Paid Volunteer Jobs in Abu Dhabi

One of the highly advocated cultures in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the spirit of volunteering.

It has proven to be a perfect way of boosting sustainable development.

Its role in building a great future for future generations is also indisputable.

It explains why various organizations indulge in community service and volunteering activities.

Some of these organizations go the extra mile to pay the volunteers. Would you like to work with such?

If so, consider the various paid volunteer jobs in Abu Dhabi. Here is a discussion of your options if considering such working conditions.

Where to Find Paid Volunteer Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Here are some places to get paid volunteer jobs in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Red Crescent Society

It is an organization that works directly and indirectly to promote the UAE community and societies.

It touches on three main aspects, economic, social, and cultural sectors.

It has various volunteering opportunities under its vast volunteer program.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to sign up if interested.

The tasks of the volunteers revolve around helping people. They include first aid, caregiving, and healthcare, among other related activities.

Pink Caravan

The Pink Caravan program revolves around creating awareness of breast cancer. It teaches people about how essential it is to screen for breast cancer.

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It doesn’t stop there since it offers facilities to help with the screening.

It has helped many people detect the disease early enough to do something about it.

For those who have the disease, the organization helps them walk this challenging journey.

From treatment to recovery, Pink Caravan will hold your hand every step of the way.

If that’s a place you would like to volunteer at, consider signing up for its volunteering program.

It is an amazing way of making a huge difference in society for obvious reasons.


Whereas it is hard, if not impossible, to avoid calamities, ample preparation ensures that a society is ready if one happens. That’s where Sanid comes in.

Its focus is on responding to emergencies, disasters, and crises.

Besides, it ensures that society is resilient enough to handle these scenarios and their effects, including extreme cases.

How does that sit with you? Does its course persuade you to become part of the team?

If nodding, join this organization as a volunteer.

Sanid is also willing to pay its volunteer, which is a great opportunity.

Make A Wish

First, this organization is a household name globally.

Why not when it grants wishes to children experiencing life-threatening conditions?

Volunteers can work in several capacities in this organization.

They include event workers, speakers, fundraisers, translators, office workers, and wish granters.

Is that how you want to spread happiness and love to those who need them? If yes, then the organization fits the bill.

We Are All Police Initiative

It involves training the residents of Abu Dhabi to become great community police officers.

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The participants learn several skills in the process, including the following;

  • Crises
  • Disasters
  • Embracing community diversity
  • First aid
  • Holding activities
  • Innovation, especially in security systems
  • Organizing events
  • Problem-solving
  • Public speaking
  • The sense of security
  • Writing reports


Emirates Foundation started this initiative to raise public awareness of various social needs.

It also aims at promoting a volunteering culture among the residents.

The initiative aims at encouraging people to lead a life that embraces volunteering to be part of it.

It encourages everyone to participate regardless of the group they belong to among other community members.

Youths get to volunteer in various social and humanitarian Programmes.

Consequently, they feel responsible and use time meaningfully to do the right thing.

Emirates Voluntary Academy in Abu Dhabi

It is yet another initiative to ensure the community develops a volunteering lifestyle.

It also works closely with non-profitable organizations, public institutions, and the private sector to produce experienced characters ready for the job market.

The Gulf Volunteer Forum and the Emirate Volunteer Conference recommended the initiative.

It is indisputable that H. H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Nahyan played an important role in its launch.

She chairs the General Women’s Union. She is also a part of the Family Development Foundation, serving as the Supreme Chairperson.

Regardless of the institution you choose or get an opportunity to work in, you will give back to society.

Various Types of Volunteering in Abu Dhabi

To understand it even better, let’s look at the various types of volunteering. Volunteers in Abu Dhabi fall into several categories;

Typical Volunteering

As the name suggests, this volunteering is quite general. Consequently, the organizations and individuals participating don’t need any special skills.

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Equally important, they need to seek permits from the authority. Some voluntary activities in this category include sports training, orientation, and beach cleaning.

Voluntary Service in Institutions

Usually, this type of volunteering falls under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

It involves people working in the public and private sectors.

Its voluntary activities revolve around community-based or charitable initiatives.

Volunteering as a Specialist

In this case, you will need specialized skills to volunteer. One also needs the relevant authorities to approve the course.

It involves professionals such as consultants, engineers, lawyers, and doctors. Your guess of the volunteering activities is as good as mine.

Event Volunteering

The volunteers participate in a particular occasion. It could be an initiative, activity, or event that day.

Excellent examples include Formula One, Special Olympics, and National Day

Volunteering Online

Time has changed, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to volunteer.

If you want to assist remotely, consider online volunteering.

An organization can facilitate volunteering over the internet either partially or fully.

Other names used to refer to online volunteering include virtual volunteering, electronic volunteering, and remote volunteering.

Volunteering in Disasters

In case a disaster strikes, people need help, and the more helping hands, the better.

That’s where the volunteers under this category come in.

Since disasters are sudden but don’t last forever, the volunteer activities are temporary or short; the volunteers must rise to the occasion once the emergency, disaster, or crisis hits.


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