Ultimate List of FAB Deposit Machines in UAE

The First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) deposit machines are changing how people transact in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Whereas people have been withdrawing cash from ATMs for a long time, the depositing aspect is a recent development.

It has changed the norm that saw people have to visit bank branches physically to make deposits. Nowadays, you don’t need to make those long queues waiting for bank attendants to serve you.

Sometimes, you may have to visit bank branches since the bank usually places these cash deposit machines in the bank.

The only disadvantage of this arrangement is that you can only use the machine during bank hours, unlike their other counterparts open 24/7.

So, without further ado, let us understand an excellent FAB deposit machine in UAE. The article highlights how it works, its advantages, and much more.

So, keep reading as we unveil that and the various deposit machines in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is no secret that the two are the most popular cities in UAE.

Examples of FAB Deposit Machines in UAE

UAE has many FAB deposit machines. Let’s look at them;

FAB Deposit Machine in Abu Dhabi, UAE

If you are in Abu Dhabi, your options for a FAB deposit machine include the following;

  • Abu Dhabi Airport T1 – Landside Check-In Area
  • Abu Dhabi Investment Council
  • Abu Dhabi Mall Branch
  • ADCO Digital branch
  • ADIA Branch
  • ADNEC Branch
  • ADNOC Cash Office
  • ADNOC Head Quarters
  • Al Khubeirah Branch
  • Al Mushrif Mall Branch
  • Armed Forces Co-op Society – Mahawi
  • Baniyas Branch
  • Bateen Branch
  • Batin Military Camp
  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall
  • Between Two Bridges Branch
  • Business Park
  • Corniche Branch
  • Dalma Mall Branch
  • Deerfields Town Square Mall
  • Emirates Palace Hotel Branch
  • Etihad Branch
  • Etihad Engineering
  • FAB Islamic Abu Dhabi branch
  • FAB Islamic Business Park branch
  • FAB One Tower
  • GHQ Officers Club
  • Health Authority
  • Khalifa City A Branch
  • KIZAD – Khalifa Port
  • Lulu – Mazyad Mall
  • Masdar City Branch – Digital branch
  • Mazyad Mall
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Presidential Affairs
  • Mushrif Central Park – Um Al Emarat
  • New Al Shahama Branch
  • NPCC Cash Office
  • Paragon Bay Mall
  • Salam Street Branch
  • Sheikh Rashid Road Branch
  • Sweihan Branch
  • Yas Mall Branch
  • ZADCO Cash Office
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FAB Deposit Machine in Dubai, UAE

For Dubai residents, the options include the following;

  • Abu Baker Al Siddique Branch
  • Al Nukhba Business Centre
  • Arabian Plaza
  • Bur Dubai Branch
  • Deira City Centre Branch
  • Dubai Health Care City Branch
  • Dubai Mall
  • FAB Islamic Dubai branch
  • Jebel Ali Branch
  • Jumeirah Plaza Branch
  • Jumeirah Umm Suqeim Branch
  • Mall of the Emirates Branch
  • Mirdif City Center Branch
  • Nakheel Mall Branch
  • Rolex Tower Branch
  • Sheikh Zayed Road Branch

How to Deposit Using FAB Deposit Machine in UAE

Upon inserting your FAB card, it will display various options. They include Deposits, e-Dirham, Prepaid Top Up, Payments, and Wio Deposits.

Select Deposits to proceed and choose between Cash Deposit and Cheque Deposit. Upon choosing Cash Deposit, there are 3 choices: Cash Only, Coins Only, or Cash and Coins.

Regardless of choice, the following screen prompts you to tap your card, insert your card or enter your account number. After a short period, the screen will prompt you to insert the money.

The system is smart enough to calculate the money you intend to deposit. It will also display the amount on the screen and, if satisfied, continue the process.

The next screen shows the customer’s name, account number, and the amount deposited. If everything is correct, the next step would be confirming the transaction.

Give the FAB deposit machine some time, and the transaction receipt will be out within no time. Upon collecting your deposit slip, you can initiate another transaction or call it a day.

Advantages of Using a FAB Deposit Machine in UAE

Upon using a FAB deposit machine, you will enjoy the following benefits;

  • You are free to deposit cash on any day, including holidays
  • You will also receive an instant receipt upon depositing money in your account
  • The system is hassle-free hence suitable for depositing money
  • Since it is self-service, a bank staff member to assist you with the transaction
  • For the same reason, one can save a lot of time
  • Most, if not all, bank branches require you to segregate denominations during deposits, but that’s unnecessary when using FAB deposit machines
  • It facilitates instant payment to anyone
  • Besides offering self-services, cash deposit machines are available 24/7
  • Upon depositing your cash using these machines, getting credit also becomes instant
  • You don’t have to visit a bank to deposit cash, thus convenient
  • Standing in long queues to deposit becomes a thing of the past
  • It is also unnecessary to fill out forms when depositing cash under these circumstances
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How Much Cash Can You Deposit in an ATM in UAE?

Interestingly, there is no limit on how much money you can deposit using a machine in the UAE. However, the system has some limitations that could eventually limit the amount you deposit.

That’s because you can only deposit up to 50 notes at a go. An add more cash option allows you to insert more coins but remember not to exceed 50 the next time too.

Nevertheless, you can’t exceed 150 notes. Therefore, the amount you deposit depends on the denominations of your notes to a greater extent.

In a day, the average deposit can be as high as AED 200,000. However, that’s subject to change depending on your account.

Various banks also have different limits. So, always enquire from yours whenever in doubt.

How Do Cash Deposit Machines Work?

Whereas different banks use varying cash deposit machines, the significant difference is usually the interfaces. The working mechanisms are usually similar and include the following;

The cash deposit machines use debit cards, bank account numbers, or both. Regarding cards, some require inserting your cards, whereas others have the tap option.

Most of these machines will prompt the customer to enter a pin at one point. Ensure you insert the correct account number you want to deposit the money.

The system displays the customer’s name, amount, and account number for you to confirm. As soon as it prompts you to insert money, do so and leave the rest to the machine.

It will calculate the amount and ask for your confirmation. Your bank account will reflect that change later on.

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