How to Check Balance in Ooredoo Sim Card?

Ooredoo is a well-known telecom company offering domestic and international mobile wireless services.

Ooredoo is a leading telecoms sector, providing high-quality mobile wireless services to an expansive customer base in domestic and international markets.

Ooredoo customers must stay up-to-date with their billing information to prevent payment-related issues.

Therefore, Ooredoo customers must know how to check their SIM card balance.

By keeping track of these details, customers can adjust their usage accordingly and guarantee timely payment of their bills.

Customers can dial a specific number or use the company’s mobile application to check their SIM card balance.

Ooredoo provides a user-friendly interface that displays current balance, data usage, and other account details.

Check the Prepaid Balance on Your Ooredoo SIM Card Using the USSD Code

Ooredoo provides customers with various methods to check their SIM card balance, including USSD codes.

These codes are unique to the Ooredoo network and can be used offline, meaning customers do not require an internet connection or smartphone to access them.

This makes them highly convenient and accessible to all users, even those with basic feature phones.

By using the *129# USSD codes, customers can quickly and easily check their remaining balance without any hassle.

Check Your Balance via My Ooredoo App

Ooredoo offers a mobile application to check balances for voice minutes, text messages, and internet data.

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The interface is user-friendly and provides many functions beyond balance checking; it’s an efficient way to manage various aspects of your Ooredoo account, such as bill payment, service activation, and data usage monitoring.

This application works across both Android and iOS devices, so customers can stay up-to-date on account details while managing services from their phones.

How to Check the Balance of an Ooredoo SIM Card?

If you want to know your Ooredoo SIM card balance, you can check it easily by dialing the USSD code 1295#, unique to the Ooredoo network.

This method is very convenient as it doesn’t require an internet connection or a smartphone.

It allows you to check your remaining balance of voice minutes, text messages, and internet data.

You should note that while some USSD codes provided by Ooredoo in Qatar may incur charges, most are free to use.

USSD codes are a simple and quick way to check your Ooredoo SIM card balance.

These codes can be used even on basic feature phones, which makes them accessible to a broader audience.

They are also very useful for people who need access to the internet or prefer offline methods. You should check with your service provider for more information on this.

How Can I Check My Ooredoo Validity?

For Ooredoo SIM card users, keeping track of the remaining balance and validity period is easy and convenient with the USSD code *131#.

By dialing this code on your mobile phone, you can view usage details without needing an internet connection or smartphone.

This USSD code is an ideal solution for Ooredoo SIM card users who want to monitor their expenses without incurring additional costs.

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This feature is handy for those looking to manage use efficiently without breaking the bank. Utilizing the *131# USSD code allows Ooredoo customers to save money on tracking SIM card usage while staying within budget.

What Are The Cash-In Limits In Ooredoo Money?

If you want to add funds to your Ooredoo wallet, specific limits for cash-in depend on the type of wallet.

If you have a Full Wallet, all cash-in sources’ maximum daily cash-in limit is QAR 10,000. For those with a Basic Wallet, the daily cash-in limit from all cash-in sources is QAR 5,000.

It’s essential to remember that these limits apply to all sources of cash-in, whether through bank transfers or Ooredoo Money agents.

Therefore, planning your transactions accordingly is important to ensure you stay within the daily limit.

What Are The Ways To Receive Free Ooredoo Internet?

To take advantage of this offer, users must select their service number and visit ‘Deals’ available in the latest version of Ooredoo’s mobile application.

Users can easily download this mobile application by visiting their website or sending an SMS containing ‘App’ to 114.

Once users access this section, they can view and redeem the free data offer.

However, it’s essential to remember that this offer will expire at midnight on activation day, so users are encouraged to maximize their internet usage during the four-hour window provided.

Users can engage in activities that require high amounts of data, such as video streaming, online gaming, and downloading large files.

It’s an excellent opportunity to save on internet costs while enjoying their favourite online activities.

How to Activate Ooredoo SIM outside Qatar?

Activating the Ooredoo Sim before leaving Qatar is essential to ensure uninterrupted mobile data services while traveling abroad.

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The activation process is simple and can be done via the Ooredoo mobile application, USSD code, or by visiting any Ooredoo shop.

Once activated, an SMS confirmation will be sent to the user.

To avoid unexpected roaming charges, it is advisable to turn off the roaming data option on your smartphone until you arrive at your destination and receive the welcome SMS from Ooredoo.

This SMS will provide information about the Ooredoo Passport network partners, which can be used to enjoy data services without incurring high charges.


To inquire about the balance on your Ooredoo sim card, there are several methods available that you can choose from.

One of the easiest ways is to dial *129# on your mobile device and press the call button. This will prompt a menu of options on your screen, from which you can select the “Balance Check” option.

Alternatively, you can check your balance by logging into your Ooredoo account through their official app or website.

By utilizing these methods, you can access your account balance details from anywhere and at any time, without incurring any additional costs.

Ooredoo also offers a WhatsApp feature that presents users with a familiar interface and a set of steps to follow when they want to access their account information.


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