MAWAQiF Top-Up Recharge in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi residents have a reason to smile, and that’s none other than Mawaqif.

That’s thanks to its significant role in managing parking in the city.

Since the Department of Transport initiated it in 2009, parking has improved.

The paid parking system has undoubtedly made it easy and seamless.

After all, it allows motorists to pay parking fees conveniently. If you don’t know how to go about it, keep reading.

The article leaves no stone unturned regarding the Mawaqif top-up recharge. Check it out!

Various Ways to Consider During a Mawaqif Top-Up Recharge

For a Mawaqif top-up recharge, there are several options to consider. They include the following;

Self-Service Kiosks

There are several self-service kiosks available across the United Arab Emirates. Upon visiting one, you can top up your Mawaqif rechargeable card.

You can pay for this top-up using cash or cards. Feel free to choose what works best for you.

Darbi App

This mobile application is available on Apple App Store and its Google Play counterpart. It is also another reliable method of carrying out a Mawaqif top-up recharge.

The app has a Darbi e-wallet that allows you to pay for parking services. You must add money to the wallet using a debit or credit card to pay for the services.


Unlike the Darbi App, this method is available on the Mawaqif website. It requires you to create an account by registering on the site.

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Upon registering successfully, you only need to log in to your account the next time you need the service. Once you enter your account, use your debit or credit card to add money to the MWallet.

If you have recharged this wallet, you can make parking payments whenever needed. It is a simple way suitable for a Mawaqif top-up recharge.

Different Payment Methods for the Mawaqif Top-Up Recharge

These payment methods apply when conducting a Mawaqif top-up recharge. Check them out!


To pay your parking service fee using cash, visit a self-service kiosk. That’s the only recharge method that accepts cash.

Card Payment

You can also use your card to directly pay for your parking fee by visiting a self-service kiosk. However, unlike the cash instance, the parking fee can’t be below AED 15 when using the card.

Rechargeable Card

Upon activating your rechargeable card, you can use it to pay parking service fees. One us

So, you will buy this card and need to activate it too. Then, AED 50 will be available to pay the parking fees.

You must also integrate your rechargeable card with your Mawaqif account. Then, use your card to pay parking fees whenever needed.

Eventually, the AED 50 will run out for obvious reasons. As the name suggests, you can recharge your card using a credit card or mobile.

Mawaqif SMS

Another payment method is using an SMS. Send a text message to 3009 and ensure it is in the right format.

The format is as follows;

City and Plate Code category <space> Plate number <space> Parking type <space> Duration

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Darbi App

You can download the Darbi mobile application whether you have an Apple or an Android smartphone. Once you register, you can use it to pay the parking fees at any time.

However, you must ensure that the app’s e-wallet has money, or else your payment won’t go through. Add money to your e-Darbi wallet using your credit card.

So, different payment methods apply when using the many ways of paying your parking fees using Mawaqif. Here’s a summary of your options;

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Darbi App for Apple and Android users alike
  • Direct mobile phone payment
  • Mobile phone payment, known as the m-MAWAQiF
  • Rechargeable card

How to Activate Your Rechargeable Card

As mentioned earlier, you can’t use your rechargeable card before activating it. Here is how to go about it in two simple ways;

Activating Your Rechargeable Card Online

If you choose the online way, follow these simple steps

  1. Create a MAWAQiF account
  2. If you have one, use your login credentials to gain access
  3. Navigate to the “Link Rechargeable Card”
  4. Key in the respective details of your rechargeable card
  5. Upon linking your Mawaqif account and the rechargeable card successfully, you will receive an SMS. It will confirm that the link was successful and notify you about your account’s current balance

Activating Your Rechargeable Card Via SMS

Alternatively, you can activate the rechargeable card through SMS. You will send your text message to 3009.

Ensure that your SMS follows the following format; Link <space> Rechargeable Card Number <space> CVC

If you are wondering what your card number should be, you can get it from your rechargeable card. It is a 16-digit number.

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On the other hand, there is the card verification code (CVC). It is a 3-digit number on your card’s right hand.

How Much Do You Pay for Parking in Abu Dhabi?

There are two types of parking in Abu Dhabi, and their rates are different. They are premium parking and standard parking.

The colors of premium parking are white and blue. The fee is charged hourly, and the rate is AED 3 each hour.

You can only stay up to 4 hours, and the schedule is between 8 am and 12 am.

On the other hand, standard parking colors are black and blue. You can stay for up to 24 hours.

Whereas its hourly rate is AED 2, you can pay AED 15 to enjoy standard daily parking. You will also enjoy free standard parking on public holidays and Fridays.

You should consider getting a limited-term market if you use standard parking often. It means making a one-time payment for a certain period which could be a month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Interestingly, this permit is valid across all the Emirates. However, it doesn’t apply to villa areas, multi-story parking, premium parking, and residents’ parking lots.

As for the cost of the various permits, here is a summary;

  • 1 month – AED 391
  • 3 months – AED 1174
  • 6 months – AED 2348
  • 12 months – AED 4695


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