Best Coffee Beans Shops in Abu Dhabi

We all love to drink coffee. Some like their coffee to be concentrated while some like to add milk and cream as well.

Whatever it is, it cannot be denied that we all love the kick of caffeine and for many of us it is perhaps the drink that makes us truly wake up in the morning and get going throughout the day.

Coffee beans come in a large variety and types. However, choosing the best quality and great-smelling beans is a task.

But when you purchase coffee beans from a good coffee shop, you do not have to worry about it.

And when you are traveling or visiting a favorite destination like Abu Dhabi, you cannot miss out on buying great coffee beans from some of the most reputed outlets here.

In this article, we would explore this love for coffee in Abu Dhabi and tell you the places that can get you the best coffee beans there.

About Abu Dhabi

The capital of UAE (United Arab Emirates) and the transport and automobile hub of the middle east, Abu Dhabi is a beautiful city that has grown vastly in the past few decades.

Being located on an island, the beauty, and development of Abu Dhabi are perhaps unmatched by any other city nearby.

Being accustomed to high temperatures and heat waves, Abu Dhabi is like a relief in UAE and thus attracts thousands of tourists every month.

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Some of the best places to visit here include the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari World, Louvre, Emirates Club, etc.

The development of Abu Dhabi as a tourist hub has helped the economy and also the people living here to a great extent.

How to find the right coffee beans shop for you?

In case you are in Abu Dhabi and want to go shopping, you don’t need to think twice.

With some of the best shopping centers and outlets in the whole world, Abu Dhabi boasts a magnanimous business economy.

However, if your search is narrowed down to coffee beans, it becomes crucial to note that there are some guiding factors through which you must select the right coffee beans shop for you.

Perhaps the biggest factor in deciding the right coffee beans shop for you is hygiene. If you notice that the shop is hygienic and clean, you can go ahead and check the beans out.

You must also try to read the reviews beforehand to know whether it is an established place or not.

The number of years of experience a brand has in preparing coffee beans matters a lot in determining whether you want to select the brand.

Since coffee beans inhibit a person’s experience in themselves, you must allow your intuition to guide your taste and preference.

Which Coffee Brand is Best in UAE?

In case you are a coffee enthusiast and want to go out and have a great beverage while in UAE, you must consider looking for suitable brands beforehand.

Although being a popular tourist spot and a favorable global economy across the world, UAE has exposure to hundreds of good coffee brands.

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Some of these brands are domesticated and have been set up in UAE itself, while some are already established global brands that have done extremely well in UAE.

Some of the most famous coffee brands in UAE include Nescafe, Lavazza, Davidoff, Starbucks, Alicafe, Alameed, etc.

Although there is often a debate among most coffee lovers, regarding whether to drink coffee from a coffee shop or to buy freshly ground beans and make it by oneself.

Quite truly, there is no true answer to this, since it depends on the preferences of every person, but, if you are looking to buy good coffee beans in UAE, we recommend you to check out some shops in Abu Dhabi.

Best Coffee Beans Shops in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to buy coffee beans in Abu Dhabi, you might want to research well before going over and investing in something.

In case you are a traveler and want to take back a memorable souvenir or want to gift someone a really good coffee, consider the following shops in Abu Dhabi:


Being a global and trusted brand around the globe, this outlet serves coffee that people don’t forget. You can buy good quality coffee beans from here that are fresh and roasted.

Blacksmith Coffee Company

If you are looking for coffee that is sourced regionally, and want to look beyond the big coffee brand chains, this could be a good choice for you.

Blacksmith Coffee company has quickly become one of the most famous brands of coffee in the entire UAE.

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Another great outlet if you want to experience the taste of heavenly coffee when in Abu Dhabi. You can also take home one of the best memories in the form of beans.

How to Identify Good Coffee Beans

When you buy coffee beans, you must be aware of the techniques with which you can identify whether they are of good quality.

One of the most important ways in which you can tell whether the coffee beans are worth buying is through their aroma and freshness.

The earthy smell and flavor of coffee beans are a great identifier that the beans are natural and fresh. Additionally, coffee should always leave an aftertaste with you.

If you are buying unroasted beans, make sure that they don’t have dark spots on them. Also, look for any mold growth or fungus on the beans.


Thus, in this article, we learned a bit about Abu Dhabi, how you can find the right coffee shop for you, and the factors that you must keep in mind before you select your batch of coffee beans.

We also saw the names of a few good coffee beans shops in Abu Dhabi, from where you can shop and take home some of the finest coffee beans in the world.

Relish in the experience, be intuitive, and also go through the reviews of each place. And whatever it is, you can always taste and explore them yourself!


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