Top 7 Best Egyptian Food In Dubai

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates’ most populous city, is a cultural and gastronomic crossroads.

The city offers various cuisines, and Egyptian food is one of the attractions. Egyptian food is a must-try for every gourmet because of its extraordinary flavor and the distinctive spices and herbs that give it its unique character.

Dubai has various Egyptian restaurants with classic and creative takes on Egyptian cuisine.

As an example of the city’s remarkable diversity, many restaurants in Dubai offer dishes from cuisines all over the world.

In this post, we will acknowledge everything regarding the best Egyptian Food In Dubai.

Best Egyptian Food In Dubai

1. Hadoota Masreya

Hadoota Masreya is a popular casual restaurant that serves food with an Egyptian theme. Its extensive menu has options for each of the three daily meals.

Breakfast options at Hadoota Masreya include several different kinds of eggs, tameya, sandwiches, and more.

People from all over the world visit the restaurant due to its authentic and unique Egyptian atmosphere.

The menu includes breakfast, cold and hot appetizers, main courses, and sweet finishes.

Your Mother-in-law Loves You, the restaurant’s daily lunch special.

This restaurant masquerades as a “quick food” joint but serves vegetarian options.  The menu consists of both savory soup and treats.

Feteer meshaltet, stuffed cabbage, regag, Fattah with banana, Alexandrian sausage, & molokhia are some of the most well-known dishes.

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2. Masmat Baha

Masmat Baha, a small and colorful eatery in Al Barsha, is a place for meat lovers.

Masmat Baha excels in recreating the exciting atmosphere of Egyptian street food.

Be sure to have some Rice Milk and Tea with your Stuffed Grape Leaves & Hawawshi and your Alexandrian liver, Kofta, & Kabab.

You may eat heartily and affordably at Masmat Baha, so bring your loved ones there for a memorable meal.

They also have a location in Abu Hail, so if you can’t make it to Al Barsha, that’s fine!

3. Ibn Hamido Restaurant

After you’ve had the seafood at Ibn Hamido Restaurant in Dubai, you’ll never go anywhere else.

As Ibn Hamido serves seafood in the Egyptian style, it is often regarded as the Egyptian restaurant in Dubai.

Fish and seafood of all kinds are plentiful on Ibn Hamido’s menu.

Various starters, soups, salads, entrees, tagines, beverages, and sweets are available.

4. Al Sokaria

Arabic coffee and traditional Egyptian fare are served in a cozy and stylish atmosphere at Al Sokaria, a restaurant, and café in Dubai.

Fattah with koshari, koshary with liver, potatoes with meat, barbecues, and salads are just a few options.

It is also one of the greatest restaurants in Dubai to have a shisha session with friends, family, or a special someone.

Several people believe this to be the greatest Egyptian restaurant in Dubai due to the high quality of service and low costs.

5. Al Damyati Express

You may unwind with your loved ones or have a good time with your pals at Al Damyati Express Restaurant.

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In a tranquil atmosphere, you may enjoy both quality and diversity.

All dishes on the menu are prepared with care and attention to detail.

Among the many mouthwatering delicacies available, the Arabic seekh Kabab, the exclusive Foul and Meat hummus, the areesh, and plenty more are must-try.

You may always share your ideas with the group if you have more to add.

6. Felfela

Inside the bustling city of Dubai, you’ll find the Egyptian eatery Felfela. This eatery offers some Egyptian specialties: Falafel, koshari, and tagines.

The “felfela mix grill,” which includes a selection of kebabs and other grilled meats, is a popular menu item.

Felfela is an Egyptian restaurant company well-known for its selection of grilled chicken meals.

Using a special combination of Middle Eastern spices, they grill chicken with various condiments and sides, such as French fries and Arabic bread.

Its “family lunch” includes a full grilled chicken, sides, and soft beverages, making it a fantastic option for bigger groups.

7. Kazouza Restaurant

Kazouza Restaurant, an Egyptian eatery in Dubai, has taken on the notion of serving third-generation cuisine by developing new and distinctive techniques and modern recipes for traditional Egyptian fare.

Traditional Egyptian meals, such as grilled meats, koshari, & molokhia, may be found on their menu.

The “mixed grill” plate, which includes a selection of grilled meats and kebabs, is a top seller at the restaurant.

Modern twists on traditional cuisines, creative plating, and wacky titles are some ways this restaurant stands out.


A wide variety of cuisines is available in Dubai, including Egyptian food—delicious Egyptian cuisine around Dubai, from hearty main courses to decadent desserts.

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El Mostacho, Abu Shakra, & Al-Reef Bakery are just a few of the excellent Egyptian eateries we visited in Dubai for this piece.

These eateries include authentic and creative takes on Egyptian food, highlighting the country’s distinctive tastes and spices.

Get your fill of Dubai’s finest Egyptian cuisine, whether you’re a local or just visiting. No worries, you won’t be let down.


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