Does Abu Dhabi Airport Serve Alcohol?

Many people have also shied away from visiting the United Arab Emirates as a vacation destination due to some unanswered concerns about drinking and smoking.

When planning your trip to Abu Dhabi, these are frequently asked questions such as, is it legal to drunk while on a getaway in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can consume alcohol as a non-Muslim privately in your hotel room and at specific, authorized locations. Nobody will pay attention to you as long as you do not run around intoxicated or bother people.

If you want to know the Alcohol serving laws in Abu Dhabi Airport, continue reading!

Is Alcohol in Public Prohibited in the UAE?

Only hotels that serve alcoholic beverages and bars or restaurants that are connected to hotels sell alcohol. As in the majority of the world, non-Muslims can purchase alcohol in so-called liquor shops.

These stores are dispersed throughout Abu Dhabi, and as a visitor, you are not required to have a license to purchase alcohol. These stores are only open to non-Muslims.

It is generally prohibited to drink alcohol in public. This is not strange, and similar laws are being discussed for implementation in Germany and Austria, and other nations.

Legal aspect

Alcohol consumption is generally illegal in the UAE, but since this law dates back to 1972, there may be some differences between theory and practice. There are some bars where one can purchase spirits.

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If anyone does that without breaking the law, it does not make them criminals. But nobody can consume beer in a public setting outside of the designated areas! If do so, they must pay for this.

However, you are free to consume it on the grounds of your hotel, in your room, or at a friend’s house.

Alcohol in Transit at Abu Dhabi Airport

Some differences exist between the Emirates, Sharjah is dry but the other six Emirates are not. If you don’t have an alcohol license in Dubai, you can just visit a liquor store.

Some best bars in Abu Dhabi are Shangri-La, Qaryat Al Beri, Asia de Cuba, Cipriani Yas Marina and Hidden Bar etc. All you need to purchase something there as a tourist is your travel document and entry visa.

You can purchase alcohol at the airport in Abu Dhabi while paying no duty. They are available for purchase past the security checkpoint but you won’t be able to bring them because you will need to go through security at Abu Dhabi airport.

As far as the UAE is concerned, there is only one problem you won’t drink there, instead, you’ll drink on the plane, where they don’t ask about your religion.

Therefore, if you smell like alcohol and appear to be a Muslim, this could get you into trouble, particularly if you are not a UAE resident. However, you can use mouthwash or breath mints to help you relax during the flight.

Can You Buy Alcohol at the Airport in Abu Dhabi?

This is the location for you if you enjoy collecting limited editions or unusual options of white spirits, wine, champagne, tobacco, and Scotch and malt whiskeys that aren’t typically available in retail settings.

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The Sky Bar is an all-day establishment that provides you with the ideal setting to unwind before your exit and enjoy a great selection of carefully chosen whiskeys.

You can buy alcohol at duty-free shops located near the baggage belts at the entrance of both the airport in Abu Dhabi and the airport in your home country.

The situation on airlines with Emirates is even trickier. The Tokyo Convention states that when an aircraft is in international airspace, the law of the country in which the aircraft is registered is applicable.

Things are Allowed at Abu Dhabi International Airport!

People who have visited Abu Dhabi on vacation or even those who reside here can only chuckle when they hear about the urban legends surrounding alcohol consumption in the United Arab Emirates.

Residents of the country simply burst out in fits of laughter when they hear horror stories about people who were jailed simply for drinking a beer or a glass of wine in one of the emirates.

Halal Food

There are plenty of food courts at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets are just a few of the options available to passengers.

The cuisine at the airport is unquestionably halal, but there aren’t many eateries that serve alcohol.


Transport is not an issue at all in this place. Numerous, swifter transportation choices can be had for a cheap rate.

Buses are readily available for passengers to board, and they can also select a car or a taxi from this location if they choose to do so.

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At Abu Dhabi International Airport, travellers can buy the best cosmetics, chocolate, fashion accessories, sweets, eyewear, and soft toys. There are many different types of stores, such as clothing stores, superstores, and craft stores.

The airport has almost every amenity a traveller might need, which includes meeting rooms, wheelchair assistance, staff aid, ATMs and telephones, suitcase facilities, post offices, and banks.


If drinking alcohol during a flight could result in custody upon landing still, the Emirates controlled by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation permits alcohol to be served on airlines.

Abu Dhabi forbids drinking for Muslims, as do the other emirates. Non-Muslims may, however, consume alcohol, but they must first obtain a liquor license in Abu Dhabi.

Perhaps if they have a license, they are only allowed to drink on the approved premises. There are various license types depending on your needs before you consider applying for a valid permit.

For instance, a corporate license is necessary if you intend to serve alcohol in a bar or restaurant. You will require an individual license if you are purchasing or consuming it solely for yourself.

Just be sure that the licenses are issued by the Special Full license Office. For an alcohol license in Abu Dhabi, you can also apply online.


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