Beaches in Dubai that Open 24 Hours

One would want to go to the beach at night for various reasons. It could be to experience the tranquility and peace which visiting the beach at such a time offers.

In other instances, one may need to breathe and relax at night, and beaching would do the trick. You will need an open beach to enjoy the experience regardless of your reasons.

However, is that an option if you are in Dubai? Are there beaches in Dubai that are open 24 hours or at night?

Depending on the findings, it would also be great to consider the options or alternatives. So, read on to find out.

Are Beaches in Dubai Open at Night?

Yes, you can enjoy the beach experience in Dubai at night. You only need to choose a beach that operates at night, especially those open 24 hours.

9 Beaches in Dubai that Open 24 Hours

Since we know that Dubai’s beaches are open 24 hours, let’s discuss some of the best options for this experience.

Al Sufouh Beach

The beach is hardly crowded hence ideal for the quiet you could be looking for, especially at night. The blend of blue from the water and white from the sand will welcome you from afar.

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It also offers an excellent view of Burj Arab and Palm Jumeirah. The place is also pretty photogenic; hence worth a click to capture the moment and preserve the memory.

Kite Beach

It is a great beach for flying, kite surfing, and kayaking. It is also family-friendly, and you shouldn’t hesitate to bring your children.

Besides fun water activities, it is also famous for delicious dishes. The nearby food stalls also offer tasty ice cream.

Sunset Beach

As the name suggests, the beach is perfect for a breathtaking sunset. It is also adjacent to the Sunset Mall.

Besides, this place also offers you a stunning view of the Gulf of Arabia. It is popular among couples thanks to its romantic walk, but you can also consider sitting down depending on your preference.

Interestingly, only women and children can visit this beach on the weekends. Remember to bring your food too since it has neither cafes nor kiosks.

Jebel Ali Open Beach

It is quite recent and has an undeniably big harbor. The beach is an ideal destination for a wide array of outdoor activities.

They include paddle boarding, diving, kayaking, and kite surfing. However, there is no one to offer you the equipment you need to indulge; hence necessary to carry yours to enjoy the fun.

Black Palace Beach

It is also one of Dubai’s beaches, open 24 hours. You will love its golden sands and blue waters, given the combination’s beauty.

Equally important, no need to worry about the crowds. One can visit the beach with family or friends to enjoy its fun and quietness.

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La Mer Beach

It is also a great beach to enjoy with your loved ones, including family and friends. Enjoy the wooden walkways, graffiti murals, and graffiti.

You should also visit the ice cream parlors and restaurants for delicious dishes and desserts. Take advantage of the available shacks to shower and relax after beaching.

It also has various water sports, and you can always hire the necessary equipment along the beach. The prices are affordable and reasonable.

Mercato Beach

The beach is famous for its lovely sand and calm water. There is also its proximity to the Mercato Mall.

One must admit that its scenes aren’t as stunning as most of its counterparts. However, one can’t fail to appreciate its friendliness to people living with disabilities, including the ones using wheelchairs.

It is also not crowded hence peaceful, relaxing, and fun.

Burj Beach

Thanks to its active waves, this beach is suitable for surfing. Besides, one can also consider swimming instead.

Another outdoor activity that you can indulge in along the beach is jogging. It is also interesting for adventurers since they will enjoy the stunning view of the Burj from the beach.

The necessary equipment is easy to find if you want to engage in water sports. There are several places you can get them at affordable prices.

Al Mamzar Beach

First, this beach is extensive since it covers up to 106 hectares. That’s ample space for outdoor activities, including swimming and sunbathing.

If you have a small family, the beach has a place for a barbecue as you catch up and have a good time. So, do not hesitate to host such get-togethers in this area.

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Can I Swim at Night on Dubai Beach?

Besides enjoying the beach, one can swim at night on Dubai Beach. However, not all beaches are open for 24 hours or at night.

Equally important, not all beaches have the necessary facilities for safe swimming at such a time. That’s why you should choose one wisely.

Some facilities look out for include water rescue bikes and other rescue and safety equipment. Preferably, ensure that the beach has trained rescuers and a rescue station.

Which Are Some of the Public Beaches in Dubai?

Besides public beaches, Dubai is also known for its free beaches. Interestingly, all public beaches in the city are open 24 hours.

Some of the free yet great beaches in Dubai include the following;

  • Al Sufouh beach
  • Black Palace beach
  • Jumeirah Open beach
  • Kite beach
  • La Mer
  • Nessnass Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • The Beach JBR

Others are affordable, including Ak Mamzar beach. Its fee is as low as Dhs 5.

Nevertheless, it is often prohibited to swim after sunset for safety. That doesn’t mean you can’t swim at night in Dubai since some beaches can facilitate such exercises safely.

Which Are Some of the Private Beaches in Dubai?

It is believed that private beaches aren’t as crowded as their public counterparts. Most people consider such beaches for quietness, privacy, and peace.

If that’s what you seek, there are several private beaches in Dubai. Excellent examples are Madinat Jumeirah and Mamzar Beach Park.


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