Instagrammable Cafes In Sharjah That You Must Visit

Sharjah is renowned for its diverse cultural offerings, beautiful buildings, and delectable cuisine. The city has also recently grown popular for its many hip, photogenic eateries.

Sharjah cafés have become attractive thanks to their charming atmospheres, tasty fare, and gorgeous locations.

In this post, you will acknowledge some of Sharjah’s most photogenic eateries so you may post something truly stunning to your page.

Best Instagrammable Cafes In Sharjah

1. Molten Chocolate Café

If you agree that desserts like the Kinder waffle, fondue tower, fettuccine crepe, crisp chocolate rice, and molten sizzling brownie are the stuff of sweet fantasies, then you must visit Molten Chocolate Café immediately.

At the Molten Chocolate Café, chocolate is almost poured on all the meals, from crepes to little pancakes and waffles. It’s also in their (high-calorie) milkshakes.

A plethora of pistachio, citrus, and lotus-themed sweets are also available. Likes will be given as self-brownie points regardless of your decision.

2. Paper Fig Desserts

You can enjoy a blend of urban chic and rural charm at Paper Fig Desserts. White marble seats face the windows, arranged along board and batten walls.

Small terracotta planters and wooden box cutlery carriers give each table an air of relaxed sophistication. In contrast, the main focus wall is adorned with vibrant cube shelves.

The family behind Sharjah’s Paper Fig Desserts draws inspiration from French, Asian, & Mediterranean cooking to create delicious seasonal desserts.

Dishes like our signature French toast, poached chicken on toast, and a wide selection of sweets and beverages are sure to please. All of these items are accessible at any time of the day from the morning menu.

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3. Storie Café

Storie Café Sharjah, one of the newest additions to the city’s café culture & coffee industry, has been making waves among avid coffee drinkers and readers.

Located in Sharjah, this Instagram-friendly library café is the perfect spot to unwind if you think reading and coffee go hand in hand.

While the little library is remarkable, the delicious food and unique drinks are the real draws. As a bonus, Storie Café is the ideal place to call “home away from home” if you need a quiet place to work or study.

4. Waffee Street

Want to know where to get the most delicious crepes, waffles, and pancakes in Sharjah? Then Waffee Street is the safest bet. While the name “Waffee Street” alludes to the irresistible pairing of waffles & coffee, this Sharjah hotspot also serves up plenty of other delicious sweets and beverages.

Located in two different districts in Sharjah, each restaurant has a unique character, eccentric décor, and a warm English-style environment.

The eccentric wall decorations, which London influenced, and the red telephone booth deserve special note.

This coffee cafe in Sharjah also excels in producing excellent superfood bowls with personalized options with a selection of fruit and toppings.

5. Caya  

Caya upscale Mediterranean restaurant’s simplistic color scheme and decor will make it a hit with your audience. Caya presents all of her dishes with a keen eye for aesthetics.

The menu features various options, including breakfast items, fresh salads that seem like they were taken straight from a magazine, wood-fired pizzas, burgers, and more. The only possible response is an “mmm” from your lips.

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An elegant Mediterranean eatery, this one flaunts a color palette and decor that are sure to become Instagram favorites.

It appears that Caya would find a classy way to plate any food.

You may dig into breakfast foods, fresh salads that appear plucked from a garden, wood-fired pizzas, burgers, and more. Social media users will be compelled to pause and ooh and aah about it.

6. Bounty Beets

Healthy-minded Dubai residents love Bounty Beets. The delightful cafe, Bounty Beets, has a botanical atmosphere that extends into the outdoor terrace.

It caters to all dietary restrictions, including vegans, vegetarians, and those who avoid gluten.

The menu contains the newest and most popular dishes, including avocado on toast with the tagline “You’re all I Avo Wanted” and an entire breakfast section titled “First Breakfast, then I’ll Change the World.”

With delicious organic and vegan alternatives, Bounty Beets promotes health through healthy eating, environmental consciousness, and positive communities.

7. Forever Rose cafe

In Dubai’s new BoxPark, you may visit the super duper Forever Rose cafe and be whisked away to a 2D world.

The tables, seats, and food are all done in a flat, monotone design; the only splashes of color come from the vases of red flowers strategically placed throughout the room.

The restaurant’s monochromatic decor allows the vibrant dishes to stand out. It’s up there with the most photogenic cafes in all of Dubai.

The magical ambiance of the flower shop is replicated in a 2D rendition of the store, giving customers the impression that they are within a picture.

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The clever layout makes all the cafe’s three-dimensional features look like two-dimensional illustrations, perfect for snapping selfies.

8. Saya Caffe

For pink flowers and Instagram-worthy views that are almost too good to be true, head to Saya Caffe. Expect Alice in Wonderland-style tea parties with magnificent teacups and saucers pouring tea, Palm Jumeirah, and the brand-new facility at The Pointe.

The moment you step foot in the restaurant, you’ll be whisked away on a magical journey through the many facets of an unforgettable Mediterranean meal.

Your taste buds will be taken on a wild new ride with every bite from the comprehensive a la carte menu, the creamiest Moroccan hummus, and the delectable sweets made from scratch.


Instagrammable cafes in Sharjah represent the city’s unique mix of history & modernity. Every social media user would be thrilled by these cafes’ eye-catching decor and unique food offerings.

Sharjah’s Instagrammable cafes are a must-visit for anyone who appreciates outstanding coffee, delicious food, or beautiful design.

If you’re ever in Sharjah, stop by one of these eateries for some great Instagram content. We hope you must have acknowledged everything best instagrammable cafes in Sharjah.


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