Why Electronic Items Are Cheap in Dubai?

Dubai, being one of the main shopping and tourist hubs of the Middle East and Asia is no less than a paradise for many reasons.
The beautiful tourist attractions and booming economy are merely a few reasons for its praise and significance.

The market in Dubai is well known for buying products as the tax rate here is almost negligible, which makes the products and goods here affordable price.

People consider Dubai a good market for many things, but in a few categories, it is best known for its quality and price.

Among these are electronic items, which are available in Dubai at an affordable price and are sold by trustworthy retailers.

Let us dive deeper into the question of why electronic items are cheap in Dubai.

Is Dubai Good for Buying Electronics?

It is generally believed among many people that Dubai is one of the best places when it comes to shopping. It is indeed true in most cases and even in the case of shopping for electronic items.

The city, which is undoubtedly a hub for many purposes in the Middle East has numerous shopping malls and several brands.

It is also home to decent accessories and advanced tech gadgets. It would not be wrong to say that Dubai is indeed a few steps ahead of most of the world when it comes to electronics.

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Dubai is no doubt good for buying electronics, owing to the modern technology and different products available here. It is hard to say the number but generally, anything you might want in the category of electronics is easily available here.

The tax-free condition of Dubai makes tech products and electronics quite cheaper here as compared to the other high-end cities. We would discuss more this later.

Why Electronic Items are Cheap in Dubai?

One might wonder looking at the affordable rates of electronic products in Dubai why they are cheaper. It is not so that the quality is in any way less.

One of the many reasons behind this can be attributed to the minimal or negligent tax rates in Dubai.

VAT, or known as value-added tax is a concept that prevails in most developing and developed countries across the world. But it is not implemented in UAE.

Moreover, being a tourist hub and also a center for trade and commerce in the Middle Eastern region, it is much easier to import an item from Dubai.

Thus, being a consumer market boasting large availability and lowered costs of production, transport, and retail, electronic items are naturally cheap in Dubai.

Another reason could be the easier accessibility of the market and growing competition, however, experts believe that most of it is due to the tax-free condition in Dubai.

If you are in Dubai, you can also run research of your own to determine and figure out why electronic items are cheaper here as compared to other cities and countries.

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Talking to the retailers and sellers directly would give you a deeper insight into the question and help you figure out the best products available here or even avail a further discount.

What Electronic Items Are Cheap in Dubai?

There is no bar to deciding what products are cheaper in Dubai, but generally, based on common knowledge and market information, a few important products can be named.

Smartphones, which are probably the one electronics item that is most in demand are indeed cheaper in Dubai.

You can come across several popular brands here which may include Samsung, Huawei, Google, and even Apple.

All these electronics brands are available in Dubai at minimal cost and in fact, are some of the most popularly bought brands and smartphones from Dubai.

Apart from these, you can also come across laptops and cameras, which are extremely popular product choices here and are bought most commonly every other day.

You can expect these products to be considered affordable in the market here and can even find the lowest of the price range in some areas of Dubai.

You might have to do a bit of research before you can come across good sellers, but generally, the market areas in the main regions of Dubai are good places for shopping.

Additionally, you can also find an entire range of products for gaming consoles and video games here.

Popular companies like Xbox and PlayStation are available here and are some of the most bought brands.

You can also find a range of products for your home, but shipping and importing these heavy items might become a headache later.

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However, with easing custom regulations and import charges, you can expect to smoothen out this process too.

Is Apple Cheaper in Dubai?

Apple is one of the most premium and well-known electronics brands in the world. It sells the most popular iPhone and other similar devices that are used by millions of people across the world.

The popularity of Apple is not defined by the price it is sold at, but rather by the quality and its manufacturing. This is why Apple products are generally priced at a similar range around the world.

However, in some regions including UAE and thus, Dubai, Apple products are quite cheaper. This is again because of the lower or non-existent tax rates in Dubai.

Dubai is truly a dream for those who want to purchase Apple products without having to pay extra charges or heavy taxes.

Thus, you can easily expect to save money and take home an Apple device at a low cost in Dubai.


Hence, we learned about the electronic market in Dubai and how it operates. We also mentioned the reasons why the electronic items here are much cheaper.

Owing to this affordability, Dubai has remained a favored market in the world for buying good quality electronic products at a low cost.

Whether you are a retailer or customer, you can opt for Dubai as a preferred option for buying any electronic items. But make sure to be aware of the terms and conditions.


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