Top 7 Best Persian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Persian cuisine is recognized for its broad range of delicious dishes and use of exotic spices, saffron being the most prominent. All of these dishes are available in one of the many Persian restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Kebab enthusiasts appreciate these establishments for their condiment kebabs and saffron-flavoured rice. Persian cuisine has a great deal more than tacos, which are often associated with freshly fried meals.

The identity of every Iranian is influenced by Iranian culture, which includes Persian food. If you are from Iran or just really like good food, let this article guide you to the best Persian restaurants in Abu Dhabi!

What Sets Persian Cuisine Unique?

Many people from all over the world visited Iran since it was a stop on the historically important Silk Road. The availability of such a wide range of climatic conditions in Iran is largely responsible for the country’s reputation for excellent food.

Rice, meat, and salad form the basis of many Persian meals, with a wide variety of other ingredients such as kebabs, fresh herbs, pickles, shrimp, cheese, and yoghurt infused with saffron. The following are the most common ingredients used in traditional Persian cooking.

  • Rice dill, parsley, yoghurt
  • Lamb, meat, onions
  • Turmeric, saffron, mint and lentils

Basmati rice from Pakistan and India is extremely similar to the Persian variety and is cheaper. Kebab is the second most important part of Iranian cooking. Most restaurants provide some sort of kebab, but if you’re Muslim, keep in mind that pig and other unapproved meats aren’t included in the kebabs.

Top 7 Persian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Many ethnicities reside in Abu Dhabi. It is essential to provide visitors with high-quality cuisine when they are away from home. Several Abu Dhabi restaurants attempt to serve the city’s finest Persian cuisine. The following is an overview of the best 7 Iranian restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

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Sadaf Restaurant

Sadaf Iranian Restaurant is one of the most well-known Persian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. In addition to a wide selection of salads and soups, this restaurant is known for serving some of the tastiest and most authentic traditional Persian cuisine, grills and well-known Iranian kebab.

Sadaf’s cooks are renowned for serving dishes that are expertly cooked customarily. The most renowned menu of this eatery is grilled dishes, typically accompanied by rice that has been buttered.

Address: Mourouj Hotel Apartments, Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 190/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 12:00 PM-11:30 AM

Phone: +971 02 6414166

Farsi Restaurant

Farsi is one of the most authentic Iranian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. As you enter this exceptional restaurant, you will be awestruck by the décor and interior design. You will immediately feel as though you are in a high-end restaurant in the heart of the Iranian capital.

Farsi is not just focused on preparing kebabs for its clients, its range of Iranian cuisine is vast and varied. Delectable appetizers, a feast fit for a king for the main course, and sweets that melt on the mouth.

Clients have reported leaving Highly satisfied due to the restaurant’s delicious food and exceptional service. If you aren’t in the mood for traditional Iranian dishes like kebab, Farsi has also a broad variety of alternatives that you won’t find at many other Persian restaurants.

Address: Abu Dhabi Industrial City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 180/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 12:00 PM-11:30 PM

Phone: +971 2 886 5288

Hatam Restaurant

Hatam restaurant is a fan favorite because of its tasty meals at reasonable rates and consistently high-quality service. It strives to guarantee that every customer will have a fantastic time at their establishment.

The proprietors of Hatam restaurant have emphasized the importance of cuisine, atmosphere, and design. Hatam is one of the most authentic-looking Iranian eateries, and its interior design just astounds visitors.

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Numerous diners have described the cuisine at Hatam as flawless. Although you can attempt to recreate Iranian meals at home, nothing compares to the real Persian cuisine made at Hatam using only the freshest ingredients.

Address: Marina Mall, Ras Al Akhdar, Ras Al Khor, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 165/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 11:30 AM-11:30 PM

Phone: +971 02 6818585

Belgrave Restaurant

The food of Belgrave Abu Dhabi combines Persian flavors with Eastern and Western cuisine. The menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, and casseroles. Bagheli Polo Lamb Shank, Makkaroni (homemade spaghetti with ground meat), and Maygoo Polo are among the chef’s specialities.

In addition, the London to Abu Dhabi special is a lamb neck slow-cooked for six hours and served with green rice. Belgrave Abu Dhabi is a luxurious locale influenced by the interiors of the Iranian royal family. The interior design features marble flooring, velvet chairs, and of course, Persian rugs.

Address: Red Crescent, Al Rawdah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 415/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 12 AM-11:00 PM

Phone: +971 2 584 8383

Sajway Restaurant

Sajway is one of the best venues to enjoy a delectable Iranian dinner with a unique atmosphere, premium exciting cocktails, and a divinely rich Persian desert. Sajway offers a wide variety of Iranian delicacies for your enjoyment.

The restaurant is renowned for its delectable dishes, which feature flavorful cuisines with high nutritional value. If you want to enjoy one of the most exquisite dining experiences, you should go there to savor their heavenly flavors.

The restaurant strives for perfection in every aspect, from seasoning and garnishing to the plating. The menu features a variety of classic Iranian kebabs, stews, desserts, and beverages, as well as a vast selection of side dishes.

Address: Al Firdous St, Al Zahiyah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 130/ 2 person (approx.)

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Hours: 8 AM-11:30 PM

Phone: +971 2 626 0607

Hatim Al Tae Restaurant

Try this restaurant if you’re in Abu Dhabi and the mood for some Middle Eastern food. The eatery is new and therefore not well known yet but will be soon. The food here is excellent, fresh, and fairly priced. They serve the finest rice and shrimp dishes likely the shrimp biryani.

Another well-known food option is rice with eggplants with tomato has a very light flavor, as does the hummus. This Persian restaurant serves delicious food at a fair price.

Address: Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 170/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 11 AM-11 PM

Phone: +971 2 634 4544

Isfahan Night Restaurant

The restaurant’s appearance may not be as upscale or fashionable as most restaurants, but its food is excellent. For three adults, one mixed grill platter is more than enough. They offered free soup, yoghurt, and extra bread which make the customer fully satisfied.

Visit the Isfahan Night Restaurant must if you like grilled meat, grilled fish, lamb and rice dish, and a variety of pre-dinner snacks. Simple restaurant with a limited menu, but with friendly service and a great price. You will get a good experience there and will return.

Address: Al Nahyan, Zone 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average cost: AED 100/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 9 AM-12 AM

Phone: +971 2 446 6122


Whether you want to treat your family or a loved one, or even if you want to impress a work colleague, you should go to one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Taste Persian-Inspired Turkish Kofta with tasty spices or a luscious herb yoghurt dressing from the Persian restaurant above!

The preceding list of the city’s greatest restaurants that serve cuisine from Iran may be of use to you in selecting your preferred establishment.

Enjoyed this article and looking for restaurants from other cultures. To get our guides for Nepali and Ethiopian cuisine, click here right now!


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