Can You Wear Ripped Jeans in Dubai?

It may be hard for first-time visitors to Dubai to know the clothes to pack. You don’t want to carry a piece of clothes you won’t wear.

Various things can guide you, and one of them is the weather. Another thing that most people overlook is the good dress code.

For example, can you wear ripped jeans in Dubai? You need to know to avoid wearing something perceived as indecent in this city.

Let’s figure out a definitive packing list for your Dubai trip.

Is It Allowed to Wear Jeans in Dubai?

Well, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and thus accommodates different people with various cultures. That’s why people are free to wear anything, including jeans.

You can also wear tops, dresses, and skirts depending on your preference and the occasion. For instance, if the most suitable outfit is casual, go for it, and no one will bother you.

Can You Wear Jeans with Holes in Them in Dubai?

As mentioned earlier, Dubai is quite accommodating regarding what you can wear. That includes ripped jeans with holes if that’s your perfect style definition.

Nevertheless, ripped jeans may be indecent if they show too much of your skin, especially above the knees. Equally important, there are places where wearing ripped jeans is inappropriate.

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Most public places in Dubai will accommodate decent ripped jeans. For example, you can wear them in the desert, old Dubai, public transport, and shopping malls.

However, if they are extremely ripped, avoid wearing the jeans in such places. Wear such in hotels, party brunches, beach clubs, and bars.

Nevertheless, there are also areas where you can’t wear even slightly ripped jeans. For instance, avoid them when visiting a mosque.

Other instances that you shouldn’t wear ripped jeans are visiting government offices, attending a cultural meal, and taking a walking tour. The bottom line is whether you can wear ripped jeans and to what extent depends on the place.

What Can You Wear in Dubai?

As a tourist visiting Dubai, you can’t help but worry about what you can wear, given the city’s strict dress code. You will be surprised to learn how lenient Dubai is in this sector as long as it is in tourist hotels and other places.

However, that’s bound to change in the Ramadhan period. Also, expect strictness in mosques, shopping malls, and local areas.

Here’s what men and women can wear in Dubai once they visit.

What Can Men Wear in Dubai?

Tourist men can wear the following in Dubai;

  • T-shirts
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Shorts

What Can Women Wear in Dubai?

Tourist women can wear the following in Dubai;

  • Tops
  • Blouses
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Leggings
  • Pants

Whereas wearing leggings is allowed, it is unsuitable if it is your only dress. It is advisable to wear them when wearing shorts and short dresses to cover your legs.

Alternatively, wear leggings with a long top or blouse. The same applies to tight pants.

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Whereas tight clothes are often indecent, that’s not the only reason to avoid them in Dubai. That city also has a warm climate, and these clothes can worsen a bad situation.

Since listing everything one can wear in Dubai is impossible, here’s a basic rule. If you are visiting local places, always cover your knees and shoulders.

Can You Wear a Bikini in Dubai

That’s a question that probably crossed your mind after the mention of covering knees and shoulders. So, you wonder what to wear when swimming and if a bikini is allowed.

Here’s some good news for swimming enthusiasts. Yes, you can wear a bikini in Dubai.

However, ensure that you only wear them around the swimming areas such as the hotel pool, public beach, or its private counterparts.

You can’t wear one by that restriction even when grabbing a snack in a food stall across the beach. If you must grab a bite, grab a sundress or a kaftan over it.

Can You Wear Boots in Dubai?

Whereas it isn’t illegal to wear boots in Dubai, warm ones may be a nuisance. After all, it is a place that often gets hot.

However, boots become the best shoes to wear once it is winter. They keep you warm, thus allowing you to explore the area comfortably.

As for ideal shoes in this city, here are some suggestions;

  • Heels: women can wear them to an opera, bar, club, formal or semi-formal dinners
  • Closed shoes: an alternative for heels for men
  • Sandals or flip-flops: going to the beach
  • Athletic shoes: the desert
  • Other comfortable shoes: visiting the malls and walking around the city

How to Dress in Dubai During Ramadhan

When it comes to Ramadhan, it stops being about decency alone. One should strive to respect this Muslim holy time regardless of religion or faith.

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So, as much as you are free to wear what you want, keep its significance in mind. Cover up to show the respect this period deserves.

It’s a good time to stick to midi and maxi dresses. If you must wear jeans and trousers, ensure they are decent, not forgetting similar tops.

You can wear short skirts and dresses but only preferably when going to bars or dinners. Use a jacket or a blazer to cover your back and shoulders.

It is most probably not the ideal time for cleavages and crop tops. The same applies to tight shorts.

What Can You Wear in Other Cities of the United Arab Emirates?

Whereas Dubai isn’t strict in dressing cold, that’s a different case when visiting other places in the UAE. It includes Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

The cities expect their visitors to wear conservable. Failure to do so will lead to denied entry to public places, restaurants, museums, and tourist destinations.

Here are important things to consider when dressing in these areas.

  • Your clothes shouldn’t reveal the midriff, back, cleavage, knees, and shoulders
  • Not even the slightest degree of transparent clothing is allowed
  • It would be best if you also avoided tight clothes
  • Some public beaches won’t allow you to wear swimwear which is most acceptable in hotel pools and hotel beaches only
  • Even hotel staff members won’t hesitate to ask you to cover yourself if you walk into the restaurant with a revealing or short dress


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