city, women’s societal roles shifted, and they began to enter the workforce. This increase in female participation resulted in an increased need for transportation.

3. Introduction of Automobiles

The arrival of automobiles in Dubai during the 1960s offered women a chance to break barriers and explore opportunities. Yet, these prospects were constrained by cultural norms and inadequate infrastructure.

As such, although females had access to driving licenses, they still found it difficult to engage fully with society.

4. Economic Growth and Modernization

In the 1990s and 2000s, as Dubai’s economy rapidly grew and modernized, cultural attitudes towards women evolved to include granting them driving rights. An increased necessity for transportation in the city spurred this change.

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5. Legalization of Women’s Driving Rights

In 2000, the government of Dubai made a groundbreaking decision to grant women driving rights, thereby giving them greater access to public life. This was a crucial step in improving gender equality in the city.

Current Laws and Regulations for Women Driving in Dubai

Women in Dubai can now exercise the same driving rights as men and obtain a driver’s license just like their male counterparts. However, specific laws and regulations still pertain to female city drivers.

These include: obtaining an appropriate medical certificate; wearing modest clothing while driving; avoiding talking on mobile phones or playing loud music while behind the wheel; notifying authorities of any changes in vehicle ownership within fifteen days of the changeover date; abiding by speed limits at all times when operating a motor vehicle, etc.

1. Driver’s License Requirements

The same driver’s license requirements apply to both men and women in Dubai. To obtain a license, applicants must be 18 years old and pass both written and practical driving tests.

2. Insurance Requirements

In Dubai, both men and women must have insurance coverage when driving. This includes compulsory third-party cover as well as the option of comprehensive protection.

3. Traffic Laws and Regulations

Men and women are bound by the same traffic laws and regulations, such as speed limits, seatbelt requirements, and prohibitions on mobile devices while driving.

4. Dress Codes

It is suggested that women dress modestly while driving in Dubai to show respect for local cultural norms, though there is no specific dress code.

5. Restrictions on Solo Driving

In Dubai, women are permitted to drive solo; however, there are some limitations on when and where they may do so. For instance, in some rural regions, it is not permissible for women to drive alone after dark.

The Impact of Women’s Driving Rights in Dubai

Since the introduction of women’s driving rights in Dubai, there have been numerous beneficial consequences for society and the economy. The following are some key ways that this has improved life in Dubai:

1. Improved Mobility and Independence

The introduction of the right for women to drive in Dubai has increased their mobility and independence. This allows them to participate more actively in the city’s economic, educational, and social activities.

Moreover, it is also helping to reduce pressure on public transport services and other transportation available.

2. Boosted Economy

The implementation of women’s driving rights in Dubai has had a positive effect on the economy.

Women now have increased mobility, allowing them to be more productive at work, resulting in economic growth across various industries such as retail and tourism.

3. Increased Safety

Dubai has enhanced road and highway safety by granting women the right to drive.

Studies have shown that female drivers are usually more prudent than their male counterparts; consequently, this change has led to a drop in traffic incidents and infractions within the city’s limits.

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4. Improved Quality of Life

The granting of driving rights to women in Dubai has positively affected the quality of life for its inhabitants.

With greater convenience and mobility, females can now easily access educational opportunities, healthcare facilities, and other necessary resources.

This is an example of how progress toward gender equality can have far-reaching benefits beyond the individual level into entire communities.

5. Changed Attitudes and Social Norms

The introduction of women’s driving rights in Dubai has significantly impacted attitudes and social norms. This initiative has enabled the shattering of traditional gender roles, thus paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive society.

To sum up, the restrictions on women’s driving rights in Dubai have been lifted, which has considerably affected the city’s economy, culture, and society.

Due to these changes, women can now engage more actively in social activities and pursue their own objectives and interests.

Despite some difficulties that female drivers may still face, women being allowed to drive everyone involved – sets an example to which other countries across the region should follow suit.

When Did Females Start Driving in Dubai

Until a few years ago, the answer to this question could have been a no. That’s because the UAE passed the law to allow women to drive in June 2018.

This confederation of states, UAE, uses the same law hence Dubai conformed to the women’s right to drive. The same applies to the rest of the states, including Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajam, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Tips for Females Driving in Dubai

Whereas our focus is on women, it is essential to note that some of these tips also apply to men driving in this state. Check them out.

Age Limit

Whereas men can drive as soon as they reach 18, women must wait another year to enjoy this right. Whereas you can drive at 19, you can’t rent or hire a car until you are 21.

Speed Limit

If you are driving on a residential road in Dubai, your speed should range from 25km/h to 40km/h. That’s equivalent to 15 to 25mph.

It increases to 100km/h or 62mph on some highways. Sheikh Zayed (E11) and Abu Dhabi – Al Ain (E22) are excellent examples.

What Are the Requirements for Women Driving in Dubai?

Whereas women in Dubai have a right to drive, they also have a role to play to enjoy it. Like their male counterparts, they must pass a driving test before getting a driving license.

It would be best if you also were at least 19 years old to get the license. Lastly, ensure that it is always valid to avoid facing the music.

Can Women Drive Taxis in Dubai?

Yes, it is legal for a woman to drive a taxi in Dubai. There is also another notable thing in this city, the only-women taxis.

As far as these taxis are concerned, they can only accommodate female passengers. Equally important, it is only females who drive them too.

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Can Females Buy Cars in Dubai

Whereas it differs from the right to drive, women also enjoy another right to purchase a car. After all, women in Dubai have financial and property rights.

Therefore, they can own property and assets, and a car is no exception. So, do not hesitate to work and buy a car or any other property with your earnings.

Can a Wife Drive Her Husband’s Car?

Yes, one’s wife can drive his car, but not without permission. The same applies to other relatives, friends and colleagues.

What Other Basic Rights Do Females in Dubai Enjoy?

Besides the right to drive, a woman in Dubai also enjoys other fundamental rights, including the following;

  • Financial and Property Rights
  • Right to be Employed
  • Right to Education
  • Right to Vote

Rules for Women in Dubai

As you are a woman living in Dubai, adhere to the following rules;

  • You shouldn’t live with a man unless you are closely related or married
  • Premarital sex is also illegal in Dubai
  • You can’t get pregnant out of wedlock
  • Public displays of affection are also illegal, including long hugs and kisses. However, you can hold hands
  • Avoid drinking alcohol in public
  • Stick to the beaches when wearing your bikini
  • Don’t cross-dress when staying in Dubai
  • If you plan to visit a religious place such as a mosque, ensure that you dress decently and cover up your hair, head and face
  • No sexting and sending nude selfies

How Challenging Is It to Drive in Dubai?

Due to the characteristics of roads in Dubai, one needs to be confident to drive in this city. For instance, it has wide roads and extensive networks.

There are also several merging lanes, and a freeway can be as wide as 8 lanes. Remember that you will share lanes with buses and trucks too.

Is it Safe to Drive in Dubai?

Whereas UAE, including Dubai, isn’t the safest place to drive in, it is also not the most dangerous. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 18.1 out of 100,000 people in the UAE die on the road.

It is more dangerous than in the following countries;

  • France: 5.5 out of 100,000
  • Canada: 5.8 out of 100,000
  • United States: 12.4 out of 100,000
  • UK: 3.1 out of 100,000

On the other hand, it is way better than the following countries;

  • India: 22.6 out of 100,000
  • Venezuela: 33.7 out of 100,000

Which Countries Don’t Allow Women to Drive?

In the 21st century, is there a country that doesn’t let its women enjoy the right to drive? Fortunately, women have a reason to celebrate since there isn’t even a single one.

Saudi Arabia, which is not far from UAE, was the last to lift such a ban on women. So, one can say without any fear of contradiction that women can drive regardless of the part of the world they live in.


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