Kid’s Birthday Party Venues in Dubai [8 Fantastic Choices]

As your kids turn a year older, you feel obliged to ensure that the day turns out amazing. One way of achieving this goal is to choose a good venue.

That brings us to our million-dollar question. Which are the best kid’s birthday party venues in Dubai?

You can rest assured that you won’t run out of options in Dubai. However, some are better than others hence the need to choose wisely.

Let’s look at some kid’s birthday party venues in Dubai without much ado. You will also learn how to plan a birthday party that will mark this important date excellently.

What Is the Best Birthday Party Plan for Kids?

Regardless of the ki’s birthday party venue in Dubai you choose, a lack of a plan may make all that go to waste. That’s why you need one, and a great one, for that matter.

Here’s a guide to help you while at it.

  • Select the date which doesn’t have to be the actual one to accommodate your family members’ schedule as much as possible.
  • Make the guest list and avoid forgetting anyone
  • Think about the party activities and ensure that they will be fun, especially for the birthday kid
  • Choose a venue and preferably not at home for adventure and uniqueness
  • For hired venue, remember to book it as early as possible to avoid missing a slot on the set date
  • You can also hire a party host or make it your business to facilitate that
  • Settle on the ideal time for the birthday party and remember the ideal one for the activities you chose
  • Make invitations and send them as early as possible to avoid inconveniencing the guests
  • Buy any decorations
  • Remember the birthday cake and also order it early enough
  • There is also the food which should be enough for the people on your guest list
  • You can confirm those who will be attending a day earlier
  • Don’t forget other essentials such as candles and a lighter
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Where Can I Celebrate My Kid’s Birthday in Dubai?

These are some of the best kid’s birthday party venues in Dubai.

Aventura Park

If your kids and their friends enjoy adventure, this park is an excellent destination. It is ideal for outdoor activities, and it is no secret that kids love such adventures.

It has great scenery with beautiful trees to view. Kids can also climb them for fun, thus making the birthday party memorable.

The green forest also accommodates zip lining and tree surfing. Don’t worry about the children’s safety because the equipment in place promotes that.

For a birthday party, the package is also impressive. It includes a variety of foods, drinks, and a birthday cake.

The icing on the cake is the decoration comprising birthday banners and balloons. Lastly, the scheduling avoids a case or two or more birthday parties crashing.

Jump Boxx

It is a perfect definition of an indoor trampoline park for kids who are jumping enthusiasts. It gives them a chance to enjoy the best jumping and flying experience.

Other facilities include dunk hoops, a foam pit, and ball courts. Its activities suit toddlers and teens, too, with separate playing areas for every age group.

There are birthday packages, including food and cake. So, parents don’t have to do much to make the party succeed.

The playground is soft; hence no need to worry about injuries. It is also decorated with small balls, not forgetting the small trampoline, slides, and climbing areas.

Jungle Fiesta

This destination is ideal for a birthday party for kids who love adventure and huge animals. The children enjoy an Indiana jones experience, including the fun that comes with it.

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Parents need not hire party supervisors and hosts since that’s sorted. Kids get up to 90 minutes, which is ideal for a memorable birthday event.

The package includes a themed birthday cake that’s also delicious. There are also yummy treats and fun activities, with various winners bagging other prizes.

Café Ceramique

Not every kid is a fan of playing games, and forcing them to do so could spoil their big day. To avoid this, consider this an alternative birthday party venue for such children.

It has an artistic approach making it unique and fun. The unique experiences and the serene atmosphere make it among your options in Dubai.

As the name suggests, kids will draw on ceramic pieces before painting. They also enjoy music and funny talks leading to laughter and fun.

Expect various games, including sand drawing and dancing. The icing on the cake is the delicious food, a beautiful birthday cake, and blowing candles.

OliOli Children’s Museum

This destination is where fun and education meet. The venue also organizes birthday events, including tables and chairs.

Your children will also learn about lights, colors, gravity, and fossils. If your kid is less than 11 years, consider the museum for a spectacular birthday party.

Cheeky Monkeys

If outdoors doesn’t sound good, consider this indoor playing area. It has many activities hence excellent to mark this day.

As your kids have fun, you can take advantage of the malls and start shopping. There are also areas set aside for birthdays with catering services.

Adventure Parx + Café

It is a children’s playground in Dubai suitable for kids who love active fun and adventure. Thanks to the soft mat, you won’t worry about safety.

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A party takes up to 2 hours, comprising 30 minutes and feasting, whereas the rest goes to play.

Its notable features are ball pools, rope course holla wall, and slides. You will have to incur an extra cost for decorations and a birthday cake.

White + The Bear

It is an amazing restaurant in Dubai suitable for kids. For instance, it has mini tables and chairs, thus a good place to take children for a birthday party.

For a birthday event, one gets up to 3 hours and a place to engage in various activities, including dining. Kids can also paint a fruit plate and design white and bear biscuits, as the name suggests.

Art and craft enthusiasts should also take advantage of magnetic building tiles. There are various birthday packages for different budgets to make the events suitable for everyone’s needs.


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