Coffee Shops to Study in Dubai [Ultimate List]

If you are a student or a working professional, you might constantly be in a need to look for places where you can sit quietly and work or study for a long.

However, often it is not possible at our homes as we keep reaching out to the TV remote or looking at the bed now and then, thinking about taking a break.
Thus, to stay productive and finish your tasks on time, it is crucial to have a separate working and studying space.

Many people opt for coffee shops or workstations where they can go, study and work during the day and also munch on some snacks while taking a break and returning home to relax.

In this article, we would tell you about some of the best coffee shops where you can study in Dubai.

Are there Study Cafes in Dubai?

Dubai has a popular name in itself for some of the most lavish restaurants and eateries. With the diversity observed here, many people wonder whether they can find a humble and quiet spot where they can study or work.

Indeed, there are several great coffee shops and outlets in Dubai that allow you to work according to yourself and spend some time studying.

How Much Does a Study Café Cost?

While many study cafes charge you an hourly fare to study inside, many work-friendly coffee shops just let you sit and work while you order something from their menu.

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However, if you wish to avail a membership plan with such coffee shops, it would not be a bad idea since they have designated work areas and spaces depending on the plan you choose.

Hence, if it is a decent coffee shop that allows you to study or work, you can expect to pay around 3-5$ minimum per hour for availing of the facility.

The menu at such places is usually specific and short, and the food is affordable too since their major source of income is through the membership or per day basis charge of work/study.

Apart from cost, there are a few other aspects that you must consider before choosing a study café in Dubai. We will discuss at length on these factors, but first, let us see some of the best coffee shops to study in the city.

Best Coffee Shops to Study in Dubai

Café Bloom

The first on the list is Café Bloom, which is a coffee shop that serves homegrown coffee and also offers some of the best coffee beverages in the entire UAE!

Located near a grocery store, this café is quiet, well-lit, and a place with a beautiful ambiance.

You can get in touch with them online to discuss any specific requirements before getting over there to study or work.

To the Moon and Back

The second most preferred destination for people in Dubai to work or study in a coffee shop is To the Moon and Back. It is located in one of the most popular areas of Dubai, Jumeirah Al Athar Street.

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You can expect delicious food here apart from good coffee and a nice time to study and work. The staff here is friendly and warm, always ready to cater to any of your needs.

You can find a decent crowd here on some days of the week, so you might want to plan your visit here in advance to ensure you get comfortable and good seating.

Drop Café

Placed in Dar Al Wasl, Drop Café is not only an affordable option for all to study and work but is also a preferred stop for those looking to study in groups.

There are also designated self-study areas with comfortable chairs and even some private rooms. With the facility of ordering as and when you like.

In case you are interested in availing of the facility at the coffee shop, you can expect to pay around 5-6$, which is the starting price for their plans.

You should get in touch with them beforehand to ensure you understand the pricing plans and also the seating facility and decide which one is best for you.

Wrkbay Café

One of the most recently developed and popularised co-working or study spaces, Wrkbay café also wins over customers by offering a beautifully and carefully designed menu.

The café even lets you host and plan your meetings here in case you have an assignment coming up or a presentation to finish.

This café also lets you pay for private rooms in case you want a more personal and quiet space to work and study.

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The additional services like a whiteboard, projector facility, and group rooms are a big plus here.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Coffee Shop to Study


The first factor you must consider before finalizing a coffee shop to study is indeed the cost. Although most decent coffee shops can be availed for 3-5$ per hour, you can find a place that suits your budget and financial limits.


It might seem like ambiance does not matter while deciding on a coffee shop, but it must be noted that the presence of plants, the color of the walls, and the seating facility play a key role in ensuring that we can work or study comfortably.

The place must be free of distractions and loud noise.


You must decide on a place that is closer to your locality and is easy to commute to every other day. With this, you can find and stay regular in your routine without having to search a lot.


Thus, there are indeed some great coffee shops where you can work or study in Dubai.
You must keenly consider the factors involved in choosing the appropriate place for you and test it out for yourself.

In case you do not like the food, the crowd, or the service, you can opt for a different place and see if it suits you better.

Once you have found the right place, you can go there each day and finish off the tasks from your to-do list.


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