Where Can I Get Rolled Ice Cream in Dubai?

Dubai is renowned for its love of food and desserts, especially rolled ice cream.

This unique Thai-style treat has been gaining popularity in the city over recent years due to its delicious taste and eye-catching presentation.

In this article, we will explore some of the best places to get rolled ice cream in Dubai based on price, flavors offered, toppings available, service quality, and ambiance.

Rolled ice cream is made by pouring a liquid base onto a freezing plate before mixing it with different toppings and then scraping it into thin rolls.

The popularity of rolled ice cream in Dubai can be attributed to its novelty, a relatively new dessert not seen elsewhere in the city.

Places to Get Rolled Ice Cream in Dubai

Rolled ice cream is a great treat because it allows you to customize your experience with different flavors and toppings.

Plus, many shops offer the option to build rolled ice cream, which adds even more fun!

1. Jam Rolled Ice Cream

Have you ever experienced the unique way of eating ice cream in a roll?

Jam Rolled Arabia brings this idea from Thailand to Dubai, with their delicious rolls stuffed with fruit and chocolate fillings.

For those who prefer something fruity, mangoes, bananas, berries, and figs are just some options!

If you like crunchy snacks, try the Crunchy Coconut-Choco flavor.

Alternatively, if chocolate is more your thing, don’t miss out on Ferrero for an indulgent treat or Brownie Delight as a milder option.

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There’s also an array of Lotus biscuit creations that will please fans of the region’s favorite flavor!

2. 51 Rainbow Ice Cream

If you’re in Dubai, head over to Rainbow in Karama and treat yourself to the thickest milkshakes and natural, fresh creams.

Not only that, but they also offer Royal Faloodas and authentic lassis!

When it comes to their menu selection, ice cream fans are sure to be impressed.

With options like rolled ice cream, smoothies, and brownie sundaes, there’s something for everyone!

Plus, those with dietary restrictions can enjoy guilt-free treats, too, since gluten-free varieties of some items are available.

3. Ice Lab

At Ice Lab, you can experience the process of rolled ice cream being made right before your eyes.

With a wide range of flavors like Nutella, Lotus, and Oreo to choose from, as well as vegan options for lactose-intolerant or plant-based eaters, there is something for everyone!

To make it even better, they also have various toppings such as fresh fruit, sprinkles, and chocolate chips.

This makes Ice Lab one of Dubai’s most popular places to get delicious frozen treats.

4. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery is an established ice cream franchise renowned for its wide range of scrumptious desserts, including rolled ice cream.

Customers can customize their dessert with flavors like Cake Batter and Strawberry Banana Rendezvous and different mix-ins (like candy and nuts).

Despite this advantage, it may not be the most budget-friendly option among other shops in Dubai, as prices tend to be slightly higher than average.

5. Ice Cream Lab

The Ice Cream Lab is a famous dessert shop specializing in unique creations, like rolled ice cream.

They offer an array of intriguing flavors, including Cereal Killer (made with Fruit Loops cereal) and Pimp My Brownie (with brownies and chocolate chips).

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The store offers vegan options for those looking for dairy-free treats.

But what makes The Ice Cream Lab stand out are its creative presentations, guaranteed to wow any customer!

6. Scoopi Cafe

Scoopi Cafe is a sophisticated dessert shop serving luxurious treats, including rolled ice cream.

Using only the finest ingredients like Valrhona chocolate, they offer classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate alongside unique varieties like Rose and Saffron.

To top it off, their wide selection of toppings includes pistachios and honeycomb to make each scoop even more special.

7. Sweet Salvation

Sweet Salvation, which began in Canada and has since expanded to Dubai, is a well-known dessert chain.

It offers an array of tasty ice cream flavors, such as Burnt Marshmallow, and creative toppings, like candied bacon and pretzels.

Not only that, but they also provide soft-serve ice cream along with milkshakes and cakes for customers who prefer something different.

Furthermore, the desserts served here are often exquisitely decorated with vibrant sprinkles or other appealing toppings, making them look just as impressive as they taste!

Comparison of the Best Places for Rolled Ice Cream in Dubai

Having investigated several leading rolled ice cream outlets in Dubai, let us contrast them based on various criteria.

1. Price

Regarding price, Cold Stone Creamery is the most expensive of the places we have mentioned.

Their rolled ice cream starts at around 35 AED, almost double the price of other shops in Dubai.

Ice Lab and Ice Cream Lab are relatively affordable, with prices starting at around 20 AED.

Sweet Salvation and Scoopi Cafe are more expensive, with prices starting at around 25 AED.

2. Flavors

All the places we have mentioned offer a range of exciting and unique flavors.

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Cold Stone Creamery and Ice Lab have more traditional flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, but also offer unique flavors, like Cake Batter and Nutella.

The Ice Cream Lab, Scoopi Cafe, and Sweet Salvation are known for their creative and unusual flavor combinations.

The Ice Cream Lab’s Cereal Killer and Scoopi Cafe’s Rose and Saffron are particularly noteworthy.

3. Toppings

All the places we have mentioned offer a variety of toppings to choose from.

Ice Lab and Cold Stone Creamery have more traditional toppings like fruit and nuts.

The Ice Cream Lab, Sweet Salvation, and Scoopi Cafe offer more creative toppings such as candy, brownies, and pretzels.

Sweet Salvation is known for its extravagant toppings, such as cotton candy and gold leaf.

4. Service

Service can vary from shop to shop, but all the places we have mentioned are known for their friendly and attentive staff.

Many shops also offer the option to watch your ice cream being made, which adds to the experience.

5. Ambiance

The ambiance of each shop can vary greatly.

Ice Lab and Cold Stone Creamery have more casual and laid-back atmospheres, while the Ice Cream Lab and Scoopi Cafe have more upscale and sophisticated atmospheres.

Sweet Salvation is known for its colorful and Instagram-friendly decor.

To sum up, rolled ice cream has become a go-to treat in Dubai, with plenty of eateries to choose from.

Each shop offers something unique, be it their original flavors and toppings or the inviting atmosphere they provide.

When deciding where to indulge your cravings for rolled ice cream, consider the factors mentioned above before making your decision, so you can find the ideal spot that fits all your needs!


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