Export Water To Dubai: Is It Possible?

Over the previous half-century, Dubai’s population has grown by more than 700%, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing cities.

However, the city’s explosive expansion has increased the need for water, which is already in short supply in the dry climate.

Dubai has been looking at options for ensuring a reliable water supply, including importing water from neighboring countries due to the scarcity of local water sources.

In this post we will acknwoedlge how to export water to dubai.

Export Water To Dubai

Several considerations must be made before beginning the process of exporting water to Dubai, including the water’s source, quality, and mode of delivery, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements of both the exporting and receiving nations.

The following are some guidelines to follow while planning the export of water:

Identify the source of the water:

The first stage in water exporting is locating a secure water supply. The water source may be surface water like a lake or river or subsurface like aquifers.

Check the water’s quality

Check the water’s quality to ensure it’s up to snuff before shipping it to Dubai.

pH, total dissolved solids, bacterial loads, and other pollutants are just some of the things that may be measured in water quality testing.

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Acquire necessary licenses and authorizations:

A wide variety of licenses and authorizations might be needed to ship water across international borders.

Health and safety certifications, export licenses, and permits protecting the environment fall under this category.

Choose your mode of travel:

Tanker trucks, railroad carriages, pipelines, and ships are all viable options for moving water.

The distance, volume, and infrastructure available will all play a role in determining the mode of conveyance used.

Ensure proper storage and treatment:

When the water finally reaches the country doing the importing, it’ll have to be put in storage and cleaned up.

Construction of reservoirs or storage tanks and installing purification equipment like filters and disinfection systems may be necessary.

Regulations And Standards:

Lastly, it is crucial to adhere to all relevant legislation and standards in the country of export and import.

Environmental rules, health and safety requirements, and free trade agreements are all examples.

  • Certificate of origin
  • Declaration form for the import of goods
  • Permit in the case of importing restricted merchandise
  • Delivery order
  • Invoices accompanying the merchandise
  • Packing list
  • Trade licence
  • DFSA declaration (the document is granted by the Dubai Customs Services)

It’s important to remember that water is a scarce commodity. Thus some nations may limit their ability to export water to preserve it at home.

Consequently, one should investigate and comprehend the legal and regulatory requirements before attempting to export water to a country.

Requirements to Acquire Quality Mark To Trade Water In Dubai

Emirates Quality Mark (EQM)

Products that meet UAE national requirements, local/regional standards, and international standards can get the EQM conformity mark.

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Products made by organizations with a robust Quality Management system are awarded EQM status.

Bottled Drinking Water

Purified water for human use, packaged in containers meeting all the standards set out in (UAE.S GSO 1025).

Natural Mineral Water

This is a special kind of water besides regular tap water (UAE.S GSO 1025).

Due care must be taken to prevent potential contamination altering its chemical and physical qualities since it is received made from natural or drilled sources as part of subsurface water-bearing strata.

System Requirements and Relevant Guidelines

Drinking water products in the UAE must be registered under the Programme to Control Water No. 26 of 2013.

Remember that the range of authorized items may cause the standards to shift.

Manufacturers must meet strict requirements for food safety management, environmental concerns, and electrical appliance safety to sell their wares in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

For further information, prospective applicants can speak with product registration agents in Dubai.

Import & Export Clearance Procedure

Foreign trade enterprises operating in Dubai must be familiar with the import and export procedures to guarantee compliance and prevent any problems.

Dubai Customs need several documents from importers, including a certificate of origin, a declaration form for the imported products, and a permit for prohibited commodities.

In addition to the DFSA declaration, a delivery order, invoices, packing list, trading license, and DFSA registration are necessary.

A variety of paperwork, including an export invoice, packing list, bill of entry, original waybill, commercial invoice, & certificate of origin authorized by the Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin, is needed to ship products out of Dubai.

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Furthermore, if the criteria for relief from customs duties are satisfied, a customs exemption may be necessary.

The Federal Customs Authority (FCA) outlines each emirate’s customs regulations by common custom law.

To prevent legal trouble and facilitate a trouble-free export or import process in Dubai, international trade enterprises must comprehend and abide by these rules.


Overall the procedure of shipping water to Dubai is intricate and expensive.

Many methods, including desalination, wastewater treatment, water trading, and cloud seeding, may be implemented to guarantee Dubai’s constant and safe water supply.

But, it is crucial to investigate potential new water sources to keep the city’s development and growth on schedule in the face of rising water demand and diminishing local supplies.

Dubai can address its water issues and maintain its position as a worldwide center for trade, tourism, and innovation by implementing a comprehensive and long-term plan for water management.


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