What to Do At Quranic Park (Dubai)?

Quranic Park Dubai provides visitors with a memorable educational, engaging and informative journey.

The Quranic Park features interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that bring alive the miracles of the Quran in vivid and engaging ways.

Through various attractions, guests are immersed in teachings from the Quran, discovering flora mentioned within its pages and recounting miraculous events from its pages.

Places To Explore At Quranic Park Dubai


This stunning lake is divided into two sections by an inviting walkway, symbolising Musa leading Israel out of Egypt and parting the Red Sea.

Several fountains are strategically placed around its centre to add to its tranquil ambience and serenity.

Visitors should be mindful of the unique design of Quranic Park’s walkway, which features several fountains and an open layout.

Walking between different park sections on windy days may result in a refreshing mist or shower while providing a welcome respite from the heat.

It is important to factor this into your planning. Dress appropriately and bring extra clothing if necessary – particularly if you have plans for later in the day.


The glasshouse in Quranic Park, Dubai provides visitors with a captivatingly immersive experience, showcasing Islam’s rich botanical heritage.

Visitors will be mesmerised by its tranquil ambience created by an artificial stream flowing through it – complete with colourful fish swimming serenely in its waters.

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A spiralling rampway meandering through the structure invites them to stroll while admiring various plants on display.

Eventually, visitors come to rest on an observation deck at the top for stunning panoramic views of both inside the glasshouse and beyond it.

Cave of Miracles

The cave offers visitors an unforgettable journey through God’s miraculous acts, recounted in both the Quran and Islamic traditions.

Divided into various sections, each area devoted to specific events incorporates animated videos and sound effects that bring these stories alive for visitors.

A knowledgeable guide is present throughout their exploration to provide insights and explanations, making the visit both educational and enriching.

It is designed to look just like a natural cave with stalactites and stalagmites for added authenticity; visitors are greeted by friendly staff members dressed in full costumes!


An orchard garden offers a tranquil haven; visitors can spend hours strolling through its lush surroundings.

Unlike glasshouses, this garden provides plants with their natural environment without needing the controlled environment of a greenhouse.

Visitors can admire various plants, including the Sidr tree and pomegranate.

Although many plants may appear young, they are still in the early stages of their growth cycle and will continue to flourish in the coming years.

In Which Location The Quranic Park Is Suitated?

The Park is conveniently located close to Last Exit Al Khawaneej, which offers visitors many food options and a diverse range of shops.

Food lovers will relish the variety of cuisines available, from street food to gourmet options; there’s something to satisfy every palate.

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Shoppers can browse a wide selection of stores, offering everything from souvenirs to clothing and accessories.

What Is The Route To Reach The Quranic Park By Bus?

It is recommended to take the metro to Centerpoint Metro Station.

From there, proceed directly to either F05 or F06 bus stop, where bus will transport you directly to the park, which is only a short distance away.

Such convenient transportation options and its central location make Centerpoint an ideal day trip destination for anyone interested in learning about Islamic culture and heritage. The Quranic Park is an ideal destination for visitors of all ages, offering an immersive and captivating experience celebrating Islam’s rich history.

Not only that, but its accessible location also features numerous exhibits and interactive installations that highlight the beauty and diversity of the Quran.

Is It Necessary To Make Advance Reservations To Visit The Quranic Park?

No booking is necessary to visit Quranic Park as it’s free and open to everyone. However, a fee may apply if you wish to experience each attraction within the park.

It should be noted that management has implemented stringent safety protocols for visitors’ protection.

Thus, each attraction only allows certain numbers of people at any given time.

Consequently, if it’s busy day at Quranic Park, expect some waiting before entering your desired attraction.

However, this inconvenience pales in comparison to all the peace, tranquillity, and unique experiences waiting for you at Quranic Park.

What Will Be The Dress Code For Quranic Park?

Female visitors to the venue are required to wear ankle-length trousers or skirts; the security personnel in charge strictly forbids shorts or minis.

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This dress code is strictly enforced to maintain appropriate decorum and respect cultural norms at the venue.

You must follow these guidelines and dress modestly on your visit so as not to cause any inconvenience or disappointment on the day of your visit.

By dressing appropriately, you can enjoy your experience at the venue while maintaining local customs and traditions.

What Are The Guidelines For Women Dress in Islam?

Islamic dress codes vary greatly among women. Some choose full-body garments that cover everything except their eyes, though the Quran doesn’t require this.

Others may cover their entire body except for their face and hands, while some only feel obliged to cover hair or cleavage; conversely, some do not adhere to any particular code.

It is essential to remember that how Muslim women dress is a personal choice often determined by personal beliefs, cultural customs and societal norms.

Thus, respecting and accommodating these differences is essential.


Quranic Park in Dubai is a must-visit destination for anyone searching for an immersive experience celebrating Islamic culture and heritage.

Its well-kept gardens, captivating exhibits, and engaging installations provide visitors with an inspiring insight into Islam – making it ideal for families, friends, and tourists alike.

Furthermore, the management has emphasised safety measures like a mandatory face mask policy and limited capacity in each attraction so visitors can enjoy their time there with complete peace of mind.

Ultimately, Quranic Park is an inspiring reminder of Islamic art and culture and Dubai’s commitment to cultural diversity and understanding.


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