Therapist for Massage in Abu Dhabi: Things You Want to Know

We all are often stressed by our work life and try seeking ways to relax and recharge ourselves. Many go on vacations for this or play games on weekends.

However, there is one activity that seems to work best when you wish to not only recharge but also relieve stress and get rid of any pain in your body.

Massaging is known to be helpful in these things and which is why many people prefer to go on holiday retreats or weekly retreats to get the boost and live in a healthier and better manner.

However, when you are in Abu Dhabi, you might have a lot of questions about massage therapy.

In this article, we would have a look at the basics of massage therapy, ways to find the right massage therapist, and also find some great massage therapists in Abu Dhabi.

About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy refers to a therapy in which a professional soothes the soft tissues of your body with basic hand and thumb movements.

It helps relax the muscles, tissues, and ligaments. It is also believed that massage helps ease the tension building up within the skin.

Thus, it is helpful in skin tightening and brightening as well, since it helps with the optimal blood flow throughout the body.

One of the major reasons people take massages is to be relaxed, improve pain tolerance, and remove stress on muscles.

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Massage therapy is generally performed in sessions, according to the needs of the customer. Some customers feel relieved and satisfied in fewer sessions spread over a few weeks or months and some need to take sessions for a prolonged period over the year.

According to some Chinese and Asian ancient scripts, acupressure and massage therapies are extremely helpful as physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.

There are several types of massages available, and it depends on the nature of stress, and injury.

Some of the types include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point massage, myofascial release, etc.

Apart from these massages, some therapists also include and suggest certain therapies and diets help alongside the massage.

Let us now learn how you can find the right massage therapist for you.

How to Find the Right Massage Therapist?

Being stressed and tired in today’s time is not a new problem. Almost everyone we see around us is stressed due to something or is failing to work on his health in some way.

In this bustling and busy life, we barely get the time to exercise and even eat the right food. Thus, it is important to include massage therapies and sessions regularly to relieve stress and be devoid of any serious health issues.

However, before you choose your massage therapist, you must ensure that you know in advance what exactly are you seeking from your therapy.

For instance, make a list of the outcomes you expect or want your therapist to focus on. Whether it is your lower back pain or muscle cramp.

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Further, speak to your friends to know whether they know a trusted name in the neighborhood that they trust. Chances are, someone in your friend circle or relatives knows a good therapist.

Relying on a trusted source is crucial as often the reviews you see online are not a true reflection of the veracity of the massage service.

Understand the pricing plans and try visiting the center before appointing a therapist, this will save you from any scams later.

Is Massage Allowed in Abu Dhabi?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Spa, massage, and therapy services are allowed in UAE and thus in Abu Dhabi as well.

Although, if you are someone who is looking for cheap massage services, without verifying or visiting a licensed therapist, it could turn out to be an issue alter.

Not only does relying on unlicensed and unauthorized massage therapist could lead to trouble for your health but it could also land you in a legal issue as such therapists are often under the radar of the government.

You must know that as per the UAE Penal Code, not only the unlicensed massage therapist who is offering illegal massage services but the customer who is taking them is liable as well.

You could easily attract legal action and further a serious term of imprisonment for the same. Especially if you are a tourist and are not well versed with the laws in Abu Dhabi, you could get in much serious trouble.

Thus, always ensure that the massage therapist you are going after is not only licensed but is a reputed and well-established name in the region.

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Best Therapists for Massage in Abu Dhabi

We looked at the concept of massage therapy and also about massage therapies in general, and finding the right massage therapist.

Let us now see some best therapists for massage in Abu Dhabi:

Body Tree Wellness

With nominal pricing plans and numerous massage categories, this establishment offers massage within different time frames.

You can opt for shorter massages or book a prolonged massage session as per your need.


An internationally reputed massage center, ChiropracticUAE is a popular destination for many locals and tourists as well.

When in Abu Dhabi, you can trust this brand and avail the various massage plans they offer.

Urban Company

Another recent company that has done well in massage services is Urban Company. It has quickly earned a name for itself for offering great massage services at home.


Hence, in this article, we learned about massage therapy and how it helps one relieve and work twice as better as before.

Looking at the best therapists for massage in Abu Dhabi, make sure to do your research and go through the reviews thoroughly. Feel relaxed there and allow yourself to heal and recharge.

Additionally, it is best to visit the center and speak with your therapist, by telling them in advance what you want from them.

Nevertheless, if you have severe back pain, neck pain, or muscle cramps, it is ideal to visit a Doctor and consult them regarding the pain.


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