Does Abu Dhabi Airport Have Free WiFi?

Travellers can use the Wi-Fi in the Abu Dhabi airport to fulfil their urgent tasks or can watch tv shows and movies while they wait for their flight.

The airport offers free wireless internet access, so, passengers won’t be cut off from their loved ones there.

All three of Abu Dhabi Airport’s terminals have about 50 free wireless kiosks inside the departure areas. Any of these kiosks allow you to access the internet or verify your mail.

Viewing the terminal map will help you locate the nearest internet kiosk. But how do you hook up to one of the many internet kiosks? If you have an upcoming exit from Abu Dhabi Airport, read on!

Abu Dhabi Airports Offer Free Wi-Fi!

The Wi-Fi at the Abu Dhabi Airport is completely free and will not cost you anything.

The airport Wi-Fi is free and friendly, but you have to be careful not to invite data looters or give them access to your sensitive information.

There is free wireless internet access available everywhere in the airport without any limitations. In the newly launched Terminal 3, fifty additional internet kiosks are now operational as well.

The Abu Dhabi Airport now has 65 multitouch kiosks that provide 20 minutes of free internet access per session.

The Wi-Fi access also offers one hour of complimentary use per session. Users may re-connect at any time for additional sessions.

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A User’s Guide to the Abu Dhabi Airport Wi-Fi

The wireless network is an important part of ADAC’s dedication to the best standard of airport facilities, and to offering outstanding tourist satisfaction for all travellers, according to a statement from Sheikha Al Maskari, VP of corporate affairs at Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC).

Follow these easy steps to join the network from your computer or other devices. Look for a nearby wireless network and then attach it to the ADAC-free wireless.

Connect iOS to Abu Dhabi Airport Wi-Fi

The passenger areas of Abu Dhabi International Airport all have access to limitless free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi facility is accessible to you without any restrictions, and there’s no time constraint either.

If you want to use Wi-Fi, you must have a Wi-Fi-capable device. To connect your iOS device to wi-fi, take the steps below.

  • From the home screen, select the Wi-Fi settings menu
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi connection
  • Choose the ‘ADAC Free Wireless’ option
  • Then tap the Connect button. Well, now you can enjoy the free internet!

To link an android device or a MAC, you will need to carry out a process that is almost similar to the steps described above for iOS.

Click the Wi-Fi icon located in the top menu bar of your Mac, and then select the network that you would like to join.

You have a significant appointment, but you are currently at the airport, right?

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to connect to the Abu Dhabi Airport Wi-Fi on your Windows device.

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Set Up Windows to Access the Free Wi-Fi

The Abu Dhabi airport is best known for offering several top-notch services, and free Wi-Fi service is one of these. You can connect the gadget to the Air-Port base station.

Don’t be concerned about being online if you frequently travel, go to the airport, and have a Wi-Fi-capable window device.

A connection to the Abu Dhabi Airport Wi-Fi is very simple to set up. Follow the directions below.

  • Just go Control Panel
  • Select the Internet and other networks
  • Proceed to the centre for networking and sharing
  • Go to the section where you can establish a new connection
  • Select Join a wireless system manually, and then click the Next button
  • In the field labelled network name, enter “ADAC Free Wireless” (SSID name). Then, make sure the security type is set to “WPA2-Personal.”
  • Check Start the establishment of this connection automatically and click the Next Button

If you find that you must stay at the Abu Dhabi Airport longer than anticipated, you need not be worried because you can continue to use the Wi-Fi as long as you are in the airport’s designated areas.

One of the world’s fastest airport Wi-Fi services is now available at the recently upgraded Abu Dhabi Airport.

Millions of passengers can access it without experiencing any sluggishness from any of the three terminals of Abu Dhabi Airport.

Free Super-Fi at Abu Dhabi Airport

Super-Fi at Abu Dhabi International Airport boosts internet upload and download speeds to a maximum of 200 Mbps for every user, making it one of the speediest airport internet services in the world.

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This facility improves online connectivity for the millions of travellers passing through the airport.

All airline terminals offer free public access to the internet efforts to digitally transform the passenger experience.

Abu Dhabi Airport terminals regard the clients above all and give special attention to their journeys into and out of the capital of the UAE. For travellers, having access to quick internet makes a significant difference.

Super-Fi is more than just Wi-Fi! it is extraordinarily quick and dependable Wi-Fi that enables travellers to stay in touch when using first-rate facilities. This upgraded internet infrastructure will pave the way for more connected and smart services.

Abu Dhabi International Airport now has access to cutting-edge alternatives that will support its digitalization strategy in terms of operational effectiveness, digital capacity, and customer experience.


Dubai is a smart city with lots of locations providing free wi-fi. You can access free Wi-Fi in airlines, shopping centres, eateries, and coffee shops.

All airports don’t provide the fastest Wi-Fi option. You can utilize the data given above to decide whether or not to start making use of the available network on your device while you are on a travel.

No matter where your journeys may take you, always keep in mind the first Wi-Fi rule: if the connection is not secure, neither is your data. Take a speed test once you’re safely at your gate so that you can get an updated version of the network.


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