Does Jio International Roaming Work in Dubai?

Globalization in the past decades has increased the number of tourists and visitors for each country worldwide.

Additionally, for short business trips and meetings, people are repeatedly traveling back and forth to the major cities of several countries.

Dubai is no exception, with a large boom in tourism and business, it hosts millions of people every month and continues to grow further.

Amidst this, it becomes important to ensure that one has a working internet and functional phone network.

Thus, in this article, we would discuss whether Jio international roaming works in Dubai.

Jio Network

Jio Infocomm is one of the most popular telecom companies in India and offers 4G and 5G services across several cities and countries in the world.

Jio launched back in 2015 and quickly gained a lot of popularity, almost winning over all its competitors in India and making a name for itself.

Jio also offers other services like Jio Fiber, which is used for broadband connection and internet services at home.

Jio at the moment owns nearly 850 and 1,800 MHz bands in India across 22 circles nationwide, this makes it one of the largest Telcom companies in Asia as well.

The spectrum of Jio is run on a shared basis with Reliance Communications. With Reliance’s already-established networks, Jio did not have to do much of the work in spreading its network

Soon after its launch, Jio also came up with the idea of a smart, compact, and efficient phone that could be available at a nominal price to customers.

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Reportedly, Jio is also working on rolling out 6G services soon and is working on the technology-related aspects of it.

Jio International Roaming

Jio, alike other major telecom operators, has a specified and detailed international roaming plan that is available in most countries in the world,

The pricing for Jio’s international roaming starts from around INR 575 (which is approximately 7-8 USD) for unlimited data plans. The validity of this plan is just one day, but depending on the number of days you require the data, this limit can go up and down.

The highest applicable plan for a month in case of unlimited data ranges nearly INR 5750 (70 USD per month). This plan includes unlimited outgoing calling facility, calling facility to India, and incoming calls, along with Data usage and SMS facility.

This plan is operational in 22 countries overall. And it goes on for about 30 days, which is sufficient for an international roaming customer.
If you need the sim for more than 30 days, it is advisable to purchase or rent a local sim network so that you do not have to pay extra for using the same facility which is otherwise available at a nominal price.

You can check out the list of countries where the international roaming plans of Jio are operational and find out whether it is available in your country.

Does Jio International Roaming Work In Dubai?

As mentioned earlier, you must check out the list mentioned on the website of Jio network to figure out the name of the countries where they have rolled out the international roaming plans.

To name some, countries like Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the USA allow VoLTE services as well. This high-speed mechanism is available only in some select countries and through a few operators.

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Jio has also rolled out plans for customers who are traveling to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar.

These nominal plans start from INR 1122 and can go up to 5-6,000 INR. They were introduced specifically for the FIFA World Cup that was organized last year but may still be working.

Apart from that, Dubai and the entire region of UAE are very well covered by Jio’s international roaming facility and it can be availed easily through its application.

Jio, being a reputed and well-established brand name now, has included all the major countries and cities across the world in its network availability plans.

The rates might differ depending on the availability of a local operator, but the answer to the question is a definite yes, Jio’s international roaming does work in Dubai as well.

How Can You Use Jio Internet In UAE?

Activating the Jio Internet (for international roaming customers) is quite a simple task, Jio recommends people use its application – MyJio app for this purpose.
In Dubai as well, the MyJio application works and can be activated quite simply.

You just have to install the app first, register yourself, and then click on the settings tab of the menu.

In the settings, you will have to find the option of ‘International Roaming’ and activate it.

To know whether the international roaming service has been activated on your sim network or not, you simply have to wait for the dialogue box to appear in the form of a message that informs you it is now activated.

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In case you are short of the credit limit for the plan, you can also increase the limit and make the additional payment.

To edit or increase the limit, you simply have to go through the plans and choose one accordingly or increase the amount in your wallet.

You can also activate Jio international roaming from the website of where it can be activated through settings and the tab of management service.


Therefore, in this article, we learned about the functioning of Jio international roaming in Dubai and also about its various features and plans.

You must first select a plan that suits your requirements and budget and then go on and activate the plan.

If you have any doubts about the Jio international roaming plans, you can also speak to the customer care center and raise your queries.

Additionally, each network aggregator has its benefits and disadvantages, thus you must be cautious while finalizing one and weigh all its pros and cons.

But, the answer to the question that was to be addressed in this article is quite simple, that indeed Jio international roaming is functional in Dubai and can be activated with the help of the ‘MyJio’ application.


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