How Can I Pay a Non-Payable Fine in Abu Dhabi?

Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is obvious that the law enforcement agencies and traffic authorities in Abu Dhabi are strict and ensure that non-compliance is not tolerated.

However, being a tourist, ex-pat or even a local in this city can be challenging owing to the different kinds of fines that are enforceable here.

For instance, if you violate traffic laws, you might not always be asked to pay a fine, instead, a non-payable fine may be issued against you or you might be asked to perform certain community service.

Thus, we have all the information you need as to what you should do when you receive a non-payable fine and how can you pay it.

What Are Non-Payable Fines?

If you have lived in UAE or any of the Emirates like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you may be familiar with the concept of non-payable fines. They are also known as blocked fines.

If you do not know about it, you must read further as if you own a vehicle in UAE or drive, you might be required to pay this fine someday.

A non-payable fine simply refers to a locked fine or a fine that has accumulated due to the violation of traffic rules and laws in Abu Dhabi.

The locked fine is supposed to be payable at the police station and cannot be paid otherwise. People trying to pay this fine online would find that it cannot be accepted.

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Often, you are also asked to show your relevant documents to furnish the fine and get it admitted.

Additionally, if you have done a serious traffic violation, chances are you might get negative or black points against your driver’s license.

Thus, this fine fall under the category of serious offenses relating to traffic laws, and it is not a good idea to delay the fine as it can lead to severe consequences.

How Can I Pay Non-Payable Fine in Abu Dhabi?

If your fine is shown as locked or non-payable, it means it cannot be paid online and certain black points may be enforced against your license for the same.

If you wish to get rid of the fine, you must carry your valid driving license first, and if any black points are to be issued, they would be added to your license.

To pay the fine, you have to visit the nearest Traffic Police Station in Abu Dhabi and furnish the required documents.

Usually, the officer would ask you for the vehicle registration details, license, and your Emirates ID Card, or if you are an ex-pat, then your passport and visa details.

You may also need to authenticate the Abu Dhabi Police mobile application with an OTP and ensure that the black points have been successfully transferred to your license.

The authentication is available to registered users, so ensure your registration first.

In case the offense is grave, your vehicle might be impounded as well. To follow this process, you have to visit the station with your vehicle and the necessary documents.

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The location where you need to pay the fine largely depends on your vehicle registration. If your vehicle is registered in some other Emirate, you may need to go there and pay the fine.

Can You Leave UAE Without Paying Fine?

If you have accumulated a large sum of fine while you were staying in the UAE, it is legally required that you pay the fine before you leave the country.

Fines can be of a different category but most of the people with accumulated and unpaid fines entail the overstay in UAE on their visa limitation and the traffic fines which they did not pay.

In some severe cases, non-payment of fines can lead you to not being able to leave the country. However, in most cases, the consequences are not this serious, which we will get to know in the next section.

If you visit the appropriate Government department relevant to your fine, chances are your fine might be waived and you might be allowed to leave UAE.

Additionally, it is possible that in case you have a genuine reason for which you cannot pay a fine, you may be allowed on a special case to leave the country.

Nevertheless, ideally, you must pay all your dues and fines before leaving the country as it can have dire consequences in the future.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay a Fine in UAE?

In case you have unpaid traffic or visa fines, it might be difficult to leave UAE easily. Although it largely depends on the amount and nature of fine that you have accumulated, several things can happen as a result.

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Firstly, it is prescribed that you would not be allowed to leave the country in the case of unpaid traffic fines. You must pay these fines as early as possible.

Even though this rule depends on the local regulations of different Emirates, it is generally accepted everywhere.

You can also apply to the local court of appropriate jurisdiction against the fines and get them waived before the due date.

In case the court does not pass an order in your favor, and you leave the country, you may be barred from traveling abroad and can be sent to a certain period of imprisonment.


Hence, in this article, we saw that paying a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi can turn out to be a challenging affair. Thus, you must be well aware of your rights and duties.

It is implied that you must follow all traffic laws and guidelines, but in case you ever have to face a non-payable fine, you must know that visiting the nearest police station or traffic officer is a necessity.

You must understand your role in the society and community in Abu Dhabi and comply with the directions provided in the fines you receive.

Promptly paying the fines or doing the necessitated acts would save you from further action or trouble.


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