How Much Does a Teacher Earn in Dubai?

If you’re looking for an exciting, cosmopolitan destination to teach in, look no further than Dubai! Filled with towering skyscrapers, shopping malls, sailboats, and enthusiastic students from around the world.

Dubai is a vibrant hub of innovation where your dreams can become a reality, whether creating a cutting-edge curriculum or dreaming up the largest indoor ski slope.

This city has something that will inspire everyone who steps foot into its classrooms. And when school lets out? You can sail on one of their many boats, skydive over endless miles of dunes, and ride camels through spectacular deserts.

All are accompanied by 365 days’ worth of sun each year! Are you still trying to convince me? There are also artificial islands designed to look like a map of Dubai’s coast. Teaching here could be your next great paid adventure.

So get packing now and discover what amazing opportunities await you in beautiful Dubai!

Requirements For Teaching in Dubai

To work as a teacher in Dubai, you must have at least three years of experience and either a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree (depending on the school).

The most prestigious schools require applicants to hold an advanced education qualification and teaching certification.

If lacking these qualifications, one can still gain relevant experiences by working for private families as a tutor or volunteering at non-profit schools. Both are great ways to start your career while enjoying life in Dubai!

Teaching Opportunity in Dubai

In Dubai, teaching English is divided into two categories. High-end schools usually follow either American or British curricula and thus prefer to employ teachers with qualifications from the respective countries.

For example, North American native speakers who have a certification obtained in an accredited US/Canadian institution are often sought after by these high-caliber institutions.

Likewise, those applying to teach English as a second language (ESL) at British Schools must hold CELTA qualifications rather than TOEFL ones.

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Do I Need to Know Arabic Before Teaching in Dubai?

Dubai is a renowned global business hub, so that you can expect street signs, place names, and advertisements in English and Arabic.

Regarding teaching jobs in the city, some schools prefer applicants with no prior knowledge of the Arabic language, as this would prevent non-English conversations in their classrooms.

On the other hand, certain establishments look favorably upon teachers who have had experience or spent time living/working within an Arab-speaking country since they consider this type of cultural background valuable for them.

Apart from the academic setting, speaking my native tongue earns respect among Emiratis & expatriates alike, thus becoming an asset when employed here -“Salam wa ‘alaykum” (Peace Be Upon You) serves as a good starter phrase.

If one gets interested while studying/teaching in Dubai, there are also various local programs that aim to further your grasp on ‘Arabiya!

Is It Safe to Teach Abroad in the Dubai?

Absolutely! Although it may seem unfamiliar, this city in the Persian Gulf is one of the safest places for expatriates to visit. Refrain from letting news reports from other countries fool you.

While they may show events happening nearby, Dubai has a cosmopolitan glitz comparable to London or Tokyo, and its crime rate is lower than many similar-sized cities around the world.

Plus, public transport is secure and well monitored, so you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to petty theft either but use common sense as with any destination.

It’s also worth brushing up on 5 Things To Know Before Working In Dubai before your trip because local laws are strictly enforced by Emirati police, who won’t tolerate anyone breaking them!

What Is the Average Teaching Salary in Dubai?

Are you curious about how much teachers earn in Dubai? Put your worries to rest. Teaching English is one of the best-paying jobs there!

Salaries typically range from $2,800-$3,500 depending on qualifications and type of School. Many schools offer perks such as health insurance coverage, roundtrip airfare for a yearly visit home, or even an apartment rental.

If these benefits are part of your contract, document them before arriving in Dubai. It’s time to start earning those Dirhams!

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1. Tax-Free Salary

No need to worry about taxes on your salary in Dubai! All the money you make will stay in your pocket, allowing you to explore all the amazing things this city offers.

2. Cost of Living

The not-so-great news: Living in Dubai can be costly, like many other cities worldwide. Rent and groceries are especially pricey, while entertainment costs add up quickly too.

Salaries should cover expenses, but it will take careful budgeting to have any money left over for savings.

When deciding where to move and teach abroad, it’s important to factor in the cost of living. To give you an idea of what your expenses will look like if you choose the UAE, here is a typical budget for two people:

  1. Monthly rent: $1,700 – $3,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.
  2. Utilities: $205 per month
  3. Groceries at around $320 -$400 per month
  4. Internet access with approximately one month’s worth, costing between 70-85 USD.

This brings us to an estimated expense range of 2,710 – 3805 USD each month. Depending on lifestyle habits such as dining out or having dependents requiring schooling (which could cost anywhere from 5k-24k annually), other costs may also be factored into this amount.

For example, dinner at either cheap or mid-range restaurants should set back diners by 7-$11, and 15-$26USD per person, respectively.

Types of Teaching Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai offers abundant teaching opportunities, such as ESL jobs, private tutoring, and international test preparation. Those who want to avoid being at the front of a classroom can explore other education-related roles in Dubai.

Since most students living there have strong English language skills, it is possible to teach math, science, art, or technology using this language.

1. Private Schools

Dubai boasts a variety of private schools catering to the city’s wealthy population.

As English is typically used as the language of instruction at these institutions, there are plenty of openings for foreign educators – both in ESL and subject-specific roles.

2. Language School

Dubai is a renowned global city that hosts language schools teaching languages from German to Chinese.

Many of these top-notch institutions focus on providing English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for adult expatriates who need the language for their daily business needs.

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Being well-versed in past participles and subordinate conjunctions could land you one of the best ESL jobs available in Dubai, allowing you to work at reputable language institutes across this vibrant metropolis.

3. Public School

In recent years, Dubai’s public education program has seen significant growth. Emirati and non-national students can attend public schools in Dubai, with nationals being allowed to do so free of charge while foreign residents pay an annual fee.

Although private institutions offer more resources than their publicly funded counterparts, teachers at public schools are given an unparalleled opportunity to be part of the UAE’s ambitious educational reforms.

4. Private Families

Is it possible to teach little princes and princesses in Dubai? Absolutely! If this is your dream job, look out for the six royal houses of UAE: Al Nahyan, Al Maktoum, Al Qasimi, Al Nuaimi, Al Mualla, and Al Sharqi.

You can find these positions through recruiting agencies; check the following organizations for more information.

Teaching in Dubai is an attractive option for expatriates due to the generous salaries and benefits.

Before applying, it’s important to know how factors such as qualifications, experience, and school type (private vs. public) can affect your salary package.

Private schools offer higher pay, whereas public institutions typically provide longer vacation periods or a pension plan alongside their salary offering.

One thing all teachers will encounter, regardless of where they teach in the region, is highly motivated students who are tech-savvy. So, expect plenty of online learning opportunities!

If you’re interested in pursuing a teaching career in Dubai, doing your research online and attending job fairs are great ways to start. Networking with other teachers or professionals can open up more opportunities for finding the right job.

With the necessary qualifications and experience gained through these methods, you will be able to find an exciting teaching position that offers competitive salaries and benefits. Dubai provides plentiful options for those who desire a rewarding education-based role.

So, make sure to do your homework beforehand! By taking advantage of resources like internet searches and industry contacts


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