Best Acai Bowls in Dubai [You Must Try]

Many health-conscious citizens and tourists in Dubai are searching out acai bowls for their diet. The acai fruit originated in Brazil and is popular among those looking for a pleasant and healthy meal alternative due to its distinctive flavor and several health benefits.

Due to its rising popularity, acai bowls can now be found in various Dubai restaurants and juice joints.

The city features high-quality acai bowls perfect for various occasions, including breakfast, afternoon snacking, and post-workout fueling.

In this article, you will acknowledge everything regarding top places in Dubai to get an acai bowl, from laid-back cafes to posh juice joints, so that you may discover the right bowl to satiate your needs.

What Is Acai Bowl?

The South American jungles are home to the acai palm tree, which produces the acai berry (ah-sigh-EE).

The Amazon jungle, known for its tropical heat and quantity of water, is home to the Euterpe palm, from which aça berries are harvested. This palm tree can have four to eight stems, each supporting several berry clusters.

The acai bowl is a smoothie made from frozen acai palm fruit that originated in Brazil. Common Brazilian toppings for acai bowls include granola, banana, & guaraná syrup.

However, a few more versions can be found throughout the country. Some places serve acai bowls with tapioca balls, while others provide a saltier option with shrimp and dried fish.

Since its introduction to the world market, aça has experienced explosive development, making it a major cash crop for the region’s rural populations. The berries are hand-picked by cultivators who climb trees as high as 80 feet.

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A natural antioxidant, aça pulp can effectively counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. As a bonus, it’s a good source of protein and several essential nutrients like calcium and potassium, vitamin E, and the beneficial fats omega-6 and omega-9.

Outwardly, an acai berry looks like a cross between a grape and a blueberry; nevertheless, the seed makes up about 80% of the fruit, with the remaining 20% carrying all of the beneficial nutrients.

It has been hypothesized that the acai berry has more antioxidants than any more common berries. Many health benefits are attributed to acai, including improved cognition, lowered appetite, and protection against cancer.

Best Acai Shops In Dubai

1. Oakberry Acai Bowls

In the United Arab Emirates, you can find Oakberry Acai Bowls, a restaurant that offers delivery across Al Khawaneej 1 and specializes in acai bowls, smoothies, and juices.

OAKBERRY Acai BOWLS is a startup aiming to fill a fast-food industry niche by providing customers with nutritious options.

Only some have the luxury of sitting down to a nutritious meal, so we aim to revolutionize the fast food industry by offering customers a tasty, all-natural, and energizing experience in a flash.

The aça sold by OAKBERRY is completely organic. Neither natural nor artificial food dyes, nor guarana syrup, are used in our recipe.

OAKBERRY’s goal is to keep the aça berry’s health advantages intact as much as possible during manufacturing.

You may find organic acai from Amazon at any of OakBerry’s 500+ locations worldwide. Oakberry is also available through the delivery services Talabat, Zomato, DrivU, and Deliveroo.

Their most popular meals are the Classic Smoothie, The Oak Smoothie, and the Berry Go Round, but they also serve acai bowls, smoothies, and juices, among other options.

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2. Aça Spot cafe

The Aça Spot café was launched in 2015. It began as a concept for a cozy, tastefully appointed coffee shop that served only the highest quality aça bowls and other aça items.

Every time a customer walks through the doors of one of these establishments, from day one onward, they will be met with a warm welcome, excellent service, and products manufactured with care.

The acai bowls at The Acai Spot are works of art. These wooden bowls are an important part of the acai bowl’s continued popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

The Acai Spot is one of the greatest places to get an acai bowl in Dubai because of the variety of toppings you can choose from. The mix of fresh, high-quality fruit should be noticed too. The images, as they say, do the talking!

3. Hamptons Cafe

The staff at the Hamptons Cafe takes pride in the positive reputation they’ve earned among locals and visitors alike.

Whenever one might require assistance, a staff member is standing by to provide it.

An acai bowl’s presentation indicates the quality of the establishment serving it.

On the side of their acai bowls, the Hamptonites artistically arrange creatively shredded green apples, bananas, and granola alongside cherries and bright edible flowers.

Despite its unique look, the one and only negative of the Hamptons acai is that it is typical.

Going to the cafe for acai daily would result in photos of the identical acai bowl each time.

The best acai bowl in the Hamptons for the money.

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It is because a medium bowl of Hampton’s acai costs AED50, more than the average in the United Arab Emirates.

If the atmosphere and the view are included in the cost, you will find it quite reasonable.


Overall acai bowls are a trend in Dubai and the city is filled with great places to get your hands on one of these tasty and healthy treats.

There is a wide variety of places in the city to get an acai bowl, and you may customize it with whatever toppings you like.

Acai has quickly gained popularity among Dubai’s health-conscious population and visitors thanks to its distinctive flavor and many positive health effects.

We hope you must have acknowledged everything regarding the best acai in Dubai.


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