Top 7 Best Nepali Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

The cuisine of Nepal is diverse with many of its delectable cuisine. Nepal has everything, from hot soups to savory sweet dishes, light curries, greens, salads, deli meat, pickles, and curd are typical fare.

The cuisine of Nepal is influenced by its proximity to India, Tibet, and China. Dishes prepared in a kitchen of Nepali eateries use less oil and thus be better for you.

Nepal is a veritable land of honey and milk thanks to the different foods available here. You should look for a Nepali restaurant if you want to try new flavors and textures of Nepali cuisine while in Abu Dhabi.

What Makes Nepali Food So Unique

The majority of Nepali restaurants serve Indian, Himalayan, and Nepali cuisine, which adds to the confusion among diners. Garlic, onions, cilantro, cumin, chillies and scallions are the ingredients that are frequently used as flavorings.

The main staple foods in Nepal are fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains like rice, wheat, corn, dal (lentil soups), Bhat (steamed rice), meat and Tarkari (vegetable preparations) or Trinity.

They also eat roti (flat wheat pita), and steamed rice, along with local beverages like tea or dessert. Momo, a sort of slow-cooked dumpling with meat or vegetable stuffing that is widely available on the street, is the most well-liked fast food.

Most Nepal and Bengal use mustard oil as their primary cooking oil. The cayenne chilli is the typical new red or green chilli that is required in recipes. You can use jalapenos, which are milder with an entirely different flavor.

Top 7 Nepali Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Contrary to widespread belief, Nepalese food is one of the most stunning aspects of Nepalese culture. There are a variety of dishes here that feature a delicious mingling of exotic flavors.

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Distinctive Himalayan aromas come from the use of regionally exclusive herbs and spices like Jimbu and Timur, a Szechwan pepper. Clarified butter also enhances the flavor. Visit one of the restaurants below to taste these flavors while you are in Abu Dhabi.

Vansha Ghar Restaurant

Try to go to Vansha Ghar on a weekday as it gets very busy on the weekends. The non-vegetarian combination and all the marinated chicken contain far too many spices, salts, and heat.

The steamed, Chilly and Tandoori momos are very delicious. Their grilled chicken or Sadako item has way too many spices, black pepper, and salt but is tasty.

Vansha Ghar’s customer service is excellent and may appear small from the outside, but the upstairs seating area is spacious. It’s a must-visit location in town if you’re in the mood for real Nepali food.

Address: Zayed the First St, Al Danah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average Cost: AED 65/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 6 AM- 11.45 PM

Phone: +971 2 644 0788

The Gorkha Palace

A brand-new city treasure in UAE is the Gorkha palace. Excellent Nepalese cuisine is served in this lovely restaurant. Ideally situated next to the Abu Dhabi Mall, with plenty of parking nearby.

Many combos are available on the menu, allowing you to choose from a variety of specials. All items are very affordable, with a courteous and welcoming staff. They have a very cosy atmosphere that will give you good vibes.

They offer fantastic Strawberry Mojitos, Manchurian Chicken Momos, Chicken Jhaneko Momos, Mutton Kadai, Chicken 65, Butter Paneer Masala, Steamed Chicken Momos, and Chicken Manchurian Momos etc. Every meal is delivered hot and fresh from the kitchen!

Address: 102 Al Maiyani St, Al Zahiyah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average Cost: AED 95/ 2 person (approx.)

Hours: 10 AM- 2.00 AM

Phone: +971 50 896 0635

Nepali Chulo Restaurant

Nepali Chulo offers you a delicious momo, tomato pickles, mutton thali set and chow mein and is a great place to meet up with friends whenever we felt like eating Nepalese food.

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The food and atmosphere are good. The restaurant offers slow-cooked chicken momos, chicken jhol momo, vegetarian momo, buff vegetarian thukpa, and also pani puris. They didn’t have any dessert on the menu, so you may need to search for something sweet after a spicy meal.

Many visitors share some awkward experiences with the staff here and comment that the servers there are not very professional. Their pulse is very watery, similar to clear soup.

Address: Electra streets 1es, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average Cost: AED 55/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 8 AM- 12.00 AM

Phone: +971 50 640 5265

Himalayan Restaurant

If you’re looking for a good Nepalese restaurant in Abu Dhabi, you might find this one the best! The food is authentic, delicious, and served by friendly, helpful staff. You should check out Himalayan Restaurant for either lunch or dinner.

Himalayan Restaurant’s menu contains Chinese rice/ fried rice, soups, Nepali wai, and salads. A meal consisting of chicken momo and rice have fabulous flavor. Some customer though gives negative feedback such as foods being undercooked and raw.

Address: Musaffah ME, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average Cost: AED 55/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 7 AM- 12.00 AM

Phone: +971 55 320 2498

Baje Restaurant

Authentic Nepali food is served at Baje restaurant in the United Arab Emirates and is highly recommended. The place has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the finest grill, 100% conventional.

Their mutton flavor used all customary spices. The food is outstanding in every way, especially the Newari khaja set and the fried momo, which are both amazingly delicious. The best kathakali khana, radish and gundurk pickles you can taste here. The staff is also friendly.

Address: In front of Nepal Embassy, Aradah St, Al Nahyan area, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average Cost: AED 55/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 8 AM- 11.00 PM

Phone: +971 2 665 5169

Markhor Restaurant

Markhor restaurant serves authentic Pakistani and Nepali cuisine, a perfect breakfast place. Place an order for Karak Tea and a takeout crispy parata if you visit this restaurant. Parata is warm and chicken dam biryani is superb here.

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The restaurant provides an excellent sitting area, higher food quality and quantity, and great service. With the exceptional ambience and delectable Pakistani food, it is worth going to with friends and family.

Go to the eatery whenever you are in the mood for homemade Pakistani yummy food with excellent hygiene standards and reasonably priced. The atmosphere at dinnertime is frantic too!

Address: 9 Niqa Lafhad St, Hadbat Al Za’faranah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average Cost: AED 35/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 6 AM- 12.00 AM

Phone: +971 50 144 1297

Ocean Ceylon Restaurant

Ocean Ceylon is reputable for its friendly staff and quick meals serving capacity! Very Affordable Restaurant for fans of Nepalese food that exudes the familiar roadside hotel vibe of Nepal.

Sample some steamed chicken momos with tomato and green chilli dips and the chicken Kaneko momos at Ocean Ceylon. Momos are expertly steam-cooked! It is flavorful and stuffed to the brim with chicken meat.

Unlike other restaurants that claim to be authentic Nepali eateries, this lacks bells and whistles. Come here if you want amazing food with fantastic services and feel at home! The momo and chowmein are a must-have for any great breakfast/ dinner, too!

Address: Tourist Club, Seven emirate supermarket, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Average Cost: AED 35/ 2 persons (approx.)

Hours: 8 AM- 2.00 AM

Phone: +971 50 202 1752


The cuisine and dishes of Nepalese people reflect the melting pot of the country’s many regions, cultures, and traditions. Authentic Nepalese cuisine is known for its focus on rustic ingredients and preparation methods.

What sets apart Nepali cuisine is the fact that many dishes are reserved for specific celebrations. If you want a culinary adventure from Nepal, visit one of the Nepali restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Still can’t decide? Pick the Bite and Relax Café, Momo House Restaurant, Dafe Restaurant, Sagarmatha Restaurant, Bhojan griha, or Everest Point Restaurant are all great options as well.


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