Can You Wear A Bikini In Dubai?

In recent years, Dubai has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. Many people compare Dubai to Las Vegas because of its glitz and cutting-edge culture.

However, the regulations and laws in Dubai are very different from those in Las Vegas, especially regarding how people should dress.

As with many of its neighbors, the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country with a rich history of cultural traditions and religious observance.

Visitors to Dubai are expected to respect this fact.

As a result of its high-end shopping, dining, and nightlife options, Dubai has become a popular vacation spot.

Even though it is a progressive and forward-thinking metropolis, visitors to this city should nonetheless respect its local customs and rules, particularly those pertaining to appropriate attire.

In this post, we will acknowledge whether can you wear a bikini in Dubai.

Can You Wear A Bikini In Dubai?

On the beach or at the hotel pool, swimming trunks, bikinis, and one-piece swimsuits are all fair game, but wandering around town in such a garment is unbecoming.

It’s admirable that gentlemen can get into their Speedos, but they should save them for the beach. Women are not allowed to sunbathe shirtless.

When you wear thong bikini bottoms to the beach, you show a lack of regard for the locals and draw a large group of admiring construction workers.

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Don’t leave the hotel in your swimwear if you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to the store at home.

Remember that many other hotel guests may be families from neighboring, more conservative Gulf countries and that you may wish to cover up as you make your way through the hotel to the pool or beach so as not to make them feel uneasy.

Hotels in Dubai are a major part of the social scene, so don’t be surprised if you meet some local Emiratis during your stay.

Cell phones are easily misplaced while playing in the water or becoming wet while swimming, so you may also wish to bring a transparent waterproof bag to store them in.

Then you may select a personalized lanyard to wear around your neck with your phone, making it both impossible to misplace and easy to access.

Private Beaches Vs Public Beaches

In Dubai, public beaches & private beaches are treated differently. Most hotels and resorts have private beaches that are off-limits to anyone not staying there.

A day pass or annual membership to the exclusive beach club is also available for a price.

Private beaches typically have looser regulations than public ones. You can get away with wearing somewhat skimpier swimwear in certain regions, but it’s still wise to play it safe.

Locals frequent public beaches. Private beaches still do not permit topless or nude tanning or bathing. Thus it’s best to dress more conservatively than at private beaches.

What Not to Wear in Dubai?

Dubai is an international metropolis renowned for its high-end retail, food, and nightlife options.

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Visitors and locals should dress modestly and respect local customs because the city is also steeped in history and culture.

1. Revealing Clothing

Skin-bearing apparel like short shorts or see-through clothes is inappropriate even in tourist regions.

Outside of specific places, such as the beach or the swimming pool, visitors & residents are asked to dress modestly, concealing their arms and legs.

Covering up and not drawing too much attention to yourself is the best way to get out and about.

2. Beachwear in Public Places

While a bikini top or bottom is fair game just at the beach or the pool, taking your swimwear off the sand and into more public places is disapproved upon.

After enjoying the beach or pool, guests and locals are politely requested to change out of any revealing attire, like short shorts or even a wet t-shirt, and into something more modest, such as light and breezy cotton clothing.

3. Clothing with Offensive Messages or Images

Clothing with Offensive and political slogans is considered highly provocative and is not permitted in Dubai.

Regardless of their views or values, residents and guests are asked to dress appropriately and avoid wearing anything that could be considered disrespectful.

4. Cultural Sites

When visiting Dubai’s many religious and cultural landmarks, modest and polite attire is required.

In this community, residents and guests are asked to dress modestly, which includes not wearing any apparel that exposes too much skin, such as tank tops, bare shoulders, or short shorts.

Research beforehand to ensure you have the proper clothes and remember that certain cultural sites may request visitors to cover their heads.

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In Dubai, visitors and locals should adhere to the local dress code and respect the local culture.

Visitors and locals alike can enjoy everything the city offers without drawing unwanted attention to themselves or being insulted by others if they follow the dress code.

The best way to have a polite and pleasurable time in Dubai is to avoid wearing revealing attire, beachwear in public, apparel with objectionable words or images, and to be sensitive to local customs when visiting places of worship or cultural significance.


In sum, a bikini can be worn only at the beach or swimming pools. Outside these locations, it is essential to respect the local customs and laws and dress modestly.

Guidelines for proper attire are in place to ensure that visitors and inhabitants respect local culture and customs.

Tourists and locals alike can have a pleasant and polite stay in Dubai if they follow these rules.

To avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself or causing offense to the locals, it is best to dress modestly and adhere to local customs while you are out and about in public, whether sunning on the beach or touring the city.


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