How to Get Cold Water in Dubai?

Summers are difficult for all of us, especially when we live in a place where the sea is nearby. It adds to the humidity factor and makes it more difficult to step out of the house.

This is why people often resort to vacations to hilly regions or changes to their diet including more fruit juices and ice creams in these times.

While these are bound to help a bit, availing cold water in the time of summer is perhaps the biggest respite to beat the heat.

Wherever you live, things like refrigerators and water coolers have made our lives much easier.

In this article, we would discuss how you can get cold water if you reside in Dubai.

Weather in Dubai

Dubai is not a place where you can expect a moderate or average temperature. It is a comparatively hotter place because of is a gulf country.

The hot deserts and wind patterns add to the heat and make it one of the most common cities where heatwaves are common and sandstorms as well in some regions.

The climate of Dubai is quite easy to understand. It mainly has three seasons, which are major and common to most regions in the world.

The summer in Dubai starts around June and can stretch up to the end of September or the beginning of October.

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The summer is accustomed to extremely hot temperatures and relatively higher humidity. This is because of the adjoining sea.

This is the weather in which most people plan their vacations in a way that they do not have to spend the summer here.

Apart from this, it witnesses a very short spell of the rainy season which is occasional and is quite hot as well.

The winter in Dubai is also not too long, starting around October and stretching up to January or February. Apart from these months, the weather here is generally moderate.

In summer, the temperature can easily soar up to 45-48 degree Celsius and the lowest it can go in winter is close to 15-20 degrees Celsius.

Thus, it is important to find ways to stay cool in Dubai and beat the heat.

How to Stay Cool in Dubai?

Now you know that summers in Dubai can get difficult. Thus, try planning your vacation accordingly.

In case you wish to know how you can beat the heat in Dubai, you must follow some basic tenets of staying fit and fresh in any weather.

The first is to ensure to fix your diet. This is the time when you should try including more fruits and juices in your diet. This will help you stay hydrated and also be light on your body.

The next thing you must ensure is your clothing. The direct relation to clothing here is that if you wear light-colored clothes made out of cotton or plant stems.

You should also try staying indoors as much as possible, especially in the afternoon and late afternoon period. This is because not only the temperature but the heatwave and humidity can severely affect your health.

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Apart from everything else, you must also try to drink plenty of water to help your throat to moist and your body is hydrated at all times.

How to Get Cold Water in Dubai?

If you are living in an apartment in Dubai and have a Floor Supervisor or Apartment Secretary, he would help you get cold water in the extremely hot months of Dubai.

There is usually a cooling device that many homes and residential apartments are utilizing these days, which is turned on in the summer months and the apartment management is responsible for ensuring that.

In case you do not live in an apartment, you could try availing the cooling device yourself and get in touch with a repair agent or plumber to ensure it is set up well enough.

The water-cooling devices or dispensers are also easier to find online or at a shopping center, which are usually available throughout the year.

In case you have to buy one, make sure to check the sizes and power of the device according to the water tank installed at your home.

Additionally, you can store more ice cubes during the summer or avail of the ice bath facilities which are available at many places in Dubai.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Using Cold Water in Dubai

There are some crucial factors that you must keep in mind while using cold water in the summer months of Dubai to make sure you do not end up falling sick or getting a cold.

It is natural that if you shift from a hot temperature outside to a relatively much colder temperature in a cold shower or with a glass of cold water, the imbalance in temperatures is bound to affect your throat and health.

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Thus, always make sure to let your body rest and get accustomed to the temperature before you drink cold water.

Also, make sure to change the temperature of the water according to the weather outside. You might not need extremely cold water on all days of the summer.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to take more showers in the months of summer as it helps keep your body naturally cool.

You can take at least two showers – one in the morning and one in the evening after your work.


Therefore, now you know, where you can look to get cold water in Dubai and how you can set it up yourself if you live in an independent home.

But make sure to regulate the temperature of the water well and not run to extremes. The more you go to the extremes; the higher chances are that you can fall sick.

You should rather try making more changes to your diet and the kind of clothes you wear. These things can go a long way in making you feel much cooler. Happy Summers!


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