5 Benefits of Airport Transfer Service In Dubai

Visiting a foreign country is exciting but can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. It is the same with Dubai, as it has a lot to offer, but as soon as you land at the airport, it is quite natural to feel lost there. Dubai’s airport is one of the largest and busiest in the world, which can be challenging to navigate even for frequent travelers. However, you can avoid the trouble by hiring an airport transfer service in Dubai. 

These services will send a car and a driver waiting for you at the arrival terminal to take you to your destination. It is just one of the many benefits you will get by hiring an airport transfer service in Dubai. So, what else should you expect? Well, it is exactly what this piece is all about.

Let’s get on with it;

1. Unbeatable Convenience

For the commute between the airport and the hotel, there are only a few options. You can hire a cab directly from the airport, book a cab through smartphone applications like Careem and Uber, or reserve an airport transfer service. The first two options can be expensive and may not provide as much comfort and convenience as the chauffeur service Dubai.

Dubai’s public transportation is also effective, but you would not want to take that with luggage and a hectic flight. You would have to walk to the nearest metro stop or book a cab till that point to use public transport, which can be tiring after a long flight. So, it leaves you with only one suitable and reasonable option – the Airport transfer Dubai.

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You can book the service online before taking the flight and select the vehicles of your choice. By the time you land in Dubai, the driver will be waiting for you at the terminal, ready to take you to your destination.

2. No Hidden Charges

Services like Uber and Careem are undoubtedly convenient, but they are expensive in Dubai. However, the fare prices can vary greatly based on the demand, which is always high around the airport. You will also have to pay hidden charges if you get stuck in traffic while commuting to your destination. The worst part is you cannot even calculate how much extra you will have to pay in such a situation.

In contrast, airport transfer services have no hidden charges. You book the cab from the airport to your destination, and the service is bound to make you reach the charges it quoted during reservations. You will not have to worry about the added expenses in case you get stuck in traffic jams.

Furthermore, the prices of these services remain the same regardless of the demand because of the high competition between different businesses. Generally, the prices of airport transfer services are lower than what the cab services like Uber and Careem offer, which makes them the best choice for airport transfers.

3. Create An Impression On Clients and Guests

Airport transfer services can also be used by corporates located in Dubai to receive their guests and clients from overseas. You have the liberty to pick the vehicle from a diverse fleet, ranging from luxury sedans to limousines. Sending these cars with a professional driver to pick up your clients and guests makes an excellent impression on your businesses and smoothens the way to achieve your objectives.

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Services like this are more beneficial for small businesses or those only starting. Such businesses do not have enough resources to purchase luxury cars and hire full-time drivers for their fleet. So, booking an airport transfer service is an excellent alternative. You can book the car of your choice at a fraction of what you would pay if you had purchased and hired a full-time driver. Plus, it will make the clients and guests feel valued and enable you to persuade them to the deals you want.

4. Professional Drivers

Drivers hired by airport transfer services are professional and highly skilled for the roads of the UAE. They are trained to provide exceptional service to ensure clients’ comfort and convenience. Furthermore, these drivers understand the road conditions of the UAE and different times, which enable them to take the least busy street so they can reach their destination faster.

They are also trained and equipped to handle emergencies should an unfortunate incident occur during the commute.

Although it is highly unlikely that you will experience any issues with the drivers, you can call customer support round the clock in case you find their behavior or style of driving inappropriate. Customer service will ensure your complaint is resolved and the issue is fixed as soon as possible.

5. Well-Maintained and Thoroughly Cleaned Vehicles

Airport transfer services in Dubai have the latest make and model of vehicles in their fleet, all of which are well-maintained and thoroughly cleaned. All of the cars are also equipped to charge your electronic devices in case you need it.

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Furthermore, the cars undergo a periodic inspection by the experts to identify and resolve the issues, if there are any. It ensures the car does not break down while you are in the middle of the commute.

Despite everything, if the car runs into a problem, the drivers are well-equipped and trained to fix it and get back to your journey. Long story short, you will not experience anything besides comfort and convenience while you travel to your hotel room from the airport.


Airport transfer services offer several benefits, which make them superior to alternative options like online cab services and taxi services. However, it is essential to select the right services to get the mentioned benefits. If you are looking for such a service in Dubai, Pilot and Car might be your best option.

We have been offering airport transfer services for years and have the latest vehicles in our fleet, along with highly trained and skilled drivers. Our vehicles are routinely inspected and maintained to ensure our clients get the best service.


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