Where to Buy Dr. Martens in Dubai?

Dr Martens—also known as Doc Martens, Docs, or DMs—is a British footwear and apparel company founded in Germany and its headquarters in Wollaston. The brand is mainly known for its shoe, but it also produces a variety of accessories, bags, clothing etc.

The footwear of Dr Martens is distinguished by its welted building projects, air-cushioned sole, upper shape, and black and yellow sewn. The shoe company and retailer offer a wide variety of colors and patterns in chunky shoes and combat boots.

The popular shoe brand Dr Martens is a big deal in Dubai. Need to try something different from the stylish traditional shoe? If you’re looking to purchase a pair of Dr Martens, this article could be of guidance.

Stores in Dubai to Buy Dr Martens

Dr Martens footwear was worn by the workers of the company and by rebels in the past. The boots are a classic style and a symbol of distinctness and private expression for many subcultures.

All major cities of UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah, stock Dr Marten’s footwear. Choose the best store for Dr Martens’ shoes and accessories from one of the following sources, and then purchase them at a store that is conveniently located near you.

Debenhams, Fashion & Beauty Store

Located in the UK, Denmark, and Ireland, Debenhams is a chain of British department stores. You can buy their clothing, shoes, and accessories in Dubai, it has stores in Sharjah, Deira City, Mall of the Emirates, Battuta Mall, and the heart of Mirdif with the most popular outlet in the Dubai Mall.

Debenhams expertise is a high-end retail setting and a constantly changing selection of fashion, beauty, and home goods. You can find a pair of Dr Martens kids’ shoes, men’s boots and women’s shoes from the sale section at Debenhams that are stylish and sophisticated.

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Address: The Dubai Mall-1st Floor, Fashion Avenue, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-1 AM

Phone: +971-4-419-0231

Shoe Mart, Centrepoint Stores

Shoe Mart is a retailer of clothing, accessories, and footwear. It is a subsidiary of the landmark group, was established in Dubai and has grown to more than 13 countries worldwide, with more than 40 locations in the UAE.

Many products of Martens have maintained a classic silhouette over time, their color schemes, prints, and outfit combinations encouraged individuality among each generation. Traditional boots, suits, a dress, cargo pants, and jeans of Dr Martens brand are all available to customers of Shoe Mart.

Address: Ground floor, Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-12 AM

Phone: +971 800 74636278

Dr Martens Originals at Level Shoes

Advanced multi-brand retailer Level Shoes is renowned for its fusion of modern, luxury, and streetwear pairs of shoes and accessories. A variety of in-store services, including Margaret Dabbs London Sole Lounge and Drop Café etc. are available at this store.

More than 200 luxury brands’ newest collections of shoes are available here. Shop for Dr Martens Black Leather 1460 boots at Level Shoes for men, women and children. These smooth leather boots have recessed sides, heel-loop, and harness design.

Address: Financial Center Rd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-1 AM

Phone: +971 800 5383573

London City L.L.C.

London City L.L.C. retailers offer authentic shoes from many brands. The shop is always pleased to offer a variety of footwear products from brands like Converse, Blundstone, Red Wing Shoes, Vans, Reebok, and Palladium in addition to Doc Martens!

Martens functional work boots evolved into a fashion icon and have influenced numerous cultural trends over the years. Shop for genuine Dr Martens footwear and accessories at the London City store.

Address: 20 A St, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 9 AM-11 PM

Phone: +971 55 415 2528

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Bloomingdale’s, Upscale Department Store

Bloomingdale considers it a duty to contribute to the satisfaction of all of its coworkers, clients, and community members. They commit to change, pursue advancement, and work to safeguard their resources for future generations.

A huge variety of women’s footwear such as Jadon platform combat boots, Serena faux fur combat, 1460 pascal combat, Quad faux fur lined Chelsea boots etc. are available at Bloomingdale store. For men, there are huge options, some of the products are Rikard 3i lace-up boots and 2976 vegan Chelsea boots etc.

Address: Financial Center Rd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-12 AM

Phone: +971 4 215 6617

Buy Dr Martens Products Online in Dubai

If you’re looking for the top global brands and authentic goods, online shops are the best option for you. The majority of people in Dubai also prefer to purchase all of their necessary goods from online stores.

Finding an authentic, trustworthy, and reliable online retailer to purchase Dr Marten’s products is therefore crucial. A reliable online retailer is a must-visit place to find a wide range of brands to satisfy any need.


If you’re searching for exclusive Dr Martens items in Dubai, Ubuy is a one-stop shop where you can browse more than 100 million products and brands. It also offers online delivery to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, etc.

Ubuy online shopping can assist you in locating a complete selection of distinctive and well-liked Dr Martens products such as clothing, shoes & jewellery, women’s ankle boots, men’s combat boots, men’s Chelsea boots, and women’s flat sandals etc.

Country Attire

In the current technological era, trying to search for your preferred goods across cities may not be relevant given that they are only one click away. Barbour, Hunter, Dr Martens, and Joules are just a few of the luxury brands available at Country Attire, a premier online retailer of British fashion.

Find the most recent discounts on Dr Marten’s products to save money each time you decide to buy.  Women’s footwear items such as boat/deck shoes, boots, flat shoes, flip flops/sliders, and heels along with men’s shoe brogues, espadrilles, flip flops/sliders, sandals and slippers etc. are available here.

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Pricena is your one-stop Middle Eastern price comparison website where you can shop for tens of thousands of goods from numerous online stores. To find the best Dr Marten’s goods on the market and save money, you can look for items on Pricena.

With their selling prices feature, which lets you set price alerts for the goods you’re interested in, you can also be certain that you’re making the right purchases at the right time and save even more money.

Do you still need help deciding where you can buy Dr Marten’s products online? Find what you need in Dubai by browsing the following online store.

  • Surfdome- Shop Dr Martens boots, shoes & footwear with free delivery!
  • Amazone- Depending on the size and color of Dr Marten’s item, the price and other specifications may change.
  • Buy Dr Martens at the sale price – Up to 70% discount at SSENSE.COM

Many new online stores have products from Dr Martens, so be sure to check back often for exciting new product categories. Use the online contact form to send them a message if you have any other questions.


The distinctive shape of the Dr Martens boot begins to take shape inside the factory walls and involves many highly skilled steps before the boots and shoes finally arrive in the customer’s box.

As we discussed above, Dubai is home to many enormous stores selling products from a wide variety of high-end labels, making it an ideal destination for brand-name shoppers.

Do you want to buy some trendy Dr Marten shoes or other accessories? Simply place an order with one of the many online stores offering deep discounts on a variety of Dr Martens products in the UAE.


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