Can You Pay for Lounge Access in Dubai?

Airports have made our lives much easier than they were before. Additionally, the facilities offered at most airports these days add to the charm and help several businesses thrive there.

One such facility is lounge access which has nearly brought a revolution in the airline industry.

With the concept of sleeping pods and recreational centers also booming, the facility of lounge access has attracted high-end customers of airlines as well.

Naturally, these days this facility is also being extended to economy-class travelers but the regulations and facilities are not uniform throughout the world.

This is why it is crucial to know beforehand whether the airport you would be spending your layover at has this facility and if yes, then how can you avail of it?

In this article, we would talk about the lounge access facility in Dubai.

Dubai Airport

The Dubai Airport is a world in itself and has been one of the busiest airports in the world. With the increasing popularity and air traffic around it, the airport has been reconstructed and redesigned several times.

Each time, the airport has added a new charm to itself by attracting more tourists with the passing years and becoming one of the most favored and loved tourist destinations.

Even from the perspective of business and trade, Dubai with the help of its Airport has come out as an important destination in the Middle East.

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Apart from the major facilities provided at every other airport including parking space, exemplary hotel facilities, and premium service, Dubai Airport has always innovated further.

With the enhanced shopping experience, even if you are in Dubai just for an hour or so and have a flight to catch, you can look at luxury brands at a much more affordable price here.

Besides, the Global Village designed here is one of its kind and can prove to be a fun experience for families and groups of friends traveling here and hanging around.

Apart from these, the Dubai Airport also boasts beautiful prayer rooms, easy currency exchange facilities, and business centers.

However, the one thing that Dubai is known for several years is its extraordinary lounge facility. With Emirates being the largest airline company here, most of the lounges are exclusively reserved for them.

However, let us know more about the lounge facility and understand the financial considerations for the same.

How Much Does Dubai Airport Lounge Cost?

The cost of the Airport Lounge in Dubai depends on the class you are flying in. For instance, if you are traveling in Economy class, you are eligible directly for paid access to the lounge.

In case you are traveling Business class or First Class, there are Business and First-Class lounges for you respectively.

Based on the Skywards membership – Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Blue, you may also avail of a membership plan to avail of the lounge facility if you frequently travel through Emirates.

The Business Class lounge in Dubai, the one located near Gate 9 costs about 150$, which increases further depending on the taxes and commission fee. The price for a First Class lounge facility is twice – 300$.

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As mentioned earlier, if you travel regularly with Emirates and are interested in a Skywards membership, the price is usually lesser than the one-time price for the lounge facility.

If you wish to avail other Airport lounge facilities, you can book them through their websites and know about the latest prices.

Can You Pay for Lounge Access in Dubai?

Certainly, except Platinum and Gold plans of Skywards, you can avail of paid access to the lounge at the Dubai Airport for Emirates.

In case you are opting for another private lounge facility like Marhaba, you can avail of the membership with them at a reasonable price or simply pay one time, depending on your requirements.

Can Economy Class Use the Lounge for Emirates?

Unfortunately, if you are traveling in economy class, you cannot avail of the lounge facility for business or first class in Emirates at Dubai Airport.

Although, if you plan to upgrade to these classes, Emirates has a streamlined mechanism and also offers the Skywards program, within which if you are a member, you may be allowed access to Emirates’ exclusive lounge.

However, the good news is that you can nevertheless be eligible to avail of the lounge at other openings here. For instance, the Marhaba lounge, and the DIA business class lounge are some of the most famous ones here.

At most of these lounges, you can avail a good recreational space, get fresh, have a hearty and delicious meal, and also rest for some time.

If you are traveling from the Economy class, you might want to look at Marhaba Lounge as they offer their decent lounges at a fairly affordable price.

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You not only get the facility of WiFi and a workstation but also complementary drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The Marhaba lounge is available in more than 75 countries. Besides, the Emirates Skywards membership plan is a great way to avail its lounges when you are in Dubai.

The plans, divided into Platinum, Gold, and Silver membership are available only to those passengers who are traveling by Emirates in any class.

Usually, the lounges are available for use for approximately 4 hours and can be easily upgraded with the payment of an additional fee.

Recently, Emirates has come up with a plan to allow the non-Skywards members who are traveling in other classes to avail themselves of the facility of the lounge too.

You can check out the latest prices from the website and upgrade or buy the membership accordingly.


Therefore, we learned about the lounge access facility at the Dubai airport and how you can avail of it if you belong to the different classes.

The most ideal way to get the best lounge access is to make sure you are flying First Class, but even if you are not, you can avail of the facility at the payment of a membership price or a subscription.

Whatever it might be, make sure to look for yourself at the lounge facility that suits you the most.


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