Where To Buy Cheap Suits In Dubai?

Dubai is known for its luxurious shopping experiences, but finding affordable clothing can sometimes be challenging.

When it comes to finding the perfect suit, plenty of options are available, but the prices can vary greatly.

You may wonder where to start your search if you’re on a budget and looking for a high-quality suit without breaking the bank.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best places to buy cheap suits in Dubai, from department stores to local markets, to help you find the perfect suit for your needs and budget.

Where To Buy Cheap Suits In Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxury shopping experiences and high-end fashion, but you can still break the bank to look sharp in a suit.

There are many options for finding affordable and stylish suits in Dubai, from local markets to department stores.

1. Karama Market

Located in the Karama neighborhood, this bustling market is a popular spot for finding affordable clothing, including suits.

You can browse through various shops selling traditional and modern styles and haggle with vendors to get the best price.

Karama is a popular destination for budget shopping.

Here, you can find a variety of shops selling affordable suits, as well as other clothing, accessories, and souvenirs.

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2. Dragon Mart

This massive mall is known for its selection of Chinese-made products, including clothing.

You’ll find a variety of shops selling suits at reasonable prices, and the mall often runs sales and promotions, so keep an eye out for deals.

Similar to The Outlet Village, this mall offers discounts on designer brands.

You can find affordable suits from brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger.

3. Deira City Centre

This shopping center offers a variety of affordable fashion options, including suits.

You can browse shops like Splash, Max, and Centrepoint to find reasonably priced stylish suits.

This shopping destination offers discounts of up to 90% on designer brands.

While the prices may still be higher than other options on this list, you can find high-end suits at significantly reduced prices.

4. Brands for Less

This discount retailer offers a variety of high-quality brands at lower prices than you would find in traditional stores.

You can find affordable suits from brands like Zara, Mango, and Calvin Klein.

While known primarily as a discount retailer, Brands for Less also offers a selection of affordable clothing, including suits.

You can find both traditional and modern styles at reasonable prices.

What is the average price of affordable suits in Dubai?

The price of affordable suits in Dubai can vary depending on where you shop and the quality of the suit.

Generally speaking, you can find off-the-rack suits for as low as AED 200 ($55), while suit separates can cost between AED 150-300 ($40-80 USD) per piece.

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Second-hand suits can range from AED 50-150 ($14-40 USD) depending on the condition and brand.

If you’re looking for designer suits at a discounted price, you can expect to pay anywhere from AED 500-2000 ($140-550 USD) at outlet stores or clearance sales.

It’s important to remember that while affordable suits can save you money, they may be made from something other than high-quality materials or tailored to your exact measurements.

However, with careful shopping and alterations, you can still find a suit that looks great and fits well without breaking the bank.

Which city in Dubai has the most affordable suit shops?

Dubai is known for its many shopping options, including a wide range of affordable suits.

While there are many areas in Dubai where you can find affordable suits, some of the most popular areas are:


Another popular shopping destination in Dubai, Satwa is known for its street markets and bargain prices.

Here, traditional and modern shops sell suits and other clothing items.


Located in the heart of Dubai, Deira is a bustling commercial district with various shops selling everything from gold jewelry to electronics.

You can find affordable suits at traditional souks and modern shopping malls here.

Abu Hail:

This area, located in the eastern part of Dubai, is known for its many small shops selling affordable suits and other clothing items.

Ultimately, the best area to find affordable suits in Dubai may depend on your preferences and shopping style.

It’s always a good idea to research and explore different areas to find the best deals and styles that suit your needs.

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Dubai offers a variety of options for those looking to buy affordable suits.

Whether you’re looking for off-the-rack suits, second-hand suits, suit separates, synthetic fabric suits, or discounted designer suits, there are plenty of shops and areas in Dubai where you can find what you need.

Some of the best areas to explore for affordable suits include Karama, Satwa, Deira, and Abu Hail.

When shopping for affordable suits in Dubai, it’s important to remember that quality and fit may vary.

It’s a good idea to research, compare prices and styles, and try on suits before purchasing.

Additionally, consider taking your suit to a tailor for any necessary alterations to ensure it fits well and looks great.

With a little effort and careful shopping, you can find a great affordable suit in Dubai that suits your budget and style.


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