Top 9 Best Restaurants With A View In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most famous cities in the world, known for its extremely aesthetic vibe and luxurious attractions. It is also among the top cities in the world that are known for its food culture.

The world knows Abu Dhabi for its variety of cuisine due to the diversity of its population. The restaurants and eateries are exquisite as their atmosphere and decor are often ethereal.

If you are preparing your itinerary and need a list of the best places to enjoy your lunch or dinner after exploring the city, we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi with breathtaking views and extraordinary services.

These places are some of the best if you are going to meet someone in the city or if you want to go dining with your friends, family or loved ones. Without wasting much time, let us get straight into the list we have compiled of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi with spectacular views.

Top 9 Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Beach House Rooftop

The Beach House Rooftop at Saadiyat Beach in Abu Dhabi is one of the best places to enjoy a beautiful sunset along with a delightful dish. This restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines and hence draws a diverse audience.

Some of the cuisines you can enjoy here are Spanish, Mediterranean, Italian, and Middle Eastern cuisines, which are also a speciality at the Beach House Rooftop. The restaurant is also open for a wide range of celebrations, such as weddings and parties to intimate romantic dinners.

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Apart from the amazing seafood, the pool, the beach and a combination of live arts such as music, make it one of the best restaurants with a view in Abu Dhabi.

Observation Deck At 300

Located right in the Etihad Towers, Observation Deck at 300 is a popular tourist attraction due to the 360-degree city view that you can enjoy.

This place is open from two in the afternoon to six in the evening. Thus, it is one of the best places that can be visited for a relaxing afternoon or tea with the sunset.

An unofficial consensus among Abu Dhabi’s food lovers and experts is that you can find the best afternoon views in Observation Deck at 300.

Byblos Sur Mer

Byblos Sur Mer is located in a very luxurious location, namely the InterContinental in Abu Dhabi. It is situated on two floors of the same building and has both an exquisite interior and a heavenly open-to-sky spot on the terrace.

As the name would suggest, it offers authentic Lebanese cuisine which you can enjoy if you’ve never tasted Lebanese cuisine.

From salads to grilled meat, Byblos Sur Mer is one of the best restaurants with a view in Abu Dhabi that offers exceptional Lebanese dishes.

Li Beirut

Another restaurant located in Etihad Towers, Li Beirut, was first Collingswood BYO before it was bought and renamed by its owners as an ode to Beirut, a place where they come from.

The place offers amazing hummus, falafel, kibbeh, and shawarma that are loved by frequent visitors. Even the ingredients and spices are from Lebanon, adding to the authenticity of the restaurant.

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You can enjoy the mixed grill, garlicky lamb chops, flaky pistachio baklava, and muhallebi milk pudding as you experience the view of an aesthetic private beach from Li Beirut.

Hakkasan Terrace

The Hakkasan Terrace is located in the plush Emirates Palace. It is a unique restaurant due to the extraordinary experience that one can get when one visits this place.

The Emirates Palace, the way to Hakkasan Terrance, the backdrop, and the view of the Corniche skyscrapers are an experience of a lifetime. They have a great line of dishes that you can enjoy as you relax on their cabana beds.

Catch Rooftop At St. Regis

Catch Rooftop is an amazing seafood restaurant that is located in the heart of the Corniche at the Nation Riviera Beach Club. Once you head upstairs, you will find an amazing roster of seafood and exquisitely tailored drinks.

For the best experience, visit the Catch Rooftop at night and catch the breathtaking views of the city lights as you enjoy a mixed drink.

Cabana Beach Bar & Grill

Cabana Beach Bar & Grill is situated at the same location as the above restaurant and has one of the most unique settings you can ever have. Situated right on the beach, you can feel the sand on your soles as you enjoy a drink or a grill on the Corniche.

The place offers a wide range of dishes that both the young and old can enjoy. Make sure you visit this place if you are on your way to the Corniche.

Buddha-Bar Beach

The Buddha-Bar Beach is a beachfront restaurant located on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. It is a unique place that offers a close experience to the sea as you enjoy some of the best sushi on its menu.

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The restaurant also features live music and DJ to make your eating experience an unforgettable one. The next time you are at Saadiyat Island, Buddha-Bar Beach is your destination of choice for a relaxed seaside meal.

Helipad Dinner At St Regis Abu Dhabi

Finally, we have the best restaurant with a view in Abu Dhabi, the Helipad Dinner at St Regis. Without a doubt, it is the best dining destination if you are visiting the city.

It is an exclusive restaurant that is open only once a month for only 20 lucky guests and lucky they are! The luxurious evening features the choicest drinks and dishes, an entourage of musicians who play while you eat and some of the best chefs, butlers and waiters in the business.

The Helipad Dinner offers the best view as you dine watching the exquisite view of the sunset across the Gulf.


We have listed the best restaurants in the city. These restaurants are also pretty famous landmarks due to their luxurious views and ambience.

With prime locations at prime spots of the city, these restaurants give a heavenly view and have both indoor and outdoor seating with a surreal roster of dishes to enjoy.

Try not to miss these restaurants if you are nearby!


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