Top 12 Afghani Restaurants in Dubai That You Must Try

There is no lie in people associating Dubai with diversity. It has restaurants serving various cuisines; the Afghani one is no exception.

So, if you are an Afghani cuisine enthusiast, the city got your back. There are various ways of tantalizing your taste buds, from food to drinks.

However, not all restaurants will offer you what you seek. No wonder you need to strive to find one that does Afghani dishes the justice it deserves.

In this article, we will discuss some of your options. So, read on to find out!

Best Afghani Restaurants in Dubai

If you want to taste delicious Afghani dishes and enjoy a great dining experience, consider the following restaurants in Dubai.


Right at the heart of Karama, Dubai, lies this Afghani cuisine haven. It also offers other foods from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Despite being small, the eatery serves delicious dishes. It is also cosy, and its décor is impressive regardless of its simplicity.

Some notable dishes include chapli kebabs (tender), hearty kormas and Pashtuni taftans.

Afghan Darbar

If you love Handi chicken, Bukhari rice and grills, visit this place. The food won’t cost you much, but the taste is memorable.

You can choose to dine in or opt for doorstep delivery. The latter is a better option due to its limited parking.

It is in Deira at 5722+G8V – Al Quoz – Al Quoz 4.

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Afghan Khorasan Kabab

The location isn’t strategic, but you will surely return once you taste its delicacies. One of its specialities is the tasty kababs, including the Shinwar kababs and their tikka counterparts.

Another dish that attracts many people is the traditional pulao. This Afghani dish contains succulent meat and flavorful rice.

It is opposite Dubai Bowling Centre, First Al Khail Street, Al Quoz. Expect ample parking around the area.


Thanks to its menu, one can enjoy several traditional Afghan dishes in this restaurant. It is well known for serving delicious kebabs.

It also has a speciality, a thin rice dish marinated using cardamom and cumin. Its other ingredient is tender lamb pieces, whereas its decorations are carrots and almonds.

Don’t miss the tasty Afghani bread, either. Its location is Dubai Investment Park.


This restaurant also serves Dubai residents tasty Afghani cuisine. What do you expect when the place has hired great Afghan chefs who know what to add and how to serve the dishes perfectly?

It uses natural spices, which most people appreciate for obvious reasons. The restaurant is famous for its Shinwari cuisine comprising tender meat, minimal fat, dumpukht and little spices.

You should also try out its tasty bread, curries, and Kabuli pulao. Its location is Al Barsha opposite Lulu Hypermarket and two other branches in Al Nards and Al Barsha.

Afghan Kabab House

Your family will highly appreciate your treat upon taking it to this restaurant. The delicious kababs will leave your loved ones looking for more.

Despite the limited menu, you can rest assured that you will enjoy every meal on it. Notable menu items include pulao, tender kebabs and rich stews.

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Prices are also pocket-friendly. It is located behind Al Ghurair Mosque, Al Naif.


If you need Afghan cuisine worth every penny, consider visiting this restaurant in Dubai. It is worth noting that it also serves Mediterranean cuisine.

It is suitable for all seasons since it has outdoor and indoor seating. Therefore, you can always choose where to sit depending on how warm or cool it is.

Try out its Kabuli Pulao, which is the heart of its menus. You should also try out other dishes, including the tasty lamb chops and juicy chicken tikka kababs.

Its location is Villa 517, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3. One must admit that it is usually amidst a trendy neighbourhood.

Qasar Al Afghan Al Kabab

This restaurant is also located in Deira, and the exact location is Al Musallah Street, Naif. It is a small joint that has earned a name thanks to the great menu.

Your choices include Afghan pulao, curries and kababs. Its specialities are shawarma and Afghan soup.

Al Kabab Al Afghani

The hotel serves authentic and delicious Afghan cuisine to everyone who walks in. For that reason and its affordability, the place is quite popular.

It has up to three branches hence ample space for many interested customers. Ensure that you visit it whenever you crave Afghan Mantou and salad.

It also serves popular Afghan foods, including boti chicken and charcoal chicken. Its location is Al Huraiz Building, Damascus Street, Qusais


As the name suggests, this is an incredible gourmet restaurant. It is the first to open its doors to Dubai residents.

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It is most suitable for beginners looking for great places to explore the cuisine. Its setting is sleek and trendy, thus fantastic for chilling out.

Some notable items on its menu are the chapli kababs and the Mantou. It also serves a tasty stew, Aash and dumplings stuffed with lamb.

Its location is Al Wasl Road, Al Safa. So, walk in there and enjoy authentic and rich Afghani cuisine.

White Falcon

There is yet another great Afghani restaurant in Dubai in the Deira neighbourhood. It is also popular for serving Indian cuisine.

Its décor is simple, but you will love the look of this eating joint. Its meals are amazing and never compromise on quality or quantity.

Its chefs are dedicated to delivering authentic and mouth-watering Afghan cuisine. Popular dishes include pulao, samosa, paratha and bheja or brain fried.

Bill Afghan

Known for serving Afghani curries and grills, this is also a restaurant to visit if you are in Dubai. It is important to note that it has more to offer regarding this cuisine.

For example, Kabuli pulao and cucumber yoghurt are the specialities responsible for their popularity. The former is served with Sea Bream Fish.

Common Foods Served in Afghani Restaurants in Dubai

Expect delicious Afghani dishes, including the following;

  • Bolani gandana
  • Bolani kachalu
  • Borani banjan
  • Kabu
  • Kabuli Tikka,
  • Mantou
  • Naane keema
  • Shami Kabab
  • Shinwari Lamb Tikka
  • Special Chopan Kabab
  • Vegetable soup

Despite being served miles away from their origin, these dishes are usually authentic. They are also tasty and satisfying to ensure you get what you were looking for, if not more.


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