How to Renew Emirates Post Box Online?

Emirates Post, the official postal operator of the United Arab Emirates, provides customers with the convenience of a post box, which can be used to receive letters and parcels.

Over time, the post box may need to be renewed to ensure its continued use.

While previously, customers had to visit an Emirates Post office in person to renew their post box, they can now renew it online from the comfort of their own home or office.

Emirates Post has introduced additional on-demand delivery and domestic express services as complimentary benefits for customers who renew their subscriptions.

Furthermore, customers can now choose to have their mail delivered to their residences every week instead of collecting it by subscribing to the My Home service.

This service provides additional benefits for registered digital communications and free domestic express services.

Services Provided By Emirates Post 

Corporate PO Box: This service costs Dh995 and offers a physical PO Box at one of the 88 Emirates Post branches. However, the mail volume is limited to a single mailbag.

Ezimail Bronze: It is priced at Dh2,500 and provides weekly delivery and collection of mail from the office, along with secure storage and management of large volumes.

Ezimail Gold: For businesses requiring more frequent delivery and collection of mail, the Ezimail Gold subscription is available, providing services six days a week.

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Renew Your Subscription 

To avoid cancellation and the risk of losing your PO Box number, it is important to renew your subscription if you are already a subscriber.

By using Emirates Post Group’s PO Box service, you can avoid the inconvenience of having to manually update your address with various institutions, such as your financial services provider and legal consultants via snail mail and email.

Emirates Post Group’s PO Box service allows you to maintain a fixed address for all your correspondence needs, ensuring that all your important mail is delivered to the exact location.

Emirates Post Group offers the option to subscribe to their PO Box service for two or three years, allowing you to choose the subscription period that best suits your needs.

How To Avail Of Emirates Post’s Free Digital Service?

Emirates Post offers free access to its digital platform,, for customers who rent a PO Box, allowing them to view and manage their shipments online.

Individuals and businesses can also register for service at no additional cost, even if they do not have a physical PO Box.

Customers will receive a system-generated seven-digit ID number upon registering with Emirates Post Group.

This unique number is a virtual PO Box number that can be used for online orders and address purposes.

Emirates Post Group offers a variety of shipping options to meet different customer needs.

Customers can choose a pay-as-you-go option for one-time or regular domestic or international shipments and digitally registered letters.

What Is The Process For Renewing Emirates Post Group?

Customers can conveniently renew their existing PO Box subscription or apply for a new one by accessing Emirates Post’s website or mobile app.

These online services eliminate the need to visit a Customer Happiness Centre in person, saving valuable time and effort.

Customers can renew their PO Box subscription online or through the Emirates Post Group mobile application.

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Emirates Post also recognizes that some customers prefer face-to-face interactions or may require assistance with the subscription process.

Emirates Post has established several Customer Happiness Centers across the UAE to cater to these customers.

How Can I Renew My Post Office Services In The UAE?

Emirates Post Group provides multiple options for the renewal of services to their customers.

Visit any post office or postal agency. Residents can also use the Emirates Post Group website to renew their services.

To renew, customers must provide their Emirates ID card as identification.

Emirates Post Group provides customers with convenient payment options to renew their P.O. Box service.

Emirates Post Group offers bundles allowing subscribers to utilize their postal services without visiting post offices.

What Is The Grace Period Duration For Renewing Emirates Post PO Box Service?

To avoid the cancellation of Emirates Post PO Box service contract; the customer must regularly check their P.O. Box and ensure renewal within 90 days from the contract expiry date.

This period is commonly referred to as the “grace period.”

To ensure customers don’t miss any important mail delivery interruptions during this grace period, customers must renew their Emirates Post P.O. Box service during this grace period and provide their service stays uninterrupted during this time.

This grace period provides customers with an additional window of time to renew their P.O. Box service and prevent any interruption in their mail delivery.

If customers fail to renew their P.O. Box service within the grace period, their service contract may be canceled, causing delays in the delivery of important mail.

In addition, customers may incur additional fees for late renewal, which can burden their finances.

What Is the Duration for Collecting a New Emirates ID card From the Post Office?

If a customer fails to collect their new Emirates ID card within 90 days from its arrival at the post office, the card will be returned to the Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA) to be destroyed.

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Customers are advised to collect their new Emirates ID card from the post office within 90 days of arrival to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience or fees.

Prevent the card from being considered unclaimed and return it to the Identity and Citizenship Authority for disposal.

If a customer cannot collect their Emirates ID card within the stipulated period, they must submit a request for a lost card replacement and pay the necessary fees.

This can be an additional financial burden for the customer and may result in further delays in receiving the card.


Renewing an Emirates Post Box online is a quick and convenient process that can save customers’ time and effort.

Following the simple steps outlined on the Emirates Post website, customers can easily renew their P.O. Box service and avoid interruptions in receiving mail.

Additionally, by renewing P.O. Box online, customers can use various payment options, including credit card payments.

They can also access attractive bundles for using postal services without visiting a post office.

Overall, renewing an Emirates Post Box online is a great option for anyone looking for a hassle-free and efficient way to keep their P.O. Box service up to date.


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