Where to Buy Pokemon Cards in Abu Dhabi?

When two players face off on a specially designed play mat, they engage in strategic card-based Pokémon battles. Each player chooses one Pokémon to serve as their Active Pokémon and use in battle.

Your search is over if you’re looking for the top global brands of Pokemon cards in Abu Dhabi. People would be able to purchase all of their necessary Pokemon cards from a store or may purchase them online.

Finding a genuine, dependable, and trustworthy online store to purchase Pokemon Cards is therefore crucial and advantageous. A reliable online retailer is a must-visit place to find a wide range of brands and goods to satisfy any need.

Find the Best Abu Dhabi Pokemon Card Shops

Pokémon quickly developed into a multi-media and one of the most successful franchises that were adapted into many different media.

With greater than 440 million duplicates sold and one billion mobile downloads, the Pokémon video contest series ranks third among all video games.

If you’re searching for high-quality Pokemon Cards in Abu Dhabi, you can easily find them in the following stores. The best location to buy Pokemon cards that are difficult to locate elsewhere but we tried to compile a list below.

Back to Games – Abu Dhabi Mall

Back to Games is the first retail establishment in the UAE that focuses on the sale of a huge selection of contemporary board and card games.

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They take great pride in providing a huge selection of tabletop games from North America and Europe that embrace various themes.

Playing one or more of their outstanding products will provide you with endless hours of joy and amusement with family and friends of all ages. Back to Games provides the ease of online shopping too.

The gaming tool store has full product details for all gaming accessories. In addition to 3 stores in Abu Dhabi Mall, they offer this comprehensive service and do everything possible to make sure that everyone in the UAE is reliving fun together.

Address: Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Maiyani St, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-10 PM

Phone: +971 50 333 4967

Geekay – Al Seef Village Mall

For the latest generation consoles, Geekay Games has a wide selection of video games. Geekay offers knowledgeable, helpful sales representatives and a professional service centre. Since its founding, Geekay has sold numerous video games in all formats and currently dominates the Gulf market.

Geekay has Pokémon Trading Card Game – Scarlet & Violet Elite Trainer Box (AED 249.00), Scarlet & Violet 3 Booster Blister (AED 69.00), Scarlet & Violet Booster (AED 23.00) and Zeraora vs Deoxys V Battle Deck Bundle etc. and many more.

Address: Shop No 19, Ground Floor, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-10 PM

Phone: +971 56 533 7960

Ocean View Electronic Toys

Checking in your local game store is a good option, as they frequently have their system for determining whether or not a card is authentic, and they rely on their reputation among fans who are knowledgeable about the business game.

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Visiting Ocean View Electronics Toys is an effective way to get the most affordable cost on specific Pokémon cards. This shop is a good place to buy Pokemon cards in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the United Arab Emirates online.

Address: F9M8+77F, Al Danah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-11 PM

Phone: +971 2 639 3434

Geekay – Yas Mall

Geekay is a great place to shop for one-of-a-kind presents for loved ones, particularly those with interests in gaming, Play-station, and anime. It offers things at the fair prices that are officially listed.

Staffs that are not only diverse and interesting but also one of a kind, which draw in both children and adults. Explore the assortment of cards featuring Pokemon and booster boxes that Geekay sell to add more to your collection.

Address: Shop no. L1-118, 1st Floor, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-10 PM

Phone: +971 56 533 7961


Customers will always be treated to surprises and fun when they shop at Daiso because the company’s shopping philosophy is based on the idea that this is what will keep them coming back.

They have a selection of gaming items, the majority of which are priced at official prices, and they place a strong emphasis on Pokemon cards due to their high quality, outstanding variety, and original innovations.

Address: 1st floor, Madinat Zayed Gold Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hours: 10 AM-10:30 PM

Phone: +971 2 631 1514

Buy Pokemon Card Online in Abu Dhabi

If you aren’t a fan of storehouses, online shopping can assist you in locating a complete selection of distinctive and well-liked Pokemon Cards products from around the world that meet your particular needs.

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In the current technological era, searching for your favourite items across cities might not be necessary given that they are only one click away. Prepare yourself to discover and purchase all of your desired products from your favourite brands online from any one of the following online stores.

  1. Ubuy UAE (Buy Pokemon cards at the best prices)
  2. com (30-75% off)
  3. ae
  4. Buy a Pokemon card from Desertcart United Arab Emirates
  5. Shop on Carrefour UAE
  6. com (Pokemon TCG)

Find the most recent discounts on Pokemon Cards products to save money on each purchase you make on Ubuy. It is a one-stop shop where you can browse through more than 100 million goods and gaming tools from around the world.


The Pokémon Dealing Card Game experienced a significant resurgence in popularity, leading to the creation of numerous expensive Pokémon cards in 2022.

Such card merchandise is offered in all significant UAE cities, including Abu Dhabi. Simply purchase them in-store to grab the best quality. Trainer games of cards, energy cards, and cards for Pokémon are the 3 main categories of playable cards.

Each category of Pokemon Cards has its own groups and game mechanics. Above-described shops are a trustworthy option for gamers looking for places to buy these cards close to them. So, collect your Pokemon Cards from their stocks right now.


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