Best Food Trucks in Dubai [That Are Worth Your Chase!]

Food trucks are becoming a trend in Dubai. If you visit this beautiful city, ensure that you grab the opportunity of having a snack on the go.

However, finding one may not be easy since you need to know their locations and what to expect. With such information, you can tell the food truck to go to when you need certain food, thus saving time.

Equally important, you also want the best food. That means you also need to visit the best food trucks in Dubai lest you regret it.

Common Places to Find Food Trucks in Dubai

Spare yourself the trouble of walking for hours before spotting a food truck. Ensure you proceed to such places since they have several of them to simplify your search.

Kite Beach

It is a place known for hosting several food trucks. Therefore, you will have a place to grab a snack as you enjoy the incredible beach life it offers.

Most beach lovers and kite surfers love this place for a reason. Some notable features include shower facilities, workout places, jogging tracks and volleyball courts.

Once you finish enjoying the sun and the view, among other outdoor activities, you may need a bite. Fortunately, there are various cuisines at your disposal, thanks to the various food trucks.

These joints offer many delicacies, including sushi and beef burger. Some of them include the following;

  • Chez Sushi
  • Krush Burger
  • Salt
  • Taste of Brazil
  • Vicki Da Dhaba
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Last Exit

Interestingly, there are several last exits famous for great food trucks. They include Al Qudra, Jebal Ali and Khawaneej.

As the name suggests, these areas are not far from the last exit as you leave Dubai and enter other Emirates. Interestingly, the food trucks in each last exit have their unique theme.

There are four various places near the last exits with amazing food trucks. They are Al Quadra, Al Khawaneej, Jebal Ali North and Jebal Ali South.

Here’s a summary of food trucks at these last exits.

Jebal Ali North

It is at Jebel Ali Hills on Sheikh Zayed Road, not far from Interchange 11 as you enter Dubai from Abu Dhabi. It has a post-apocalyptic world theme characterized by abandoned cars, war rigs and monster trucks.

Great food trucks in this area include the following;

  • Burger Pit
  • Hot Chix
  • Il Café De Roma
  • Pad Thai
  • The Stuffed Burger

Great food trucks in this area include the following;

  • Big Smoke Burger
  • Don Pizza
  • Pop Slider
  • Refuel
  • Urban Seafood

Al Qudra

This incredible place is towards the end of Al Qudra Road. That’s also at the Saih Al Salam Desert’s edge.

Its theme is an equestrian layout with various elements with a striking resemblance to horse trailers.

Great food trucks in this area include the following;

  • Burger Pit
  • My Karak
  • Refuel
  • Saddle Cafe
  • The Brass

Al Khawaneej

This last exit is around Al Khawaneej Street. It is at a roundabout that’s the intersection of D54 and D89.

Its theme revolves around nature, explaining the stunning green view around this place. Its notable features include green grass, courtyards full of fragrant flowers and hanging baskets with the same.

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Great food trucks in this area include the following;

  • Cupagahwa
  • Dity Dog
  • Doh
  • Kebab and Rigag
  • Mooya Burgers

La Mer

Lastly, try out La Mer for a great food truck in Dubai. It is known as Loca Lito Food Truck, known for its delicious Mexican cuisine.

Some of the Mexican dishes to enjoy include tacos and quesadillas. You also get to enjoy La Mer Beach and the various activities you can engage in along the sandy shore.

5 Best Food Trucks in Dubai

Truth be told, the number of food trucks in Dubai is huge. These are the best hence should be a priority.


The SALT food truck is a perfect definition of humble beginnings. Initially, it was small, but one must admit that it has changed over time.

Thanks to its fresh ingredients and tasty dishes, its popularity has snowballed. Almost every visitor of Kite Beach wants to grab a bite from this place.

The menu has graduated from a simple one to one that accommodates different people with their various tastes. There is also space to accommodate people as they enjoy its delicacies.

Piazza 17

Are you a fan of Italian cuisine but don’t know where to grab a meal while in Dubai? You don’t have to worry about it any more since the Piazza 17 food truck got your back.

You are free to visit it for whichever meal and any time you deem fit. Your options include mojitos, gelato, dolce, sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, appetizers, breakfast and cold or hot coffee.

Whereas the menu is big, why not ride with the majority by grabbing its popular dishes? They include the lemon gelato, lasagne, Pizza burrata rucola e pomodorini, avacavo gelato and pizza pesto.

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Calle Tacos

As the name suggests, this food truck is known for its delicious tacos. That’s not all, though, because it serves other common Mexican foods, including quesadillas and burritos.

Its customers highly appreciate the Hollywood vibe it has brought to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially Dubai. No wonder people can’t seem to get enough of the food it offers.

1762 UAE

If you appreciate the taste that gourmet food offers, this food truck won’t disappoint. Besides food, the atmosphere is also inviting, thus allowing you to relax as you take your meal, especially after a long day.

It offers European cuisine, ideal for lunch, brunch, and even snacking. The menu contains eggs benedict, canapes, pizzas, croissants, deli snacks and BBQs.

Instead of a typical truck, 1972 is a bus and thus unique. The double-decker bus is also beautiful, and the green colour is hard to miss.

The Terrace

This food truck is at the heart of the popular Dubai Creek. It is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to grab a bite while enjoying a stunning view.

It is usually under the management of Vida Hotels. Consequently, the food is usually delicious. Thus, one enjoys every bite of it.

Regardless of your preference, you will enjoy it thanks to the various options. Some include flavoured brownie sticks, chocolate or strawberry, sausages, egg benedict and pastries.

It may be quite out of the way, but what you get makes your efforts worth it. After all, eating and chilling out in a relaxing atmosphere is a priceless experience that’s often underrated.


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