How to Activate DIB ATM Cards by SMS?

Banks have made our lives much easier, with the numerous banking facilities and electronic transfers, banks are an important part of our economic and personal life.

With the countless features and facilities available, it is sometimes tough to keep up with the modern times and know how to use them all.

Many countries are revolutionizing their payment methods and recognized currencies, which is why things like cryptocurrencies and virtual trading currencies are in trend.

Among all these things, ATM or debit cards have not run out of use. They remain a substantial and trusted method of payment for most of us.

Thus, in this article, we would learn more about ATM cards and how you can activate them without having to go to the bank.

If you are in UAE or have a bank account with Dubai Islamic Bank, this article would be really helpful for you.

Dubai Islamic Bank

Probably the largest bank in Dubai, and of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the Dubai Islamic Bank boasts a long history.

It was established in the year 1975 and remains a company listed on the financial markets of Dubai as well.

Among the Islamic banks of the world, it lies around 3-4th in rank and is best known for its in-person service and wide range of facilities offered.

It has around 100 branches across the UAE and many more in the world. When talking about services, it boasts a total of all banking and financial services at a nominal rate.

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It was also one of the first banks in the UAE to offer online and SMS banking services to its customers along with cash management, priority banking facilities, and personal banking management systems.

The headquarters of this bank is placed in Dubai, along with many of its subsidiaries as well.

Some of its subsidiaries include Noor Bank, Tamweel PSC, DIB Bank Kenya Limited, DIB Printing Press LLC, DIB Wealth Management, etc.

Benefits of Having Your Account with Dubai Islamic Bank

One of the best benefits of being associated with the Dubai Islamic Bank is the hassle-free and convenience-based fund management and banking experience.

Perhaps the first thing that people these days want in their bank is a debit card that is recognized internationally and has several branches worldwide, with a good number of facilities locally as well.

And Dubai Islamic Bank boasts all these along with a good bill payment facility and many options for salaried employees.

One of the most widely acclaimed features offered by this bank is its salary in advance service that can be easily initiated and ensured online or at any nearest branch of the bank.

Starting your salary account requires merely 3000 AED at the beginning, after which you get the debit card and the option of mobile banking on its bank app.

If you want to start a current account with Dubai Islamic Bank, you get numerous free monthly transactions and also a free checkbook. There are also several other perks available to such accounts.

In case you are an employee working at this bank, you must be aware of the numerous benefits you can avail of banking facilities here.

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Being an employee at the Dubai Islamic Bank, you can avail much better rates for personal loans and vehicle financing.

The account opening procedures are also made simpler along with a long list of free facilities ensured to you.

How to Activate DIB ATM Card by SMS?

The SMS service at the Dubai Islamic Bank is wide-ranged and covers many services along with a 24/7 helpline for customers.

Some of the services that you can avail of through the SMS facility include: deposit, withdrawal, checking your account balances, cheque-related information, and filing and tracking complaints.

Additionally, you can avail of some bank statements and request checkbooks through your SMS facility.

Although one thing you should know is that the SMS banking facility is not free of cost and you have to pay a prescribed fee based on the current charges annually.

You can register one mobile number per account to get the SMS facility and you usually get the alerts within 10-15 minutes of the transaction.

Before you activate your DIB ATM card through the SMS procedure, you must first sign up for the SMS banking facility if you do not have it.

To avail of this facility, you simply need to go to your bank’s website or application and register for the SMS banking facility.

You can also visit your nearest DIB branch and fill out a form for Electronic Banking Service Registration and also activate it from there.

After this, you simply need to deposit or withdraw or make any kind of transaction using your ATM card, after which it would be automatically activated.

How to Activate Your DIB Debit Card Online?

If you have applied for a debit card from Dubai Islamic Bank, and have received it, whether, in electronic form or physical form, you need to activate it before you can use it.

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There is a fairly simple number of steps you need to perform before your card is activated, and the best thing is you can do it from the comfort of your home.

To create a PIN for your debit card, you need to call the Banking team of Dubai Islamic Bank, which you will find on their website easily.

Further, you can also access the mobile banking application of Dubai Islamic Bank and set your preferred PIN in a few minutes.

In case the online setting seems confusing to you, you always have the option of visiting the nearest branch yourself and activating your card from there.


Hence, in this article, we learned about ATM cards and information regarding the Dubai Islamic Bank, which is one of the most popular banks in the middle eastern region.

Activating your DIB ATM card with the SMS facility is a simple task and can be done in a few minutes, although you can do so through other physical methods as well.

You can also try activating your DIB Card online by visiting the website of bank or by installing its mobile application.


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