How to Take Cold Showers in Dubai? 

There isn’t much new to say about the temperature in Dubai. It’s warm! The average daytime heat in Dubai during the height of summer is around 40°C, but it may reach as high as 43°C-48°C.

Visitors can’t instantly suit in such weather. Cold showers can keep them cool and hydrated. Any shower with water that is less than 70°F is considered a cold shower. They might be healthy.

If you’re considering travelling to Dubai or any of the nearby Emirates, the best way to prevent heat exhaustion is to limit your time in the sun and dress appropriately when you’re outside.

Follow these easy instructions, and your trip to the Mideast should go smoothly. You’ll also return home with a gorgeous tan and lots of unforgettable memories.

Health Benefits of Cold Showering

Since ancient times, water therapy, known as hydrotherapy, has been used to benefit from our bodies’ propensity to adjust to more challenging environments. Our cells become more resilient to stress as a result.

Taking a cold shower can benefit those who have cardiovascular disease because exposure to cold temperatures causes the blood supply to reduce inflammation. Some other benefits of cold showers are:

  • It soothes irritated skin and can help you avoid the urge to scratch if you suffer from skin irritation that makes you itchy.
  • Cold showers in the morning aid in waking up. This raises respiration, heart rate, and alertness.
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To maintain an ideal body temperature, a cold shower causes the blood in your underlying tissue to circulating more quickly. After challenging workouts, taking a cold shower helps reduce muscle soreness.

Maintaining Tap Water Cool for Cold Showers in Dubai

The tap water is scorching hot in the majority of Dubai locations. To get cold water, you must get creative. The water in the tower’s pipes cools down, just like in tall buildings, and the tap’s water is briefly cold.

The hot water will begin to flow through the faucet once this water has finished. Turn on the cold-water faucet and use it sparingly.

When the water began to heat up, shut off the faucet and turn on the hot water faucet. The water inside the hot water faucet will also be chilly for a short while.

In general, Dubai lacks a system for cooling the water. The water is typically as hot as it gets at a geyser everywhere, though some five-star hotels may have a system that keeps it cold.

Steps to Take a Cold Shower

Water coolers are present in every home in Dubai but are turned off during the summer. To bathe, you would usually find normal temperatures of water in the tap unless it is connected to the tank revealed to the heat outside.

The water tanks are built underground so that the cold water tap offer room temperature liquid and the Dubaians don’t suffer, but if you live in the newer parts of Dubai, the designers are now addressing this issue.

You can cool the water by using water coolers that are installed close to the water tanks. Following water, coolers are widely used in Dubai to maintain water temperature.

  • Super general hot & cool water dispenser
  • Electrolux bottom-loading dispenser
  • Panasonic top loading dispenser (SDMWD3128TG)
  • Midea bottom-loading water dispenser (YL1633S)
  • Nobel 2 tap freestanding water dispenser
  • Philip’s bottom-loading water dispenser etc.
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You can simply put your tap water in the freezer in almost any home to make it colder. Insert dry ice into the water before taking bath.

Step 1-

Use cold water to wash off. Your shower faucet should be turned on until cold water is flowing from it. You’ll be fairly chilly after your shower, so lay out at least one towel with clean clothes on a chair nearby and they’re prepared to use right away after you’re completed.

Step 2-

Under clean water, first, soak your hands and feet. To assist your body in gradually adjusting to the water’s chilly temperature, place your feet in it first.

Cleanse your feet by rubbing some soap on a washcloth. Split cold water on your body’s dry areas. Place both of your hands in a cup and submerge them in water to let the water fill the cup.

Step 3-

Next, rinse your hair and face. To keep from getting the remainder of your body wet, stoop at the waist and dip your face under the flowing water.

Turn around quickly to avoid submerging your head once more while getting your arms, legs, and chest wet. Recover from your swim and wipe yourself down with your soap and water washcloth.

Step 4-

To remove the soap from your back, shoulders, legs, and chest, re-enter the water. After turning the water off, towel yourself off. Once you’re dry, put-on clothes.

Take a cold shower several times daily until you become accustomed to it. You will get used to the feeling of being in cold water within a few weeks of taking cold showers.

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How to Ensure the Shower Is Cool in Dubai Hotels?

As a result of the intense heat brought on by the sun, people in Dubai must regularly use extremely hot water, which can reach temperatures of up to 50 °C. Imagine taking a shower in water that has been heated to about 50 °C!

As a result, there is a large industry that deals with cooling systems or water chillers, which are installed before the major water nozzle/storage tanks and provide lower pressure in the showers.

Almost all of the hotels in Dubai offer cold water by employing this method so that their guests can easily take cold showers when they feel necessary.


Due to its wealth, almost all of Dubai’s indoor malls and neighborhoods have cutting-edge air conditioning, which can offer some relief if the weather outside is oppressive.

It’s best to ease into the habit of taking a cold shower. After the end of a typical shower, start by gradually decreasing the temperature. Make the water so chilly that you begin to feel uneasy. After that, linger in the water for 2-3 minutes.

If you are a professional athlete or want to have several health benefits from a shower with a temperature below 50-60°F, take an ice bath in a bathtub full of ice at Excellency Centre in Dubai.


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