Top 7 Best Moroccan Restaurants Abu Dhabi

Moroccan cuisine is among the best in the world, so food lovers won’t want to miss the taste no matter the area in which country. A restaurant with a warm atmosphere and exquisitely furnished with traditional Moroccan furnishing can make your wish come true.

It’s not hard to find Moroccan restaurants in Abu Dhabi, serving up traditional Moroccan comfort food. Every food in these restaurants is delicious and you might have a hard time deciding what to eat!

This place is your one-stop resource for amazing culinary experiences in Abu Dhabi. Here we have compiled a list of the top 7 best Moroccan eateries to assist you in making the right choice.

Top 7 Moroccan Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Moroccan food combines the best of Arab, Andalusian, Berber, and Mediterranean cooking styles with fewer influences from Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. The cuisine shares more with the Middle East compared to the rest of Africa.

Tourists can get a taste of Morocco without leaving Abu Dhabi to dine at a Moroccan restaurant. Check out these top 7 Moroccan restaurants providing an authentic experience for both locals and foodies.

Itran Restaurant

A genuine Moroccan cam comes to this eatery to impress his coworkers by savoring their delectable fare, which includes harira and lentil soups, different M’sen pieces of bread, Moroccan sweets, hale with eggs, and a variety of bouts.

The interiors of Itran are a replica of the traditional Moroccan fine dining establishments found in Marrakesh or Casablanca. The extravagant dinner that spills onto the encased terrace by the water’s edge, gives you the impression that you are in a castle directly out of an Arabian Nights dream.

They have Mohammed, the real Moroccan, who might tell you some incredible stories while pouring you the most incredible Moroccan Tea and lighting your shisha.

Address: Level 2, Souk Qaryat al Beri, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Average cost: AED 345/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 9 AM-1 AM

Phone: +971 2 642 0077

Meknes Restaurant

The earliest Moroccan eatery in Abu Dhabi is Meknes. Guests can enjoy a variety of delectable Moroccan dishes prepared with a special touch that transports them to the ambience of their home country. The interior of Mekens is decorated in fine Moroccan style, and guests are given a very warm welcome.

The food is prepared flawlessly and features excellent Harira, tagines, semen, and mezze. Many guests prefer Moroccan tea, juice, or mint tea. For the convenience of its patrons, Meknes Moroccan Restaurant offers a delivery service for meals.

Address: Mina Rd, Tourist Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 180/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 10 AM-12 AM

Phone: +971 2 677 8813

Almaz By Momo

From the cuisine to the attractive décor and laid-back atmosphere, the traditional Moroccan eatery seamlessly combines innovation and tradition. Almaz, which translates to the diamond in Arabic, has a juice bar with wholesome drinks and a shisha room.

Their incredible common soup and the bowl of pastry that comes with it might make you a big fan of this eatery. Their Burrata salad is nice, and the drizzle of olive oil on top is just right.

You can also try crispy, tasty, but a little oily cheese Briouat, Turkish coffee, and Hareera sauce. It’s a lovely thing to do to sit outside in the winter while enjoying the soup and the lovely scenery of Galleria Mall.

Address: The Galleria Mall, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 250/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 10 AM-1 AM

Phone: +971 2 676 7702

Ornina Arabian Lounge

Ornina restaurant offers a classical eating experience in Morocco that incorporates taste and flavor from the real thing with modern touches. The location offers two open terraces with stunning views of Yas Island and the Marina at Al Bandar.

You can enjoy one of the best Arabic dining experiences in the city at Ornina and must adore the decor! Visitors can order a vegan option and choose the vegetable-filled cous!

The mango ginger mocktail in this restaurant is just great. You can also enjoy coffee outside to entertain lovely night scenery. Discover the genuine flavors of the Middle East, Conventional grills, kebabs, Moroccan tagines, and freshly made Arabian delights are all on the menu.

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Address: Al Raha Beach, Al Bandar, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 370/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 4 PM-2 AM

Phone: +971 50 696 9312

Al Afiya Al Maghribi Restaurant

The best and tastiest Arabic, Moroccan, and fine dining will always be produced by Al Afiya Al Maghribi. You must love the traditional Moroccan decor because of its vibrant and artistic design.

The food presentation is very lovely and the staffs are friendly too. The sweets shop is on the first floor of the eatery, while the restaurant is upstairs. With the Ramadan Iftar Box from Al Afia Moroccan Restaurant, treat yourself to a special and delectable Iftar meal.

Breakfast, a cold beverage, Moroccan bread (such as Baghrir, Malawi, Msemen, and Harcha), soups, salads (such as Zaalouk, marinated green beans, and marinated carrots), sandwiches, Moroccan mix sweets, and hot beverages all you can get at this restaurant.

Address: Khalidiyah Mall, Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street, Al Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi

Average cost: AED 135/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 7:00 AM-1:00 AM

Phone: +971 2 665 6699

Wafi Gourmet

It will be challenging for lovers of authentic Moroccan cuisine to resist the numerous mouth-watering impulses that Wafi Gourmet is renowned for. Dining here is an experience that involves more than just the food and fosters a great deal of happiness.

The menu offers a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, including caffeine and fresh fruit juices, and a huge selection of mezze, kebabs, shawarma, and fish dishes.

There is continental cuisine available with garden-fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, baked goods and sweets, spectacular homemade ice creams, cheese, and spices.

Address: Nation Galleria, Al Khubeirah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 295/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 9:00 AM-12:00 AM

Phone: +971 2 665 6077

Rozalina Restaurant & Sweets

Moroccan cuisine, artwork, goods, and culture are brought to you by many new eateries in Abu Dhabi. Rozalina is one of them serving up aesthetically pleasing and delicious food.

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Rozalina restaurant offers a variety of recipes and meals to pick from, such as Moroccan pizza, and pasta. Their most popular dishes are brown rice lamb with vegetables, Rfissa, and tagine chicken vegetables.

In Morocco, the rib is the most widely used type of yoghurt. It is typically flavored with either herb or pomegranate syrup and is creamy and light. The authentic Moroccan brunch is offered at Rozalina and is incredibly filling, delicious, yummy, salty, sweet, and full of familiar flavors.

Address: GR 17 Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 120/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 8:00 AM-1:00 AM

Phone: +971 58 598 4266

Other Top Moroccan Restaurants in Abu Dhabi You Should Try!

Moroccan cuisine is distinctive, hot, fragrant, filling, and healthy. It is diverse and encompasses much more than just tagine, the nation’s most well-known dish, so it is impossible to pinpoint a single impact or characteristic that best describes Moroccan cuisine.

If you are in Abu Dhabi and searching for such traditional cuisine, here are a few more of Abu Dhabi’s Moroccan restaurants listed for you!

  1. Argana Restaurant, Tourist Club
  2. Amoud Café, Mussafah Sanaiya
  3. Delecto, Al Khalidiyah
  4. Kaskrot Atai, Al Wahda
  5. Panini Di Casa (Italian, Moroccan)
  6. Marakesh Restaurant (Moroccan, Mediterranean)
  7. La Passion Restaurant

Some people might know street foods like calamari, grilled or battered sardines, and snail soup may be simply steamed over an open flame traditionally. You can count on finding such a thing at any of the aforementioned restaurants.


The primary grain is wheat, and the most popular meats are beef, lamb, goat, mutton, and seafood in Morocco. Numerous Mediterranean fruits and veggies are grown in the nation.

Morocco is the world’s largest exporter of sardines, sheep cheek, liver caul fat, chermoula paste, chickpea lamb broths, deep-fried potato balls, camel spleen kebabs, and mini chicken kebabs. Thus, a Moroccan ex-pat in Abu Dhabi may well be on the lookout for a Moroccan eatery.

In several Moroccan dishes, savory, sweet, and sour flavors are prevalent. To satisfy your hunger, visit one of the restaurants listed above and order some of the regional specialities.


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