Can Expats Get A Mortgage In Dubai?

Expats flock to Dubai in search of better economic prospects and living conditions.

Unsurprisingly, many foreigners decide to make Dubai their permanent home because of the city’s robust economy, high standard of living, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

The question remains, however, whether or not foreigners may obtain a mortgage in Dubai to finance the purchase of a home there.

This post will discuss the ways a foreigner may take to secure a mortgage in Dubai, as well as offer advice to assist in smoothing the way.

Can Expats Get A Mortgage In Dubai?

Yes, expats can get a mortgage in Dubai. It is possible to secure a mortgage in Dubai for those who wish to buy property there for investment purposes or as a second home.

A mortgage in Dubai available to non-residents provides several advantages, including high loan amounts and more flexibility, which are attractive to foreign investors.

However, it is crucial to note that property loans are more readily available to UAE nationals and expats than non-resident international investors.

In addition, you must have a firm grasp of the various forms of mortgages available in Dubai before moving further.

Many foreigners decide to invest long-term in Dubai real estate, but getting a mortgage might be easier if you are aware of the local rules and regulations.

An initial step in securing a mortgage in Dubai is familiarizing oneself with the applicable legal provisions.

The Dubai Land Department is in charge of the procedure, and they have rules and regulations that must be followed.

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A resident permit, a valid passport, and consistent employment are all necessities for foreigners seeking a mortgage in Dubai.

The next thing to do is find mortgage lenders open to working with foreigners.

Mortgages are available from various banks and financial organizations in Dubai, both domestic and foreign.

Shopping around for the best interest rate and terms is vital, as there may be differences across lenders.

Getting a mortgage in Dubai might take a long time and require much paperwork.

That’s why hiring a real estate agent specializing in helping expats secure mortgages is smart.

If you have an experienced agent by your side, they can walk you through the process and ensure it goes well.

What Is the Duration Of Mortgage In Dubai?

In the United Arab Emirates, borrowers are only allowed a 25-year loan term. Nevertheless, the cutoff age is 70 for those who are self-employed and 65 for those who are paid.

The monthly payments on a long-term loan will be lower because of this. However, the leasing rates for homes affect the overall interest amount.

Borrowing may also improve due to the extended loan length available in the country. Individuals can apply for a long-term loan at the time of application.

As long as you’re ready to pay back an additional 10% of the initial payment every year, there won’t be any interest added to your balance. An expert’s opinion should be sought before signing a lease on an investment property.

Loan rates for purchasing a property in Dubai are around 3-5%.

The interest rate may continue to fall over the next several years as it has in the past, owing to the high degree of volatility.

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If you choose to get a loan, try to find one with a fixed interest rate. After twenty-four months, a new rate is implemented.

You might qualify for one of their best mortgage rates. If you spend some money upfront, the fixed rate can be better than it otherwise would be. You can get a 6%-higher fixed-rate deal for 60 months.

Considering a variable interest rate mortgage is a good way to get the finest house loan in Dubai.

Nevertheless, if the rate changes in the future, it might make it difficult to determine if you can afford the payments.

With more market knowledge, interest rates will decrease shortly. The assessments and predictions may need to be corrected.

Therefore you will have to pay a low-interest rate even if the rate might go up again. Home loan interest rates in the UAE must consider this crucial issue.

What Documents Are Required to Get a Mortgage In Dubai?

Loans for Dubai real estate can be negotiated through a variety of channels.

Yet, getting a mortgage or loan preapproval from a bank that specifies the terms under which they will lend to you is possible.

If you’ve found a home you like within your price range, the remainder of the mortgage process will go smoothly and fast. The following items are required to secure a mortgage loan:

  • Passport
  • Your Dubai home address and proof of legal residency are required.
  • Essential papers to verify a solid credit track record (bank statements, proof of income, tax returns & employment letter).
  • Financial Documents To prove home loan affordability

Affordability is crucial as a determining element for loan eligibility anywhere globally.

Proof that your total loan repayments will be at most 35% of your income is required in a number of nations.

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Yet, according to the legislation, mortgage payments in Dubai can be at most half of the city’s revenue.

Mortgage lending standards have loosened at several financial institutions as a result.


In conclusion, as an expat, you can get a mortgage in Dubai, but you’ll need to do some planning ahead of time.

Working with a competent real estate agent and researching lenders who offer mortgages to foreigners is essential due to the complexity of the regulatory regulations and paperwork involved.

Expats may participate in the booming Dubai property market by securing a mortgage with the help of local banks and brokers.

But you should know it might take a while and sometimes necessitates a sizable down payment.


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