UAE Ice Cream to Try: Flavors, Cost & Brands

UAE Ice Cream Flavor

In the UAE, ice cream lovers can indulge in a diverse array of flavors that reflect both global tastes and local preferences. Here’s a glimpse into some popular choices:

  1. Chocolate: A universally loved flavor, chocolate ice cream in the UAE ranges from rich dark to creamy milk chocolate varieties.
  2. Vanilla: A classic choice, vanilla ice cream is light, refreshing, and versatile, pairing well with various toppings.
  3. Strawberry: Ideal for summer, strawberry ice cream offers a sweet and refreshing taste, often enjoyed alone or with other fruits.
  4. Mango: Reflecting the local love for mangoes, mango ice cream in the UAE is a sweet, tropical treat perfect for cooling down.
  5. Coffee: A nod to the region’s coffee culture, coffee ice cream combines richness and creaminess with a distinct coffee flavor.
  6. Luqaimat: This unique flavor incorporates traditional Arabic doughnuts, luqaimat, known for their honey or syrup coating, into ice cream.
  7. Bubblegum: A playful and fruity option, bubblegum ice cream is both sweet and chewy, appealing to all ages with its bright pink hue.
  8. Zaatar: Zaatar ice cream is a savory, slightly spicy choice, showcasing the Middle Eastern spice blend in a novel way.
  9. Ginger: Known for its use in Asian cuisine, ginger ice cream offers a sweet and spicy kick, both refreshing and invigorating.
  10. Saffron: Saffron ice cream, with its delicate, complex flavor, is a luxurious choice reflective of Persian culinary influences.

UAE Ice Cream Brands

The ice cream scene in Dubai is a delightful mix of unique concepts and well-known international brands.

Global brands like Baskin-Robbins, Häagen-Dazs, and Ben & Jerry’s are prominent, offering a wide range of flavors and products.

Alongside these, local companies also thrive, some specializing in traditional and regional flavors that cater to local tastes and preferences.

These UAE-based ice cream companies often integrate regional ingredients and culinary traditions into their ice cream, offering unique flavors like saffron, dates, and camel milk.

Ice Cream Spots in Dubai Mall


M’OISHÎ stands out with its fusion of Japanese mochi and regional flavors. This confectionery offers a novel experience with soft, chewy rice cakes filled with ice cream.

It’s a must-try for those visiting Dubai Mall or City Walk, with prices starting at AED 20 for a single Moishî.

Ice Cream Lab

Ice Cream Lab brings a scientific twist to ice cream making. It is a famous dessert shop specializing in unique creations, like rolled ice cream. Located in Downtown Dubai, they use liquid nitrogen to create fresh, innovative flavors.

This method, inspired by techniques from Beverly Hills, results in ice cream that is lower in sugar and free from preservatives, additives, or emulsifiers. Prices begin at AED 22, making it an intriguing stop in Dubai Mall.

Scoopi in Jumeirah

Scoopi in Jumeirah is a gourmet destination for ice cream enthusiasts. They pride themselves on using premium ingredients like Danish cream and French chocolate.

This quaint dessert parlour is perfect for those seeking a luxurious ice cream experience, with prices starting at AED 30 for a scoop.


Häagen-Dazs, a globally recognized brand, maintains a strong presence in Dubai and the UAE, with around 16 branches.

Known for its rich flavors and variety of toppings, Häagen-Dazs offers more than just ice cream, including shakes and sundaes.

Their outlets are conveniently located in popular spots like the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall, with prices starting from AED 16 per scoop.

Each of these places offers a unique ice cream experience, reflecting Dubai’s diverse and innovative culinary landscape.

UAE Ice Cream Cost

The cost of ice cream in the UAE varies, starting from around AED 10 to AED 20 per scoop at local shops and kiosks.

Gourmet or specialty ice creams can be higher, ranging from AED 20 to AED 30 or more per scoop.

Prices at international brands like Häagen-Dazs start around AED 16 per scoop.

Supermarket prices for pre-packaged ice creams vary depending on the brand and size.