Top 5 Best Guajarati Restaurants in Dubai

Gujarati food is quite popular in Dubai, which is home to a wide variety of ethnicities and cuisines.

Gujarati cuisine is mostly vegetarian and is recognized for its sweet, spicy, and acidic tastes.

You’ve found the perfect site if you’re a lover of Gujarati cuisine and are searching for the top Gujarati restaurants in Dubai.

Anybody craving authentic Gujarati cuisine can find many options in Dubai, from upscale restaurants to hawker stands.

This post will take you on a tour of the best Gujarati restaurants in Dubai.

Best Guajarati restaurants in Dubai

1. Maharaja Bhog Restaurant

The several vegetarian thalis at the 2012-founded Maharaj Bhog live up to the restaurant’s regal moniker.

The best of India’s spices and family recipes have gone into making the food at Maharaj Bhog so that diners can expect delicious meals in a welcoming setting.

They also provide catering, so you may order food or hire them to visit your house.

Hence, if you’re in the mood for Gujarati or Indian in general, especially thalis, this is the best restaurant in Dubai.

If you’ve ever had a Gujarati thali in Gujarat and have had one here, you’ll know what a treat it is.

The excellent service, delicious food, beautiful setting, extensive drink menu, and other features have earned this establishment a stellar reputation.

2. Rasoi Ghar Restaurant LLC

Suppose you’re looking for a location to sample authentic Gujarati, Kathiyawadi, and Rajasthani dishes. Go no further than Rasoi Ghar.

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Vegetable thalis are so tasty that even picky eaters can’t get enough of them.

No matter what you order, whether it’s one of the unique fusion options or one of the classics, you can be certain that it was prepared in a clean and safe environment.

The restaurant’s menu changes daily, so if you want to try all it offers, you must set aside at least a week.

Rasoi Ghar is a Dubai staple, serving delicious vegetarian Gujarati cuisine served in an endless buffet style from a traditional silver plate (Thaali).

Vegetarian fare from Gujarat is known for its robust taste because it uses high-quality spices and minimal amounts of oil.

The goal is to provide comforting, homemade meals served with genuine warmth.

You can expect spectacularly presented classics and seasonal specialties from a menu that is always the same.

You may choose from the standard table or the traditional floor sitting with plush pillows, which look out into the glassed-in kitchen.

In addition to Phulka, Poori, and a delectable Cabbage Thepla, you must try all three types of traditional Gujarati dall.

3. Swades Restaurant

Swades is, for many Indians residing in Dubai, a home away from home, serving authentic cuisine from Gujarat and other areas of India.

Swades is open 24 hours a day and serves various vegetarian dishes from India.

Since its founding several decades ago, Swades has experienced unrelenting expansion thanks to its commitment to providing customers with nutritious, tasty, and reasonably priced meals.

This Gujarati restaurant is widely considered to be the best vegetarian option in all Karama. We regularly have their freshly baked pav and steaming samosas.

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The menu includes : Thali, shrikhand puri combination, aloo paratha, dahi puri chaat, khandvi, and dry snacks like banana chips, gathiya, etc.

They provide delicious chaat goods in addition to their Thali. Tempting chaat and samosas await you if you’re in the mood.

4. Khandani Rajdhani

In Dubai, you can find several excellent vegetarian Indian restaurants, such as the one called “Rajdhani,” where you may try a wide selection of dishes.

The Thali at the Indian-inspired Rajdhani restaurant is famous for its extensive menu of more than 22,000 items.

This delicious food will make it impossible for you to count anything else. They’ve been in the UAE for a while and have built a solid reputation for their delicious food and helpful staff.

5. Mygovinda

For over 20 years, mygovinda’s has provided Gujaratis and other Indians in Dubai with pure sattvic Indian cuisine that satisfies the stomach without overfilling or harming the body, food that also puts the mind at rest.

The meal is fantastic because it uses seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Moreover, it has dishes designed especially for members of the Jain faith.

What food items are included in a Gujarati Thali in Dubai’s Gujarati Restaurants?

Each item on a Gujarati thali has its distinct taste and texture, making it a complete meal in and of itself.

A Gujarati thali in Dubai could include some or all of the following items.  However, the specifics may vary from restaurant to restaurant:

  • Roti: A type of flatbread made from wheat flour.
  • Dal: A lentil-based soup that is flavored with spices and served with rice.
  • Rice: A staple food in many Indian cuisines, including Gujarati.
  • Kadhi: A yogurt-based curry that is made with besan (gram flour) and flavored with spices.
  • Shaak: A vegetable dish that is cooked with spices and sometimes includes paneer (a type of cheese).
  • Farsan: A type of snack that is often served at the beginning of a meal. It can include dishes such as dhokla, khandvi, and samosas.
  • Papad: A thin, crispy wafer made from lentil flour.
  • Chutney: A condiment made from a variety of ingredients, such as coriander, mint, and tamarind.
  • Pickles: A spicy and tangy side dish that is made from a variety of vegetables, fruits, or spices.
  • Sweets: A variety of sweet dishes that are made from ingredients such as milk, sugar, and ghee (clarified butter). Popular sweets in Gujarati cuisine include rasgulla, gulab jamun, and jalebi.
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Dubai has abundant eating alternatives, making it a true heaven for foodies.

The city has a wide selection of excellent Gujarati eateries, perfect for foodies.

These Gujarati eateries in Dubai have you covered whether you’re craving a classic thali or some delicious street cuisine.

Visit one of the best Gujarati restaurants in Dubai the next time you’re in the mood for some of the city’s most flavorful and tasty food.


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