Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall: And You Don’t Want to Miss These

The definitive list of the best restaurants in the Dubai Mall, from fast food outlets selling delectable and reasonably priced global delicacies to those serving superb traditional cuisine. When visiting Dubai, one experience you should have at least once is eating in one of the restaurants in the Dubai Mall.

Over 150 restaurants with a wide selection of international cuisines are located at the Dubai Mall. You might opt to eat something familiar or explore the enormous array of unique foods available here.

You may discover quick food that will satisfy your appetite for a few pence as well as sophisticated and pricey restaurants in the food court of the Dubai Mall.

Restaurants in the Dubai Mall: What to Expect

The Dubai Mall has several restaurants spread out over a number of locations and floors. For a quick dinner, there are numerous excellent and affordable fast food options that provide everything from beef to fish, ethnic delicacies, and a fair selection of vegetarian and vegan options.

Additionally, there are several top-notch cafés and locations that specialize in serving desserts and ice cream.

Then there are the actual restaurants; these are the classy and pricey ones. The restaurants of the Dubai Mall serve the greatest cuisine from across the world in a classy setting, some with stunning views of the Dubai Fountain.

And kindly noted that none of the restaurants at the Dubai Mall sell alcohol.

14 best restaurants of the Dubai Mall that are worth a visit

Opso Dubai

Opso is a chic Greek restaurant on the equally chic Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall. Enjoy classics like tzatziki, mezze plates, and feta as well as raw dishes like salmon carpaccio and sea bream ceviche.

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Pasta such as lasagne and 24-karat gold leaf prawn linguine is available for diners who want something more Italian, while carnivores can go for the beef tagliata, grilled sea bass or lamb rack with forest mushrooms and graviera cheese.

Milas Restaurant

The Milas Restaurant is a favorite among locals due to its superb food and casual stylish decor. It offers UAE food with flavors reminiscent of the Orient and India. Fast and precise service. Amazing sweets

Al Hallab

A broad variety of Lebanese and Middle Eastern delicacies are available at this lovely restaurant. Excellent grilled meat; I’d suggest ordering more food from the menu, including meat (perhaps lamb) and traditional vegetarian fare. Excellent value is offered.

Cheesecake Factory

It is arguably the Dubai Mall’s most well-known restaurant. This American eatery is well-known for its wide selection of mouthwatering cheesecakes, but it also draws customers of all ages and from all over the world with its extensive menu of comfort foods.

You may discover succulent burgers, mouthwatering nachos, or piles of french fries here. The meal is excellent and plenty. This restaurant will undoubtedly satiate the cravings of individuals traveling with family or in a group of friends with its extensive menu of over 250 meals (including vegetarian options) and more than 50 varieties of cheesecake.

Din Tai Fung

This restaurant brand, which was founded in Taiwan in 1972, is renowned across the world for the excellence of its food. This is the location to go if you want to sample some foods from Huaiyang cuisine, one of the traditional Chinese kitchens. It has a decent selection of dim sum and is known for its delicious, extremely juicy Xiao Long Bao.

Angelina Paris

This stylish Parisian boutique and tea room is the perfect spot to stop in at any time of day. In the morning, you can enjoy pastries, coffee, and breakfasts such as poached eggs on toast or shakshuka.

Later on, the offering features salads, sandwiches, burgers, and later still, steaks, lamb shank, and other meatier dishes. The desserts are not to be missed, as they are the star of the show. There’s also a great kids’ menu for the little ones too.


Bebabel restaurant offers delicious Lebanese food. Even vegetarians may find something to eat on its extensive and interesting menu. You may also smoke shisha outside on the patio.

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For finding sophisticated and top-notch food from tiny artisan suppliers, Eataly is well-known in Italy. It goes without saying that this is the place to go if you want to enjoy some delicious Italian food. In addition to dining, you can purchase authentic Italian cuisine items here.


Due to its extremely unique interpretation of Indian food, Peppermill has become a Dubai institution for Indian dining. Through the tastes of Anglo-Indian colonial cuisine, it gives a high-level experience with a stylish and contemporary touch. It is wise to make a table reservation in advance because it is frequently quite busy.

Hurricane’s Grill

Excellent Australian family-style steakhouse with tender steaks and mouthwatering ribs. The grilling of the meat is flawless. Try lamb or shellfish as well. Children’s meals and vegetarian options are also available.

P.F. Chang’s

This is one of the most well-known restaurants serving Chinese-American food. It serves tasty dishes in substantial servings. The most well-known Asian meals, such as noodles, fried rice, pad thai, sesame chicken, and the amazing dynamite shrimp that are the house specialty, are all available.

Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove features a patio with a fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa and is a great spot to have coffee and a tasty piece of cake. It provides a wonderful selection of healthful foods that are well prepared and has a decent menu of foreign cuisine. It has an excellent selection of salads and kid-friendly meals.

Shakespeare and Co.

Restaurant with a feel of the Victorian era that mixes the easiness of traditional foods from throughout the world with an adventurous search for unorthodox tastes and combinations. Recommendable for its wonderful selection of organic and healthful foods.


This restaurant at the Dubai Mall offers food from all around the globe. The restaurant has a nice, relaxed ambiance, and its menu features a variety of world cuisines with ingredients from the Middle East to Mexico, passing through the tastes of Japan, and finally concluding in Europe. Excellent selection of healthful options.

Dubai Mall Restaurants Opening Hours

The Dubai Mall’s restaurants and the Food Court are open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Some places are open for breakfast at 9.00 am. During the holy month of Ramadan, the hours of operation may alter.

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Why you should eat at one of the restaurants in the Dubai Mall?

Because you have a lot of options, including specialties from across the world. Considering how much locals like eating here.

You are in the center of Dubai, after all. Dubai’s downtown is the most trendy area.

Personally, I prefer to get anything from one of the many fast-food restaurants since they are affordable, provide high-quality cuisine, and serve large servings. Then it’s quick and simple to take the food to one of the neighboring tables and enjoy it there. On the other side, the restaurants are frequently packed and pricey.

Here are some tasty quick dishes, after which I’ll devote more room to my assessments of the top dining establishments in the Dubai Mall.

5 affordable fast food options in Dubai Mall

India Palace Express

This restaurant provides India-inspired fast food at reasonable costs. The cuisine is tasty and well-seasoned, and the quantities are large.

Pars Express

Pars Express serves Persian fast food. The foods on the menu are flavorful and well-cooked, and there is a fair selection. The costs are reasonable and the service is prompt.

New York Fries

Do you feel like fries? French fries, sandwiches, and hot dogs are the restaurant’s three main menu items. With mouthwatering sauces and mouthwatering toppings, french fries are presented.

Pad Thai

The name speaks for itself: this is a fast-food restaurant that offers tasty Thai delicacies. Whatever you order from the menu will be prepared espresso. The foods may seem a little bland if you are used to authentic Thai food, but the amounts are large and the pricing is reasonable.


This Japanese fast-food restaurant offers a variety of meat and fish meals, soups, sushi, and sashimi. Although there are situations when waiting is necessary, overall, the value is not poor.

In addition to these, there are, of course, McDonald’s, KFC, and other well-known worldwide fast-food franchises that set the bar for offer and quality and are ideal for individuals who prefer to err on the side of caution.


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