Can You Have Tattoos In Dubai?

The popularity of tattoos has increased in recent years, particularly among younger individuals. However, in certain parts of the world, tattoos remain a controversial topic and are even prohibited in some places.

Dubai is one of the few places in the Middle East where tattoos are legal. Despite this, Dubai has adopted a relatively liberal stance towards tattoos, which is fully legal in the city.

Nevertheless, some specific guidelines and regulations must be followed to get a tattoo in the United Arab Emirates.

It is worth noting that although tattoos are legal in Dubai, certain restrictions still apply.

For example, it is forbidden to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, and tattoos deemed offensive or inappropriate are not allowed.

Moreover, the government requires all tattoo parlours to follow strict health and safety regulations, which include using disposable needles and ensuring a sterile environment.

While getting a tattoo in Dubai is possible, you must research beforehand to ensure you choose a reputable and licensed tattoo parlour.

It is also advisable to consult with a medical professional if you have any pre-existing conditions that may affect the tattooing process.

Is It Possible For Tourists Visiting Dubai To Get Tattoos?

Tourists over 18 are allowed to get tattoos in Dubai, provided they comply with certain regulations.

The process may be more complicated for those new to tattooing, so it is advisable to seek the assistance of someone with experience.

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If you meet the age requirement, you can legally visit any of the numerous tattoo parlours throughout the city, where skilled artists will be available to tattoo you.

It is important to keep in mind that there are specific guidelines regarding the type of design you can choose (no pornographic images), the size of the tattoo (full-back tattoos are prohibited), and the location of the tattoo (face tattoos are not allowed).

Laws On Tattoos In The UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, there are no laws specifically prohibiting tattoos. Therefore, individuals who wish to get tattooed in the UAE are not restricted.

Nevertheless, it is essential to conduct proper research beforehand, as certain workplaces have policies against tattoos.

The absence of laws or regulations regarding tattooing means that people of any age and gender are eligible to get tattooed and can choose where to do the procedure.

Where Can You Get Your Tattoo In Dubai?

Dubai has numerous tattoo parlours, but not all offer top-notch tattooing services.

Therefore, conducting thorough research before scheduling an appointment with any tattoo artist is essential.

A good tattoo should appear as though it has always been a part of your body and will remain there forever without fading or being easily removable.

This requires the artist to deeply understand proper ink application techniques. It is important to note that tattooing is not for everyone.

Many people get tattoos during their teenage years and later regret them as adults when they realize they wanted merely a colourful image on their skin rather than a meaningful representation of their identity.

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Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider the design and location of the tattoo before committing to it.

Best Tattoo Parlours In Dubai

  • Skull Tattoo Studio
  • Dubai Tattoo-Maisan Tattoos
  • Dubai Tattoo – Angel Enriquez
  • Huzz Ink Clinic
  • Dubai Tattoo by Jhaydie High Voltage
  • Dubai Tattoo by Hero Tattoos
  • King Tattoos Dubai ️ ️ ️ ️ ️
  • Huzz Tattoo in Dubai
  • Dubai Tattoos and Body Piercing
  • MNM Dubai Tattoo
  • Dubai Tattoo – El Sams Tattoo
  • Dubai tattoo-Leuba
  • Dubai Tattoo – A Pilmer Karim

Is Tattooing Permissible In Islam?

In Islam, tattoos are considered a form of self-mutilation and are therefore prohibited.

Muslims believe Allah has created humans completely and perfectly, and altering what is considered natural is prohibited.

As tattoos change the original form of God’s creation, they are viewed as an insult to Him. However, despite this religious prohibition, not all Muslims abstain from getting tattoos.

Some may choose to have tattoos done overseas or outside the country.

It is worth noting that all tattoo artists who wish to practice their craft in Dubai must register with the Dubai Municipality.

This requirement ensures that tattoo shops and artists comply with the relevant health and safety regulations, protecting clients and tattoo artists.

The Dubai Municipality also regularly inspects tattoo parlours to maintain the required standards.

Is It Possible To Work In Dubai With A Tattoo?

The law in the UAE prohibits individuals with tattoos from entering the country without obtaining a license waiver from the immigration authorities.

If caught at the immigration checkpoint with a tattoo, the person will be immediately deported without the chance to apply for a waiver.

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However, foreigners residing in the UAE can get tattoos outside the country if they do not intend to return.

This exception, however, does not apply to Emiratis, who are forbidden from getting tattoos according to Sharia Law.

In some cases, individuals with temporary visas, such as visitors or students, have encountered difficulties when applying for jobs due to visible tattoos on their hands or arms.

Companies may refuse to hire them based on their appearance, so it is essential to ensure that potential employers are comfortable with visible tattoos before applying for a job in Dubai.

Can A Tattoo Impact Your Visa Application?

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor in Dubai, your tattoo may impact your eligibility for visa renewal. In Dubai, tattoos are only considered legal if it is pre-approved by the government.

This is why many tourists opt to get their tattoos done outside of Dubai to avoid any issues with visa renewal.

If you’re a resident with a pre-approved tattoo, there should be no issue with visa renewal. However, if the authorities discover your tattoo after renewing your visa, it could result in deportation from Dubai.

Final Thoughts

While tourists can get tattoos in the city, there are limitations on what can be tattooed and where.

Additionally, people planning to work in Dubai should know that some companies may have policies against visible tattoos.

The situation is more complicated for locals as tattoos are currently illegal in Dubai due to the lack of legislation.

Before getting a tattoo in Dubai, it is crucial to conduct extensive research and seek guidance from local authorities.


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