Foodstuff Trading Companies in Dubai

The food sector around the world is truly feeling the jitters of globalization and is developing at a rapid pace.

Perhaps this is why every other developing or developed country is investing a lot in ensuring that the imports and exports, that constitute trading in foodstuff remain at peak.

The UAE has not been behind in this task and has ensured that the millions of tourists and residents do not ever run short of a variety of food items.

In case you are an entrepreneur or trader, you might be interested in grabbing the opportunity of starting a foodstuff trading company.

You must be aware that there is a large scope in this business in Dubai. Let us learn more about foodstuff trading companies in Dubai in this article.

What Is Foodstuff Trading?

Dubai has come out in recent years as one of the most popular cities in the world. It is becoming a gem on the map of the Middle East.

Due to this, there is a significant rise in the number of restaurants and hotels here, which has given a boom to the food and tourism sector.

Thus, foodstuff trading, which means trading in food products and importing and export of quality food and beverages is a major business here throughout the year.

You must be a registered entity in Dubai along with having a license to trade in foodstuff here. You can avail of a license for your business from the Department of Economic Development.

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The foodstuff trading companies in Dubai have to be registered as Limited Liability Companies.

Best Foodstuff Trading Companies in Dubai?

If you are looking for the best foodstuff trading companies in Dubai, you must seriously consider the following:

Al Redha International General Trading LLC

It is one of the most famous foodstuff trading corporations in Dubai, while they also serve some popular hotel chains and restaurants, you can also contact them for catering contracts.

This foodstuff company imports its products mainly from the USA, India, Thailand, Spain, etc., and is located in the Industrial Area 2 of Dubai.

Transveritas Foodstuff Trading Co. LLC

If you are mainly looking for products in the fruit juice domain, this company should be your final choice as they specialize in it and supply it to a wide range of countries.

Their main customer base resides in the countries surrounding UAE and South Asian countries.

The main office of this company is in Regal Tower, Happiness Street Dubai.

Al Aswaq Foodstuff Trading

Based in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 of Dubai, this popular company is one of the most popular in the overseas import and export domain.

They are associated with a good bunch of food retailers, and also have clients across many different countries.

First Ramada Foodstuff

If you are looking for a company trading in frozen food and seafood in some other state, you must consider First Ramada Foodstuff company which is based in Emdad Street in Abu Dhabi.

How to Start a Foodstuff Business in Dubai?

Hence, you now know about foodstuff trading and some of the best foodstuff trading companies in Dubai. If you want to start your own foodstuff business, you must obtain a license first.

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To do so, finalize a name for your trading corporation and submit the options to the Department, which will review and approve it accordingly.

Furthermore, you can hire a business consultant to ensure you understand and fulfill the requirement of a 51-49 percent model of ownership in Dubai.

Then, you would need to have a warehouse where you can store the foodstuff, which should also be approved by the Health Department and Regulators.

Then, after obtaining a Trading License and payment of the prescribed fee, you would be allowed to commence business as a Foodstuff trading company.

How Much Does a Foodstuff Trading License Cost in Dubai?

One of the most important parts of starting a business as a foodstuff trading company is to obtain a trading license.

You must note that the foodstuff trading license in Dubai depends majorly on the area you are registering for. The rates would vary between the free trade zones and the mainland areas.

You must be in touch with the Dubai Municipality before you can gain approval for your license. Since the Food Safety Departments and Local Authorities would need to inspect your premises and business model.

With all the permits and licensing fees for trading, you can expect to pay around 15,000 to 30,000 AED as a one-time cost for your approvals.

As mentioned earlier, this cost may vary significantly depending on the area you have registered your trading corporation in, whether it is a free trade or a mainland area.

Which Food Business Is Profitable?

By now, you have understood the trading cost and the basic procedure of commencing your foodstuff business.

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However, the most important part of starting any business is the part of research and development, where you come to know about the most profitable areas of business in today’s time.

When talking about the foodstuff business in Dubai, the trading of dry fruits and frozen food (including seafood and other forms of meat and dairy) are the most popular and in-demand products.

You can expect to witness significant demand for these products as they are constantly in consumption and are needed in circulation.

You can pick any of these or go with fruits and vegetables, which are although more perishable but are also in high demand throughout the year.


Therefore, in this article, we learned about the concept of foodstuff trading and how it has progressed to have a large scope in today’s world.

Especially in the context of Dubai, foodstuff trading can turn out to be a profitable venture.

Although if you are planning to start a foodstuff trading venture, you must learn about the local regulations and legal compliances and if needed, hire a business consultant.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler, you can get in touch with numerous good foodstuff traders to distribute and set up the food items for sale.


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