Best Seafood Restaurants In Al Qusais (Dubai)

Dubai is widely recognized for its excellent dining options; those who enjoy seafood will find various options.

Some of the top seafood restaurants in Dubai can be found in the neighborhood of Al Qusais, situated in the city’s eastern region.

Everything from authentic Emirati cuisine to worldwide seafood specialties may be found here.

In this post, we will acknowledge everything regarding the best seafood restaurant in Al Qusais Dubai.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Al Qusais Dubai

The Fisherman’s Hub

The Fisherman’s Hub, located in Al Qusais’s picturesque Al Twar neighborhood, is great for enjoying some of the region’s freshest and tastiest fish.

The restaurant’s attractive design and plush seats create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

The Fisherman’s Hub offers various seafood meals, from regional UAE specialties to popular seafood cuisines worldwide.

Grilled Prawns, Lobster Thermidor, & Fish and Chips are just a few of the menu’s highlights because of the care and attention to detail in their preparation.

The restaurant also features a daily catch menu, which changes daily to include the day’s freshest fish.

The fresh seafood at The Fisherman’s Hub is one of the best around, and it’s all available in an interactive seafood market.

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Then, the seafood is cooked to the diner’s specifications, guaranteeing a tasteful and unique meal.

At The Fisherman’s Hub, the cuisine is superb, and the service is excellent.

The staff is kind and welcoming and goes out of their way to answer any questions or concerns diners may have.

Those who would rather dine in the fresh air can take advantage of the restaurant’s outside seats.

There is no better place to get fish in Al Qusais than at The Fisherman’s Hub in Dubai.

For those in the neighborhood who have a passion for seafood, this establishment is an absolute must due to the high quality of its offerings, the quality of its service, and the comfortable atmosphere.

The Fisherman’s Hub is a must-visit for every resident or tourist in Dubai who is looking for a memorable seafood meal.

Other Seafood Restaurant In Al Qusais Dubai

Apart from The Fisherman’s Hub, there are several other seafood restaurants in Al Qusais Dubai that are worth mentioning.

Whether you are looking for traditional Emirati seafood dishes or international seafood cuisine, there is something to suit every taste bud in Al Qusais.

Al Hadaeq Seafood Restaurant

Al Hadaeq Seafood restaurant, found in Al Twar in Al Qusais, is known for its fresh seafood dishes, such as Lobster, crab, and shrimp.

An enjoyable aspect of dining at this establishment is the warm welcome shown by the employees.

Al Khaleej Seafood Restaurant

Seafood lovers will be satisfied with the selection at Al Khaleej Seafood Restaurant, a favorite Al Qusais eatery known for its grilled fish, shrimp curry, and seafood biryani.

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Enjoy a fast and satisfying seafood supper in the restaurant’s relaxed setting.

Al Mashawi Al Halabiya Seafood Restaurant

Grilled fish and shrimp prepared in various Syrian techniques are among the specialties of Al Mashawi Al Halabiya Seafood Restaurant.

The restaurant is decorated in a friendly, homey style typical of Syria and offers plenty of comfy seats.

Al Shami Gourmet Seafood Restaurant

Al Shami, Gourmet Seafood Restaurant, is a Lebanese and Mediterranean seafood restaurant in Al Qusais that serves seafood platters, grilled fish, & shrimp skewers, among other specialties.

The restaurant’s refined atmosphere and friendly service make for a memorable meal.

Best Delicious Seafood To Eat Dubai

Seafood is a specialty in Dubai, a city famed for its high-end restaurants.

Visitors to Dubai may choose from a wide variety of tasty seafood meals that suit various dietary needs and preferences.

Dubai has a wide variety of seafood restaurants, including traditional cuisine and more unusual and tasty options.

Lobster Thermidor:

In Dubai, seafood aficionados often order the French classic Lobster Thermidor. Made with fresh lobster flesh, this dish is first baked with just a layer of cheese before being topped with a creamy sauce made from onions, mushrooms, & white wine.

Grilled Prawns:

Because of its proximity to the sea, Dubai is an ideal destination for sampling some of the world’s best-grilled prawns.

They’re marinated in spices and herbs, then grilled to perfection, and served with a dollop of garlic butter and lemon sauce.

Fish and Chips:

Many Dubai residents who enjoy seafood choose the British staple fish and chips.

The fish fillets are battered and deep-fried till golden brown; they are served with potatoes and tartar sauce.

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Seafood Platter:

A seafood platter is the best way to sample the wide range of fresh seafood available in Dubai.

Grilled seafood such as fish, prawns, Lobster, & crab is included in the platter’s usual fare, along with various sauces and a side salad.

Shrimp Curry:

Spicy and aromatic, this Indian-style shrimp curry is a must-eat in Dubai for any seafood connoisseur.

Shrimp is prepared fresh and simmered in a creamy tomato sauce seasoned with various herbs and spices.


Al Qusais is home to some of Dubai’s finest seafood establishments, serving various dishes and tastes.

There’s something for every palate, from authentic Emirati fare to fresh seafood worldwide.

We’ve done the legwork for you and found the best seafood restaurant in town based on its superior food, friendly staff, and relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you’re a native or just passing through Dubai, you should visit the top seafood restaurant in Al Qusais Dubai and indulge in its wonderful cuisine.


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